My name is +Eni Ojeaga  Ojeaga
Enniboku but friends call me ‘Eni’ because they feel my name is tongue twisting.
I was born in Edo State, Nigeria. I am 30 years old and the middle child of 3
beautiful and hardworking ladies…hehe..I grew up with in a single parent home
but it made no difference as my mother played the role of both father and
mother to my siblings and I.
I am a Health and Safety
officer by profession and I also own and run an online clothing store called THE CLOSET that caters to the clothing and accessory needs of men, women and
kids of all ages. The Closet is also a platform for upcoming designers to
showcase, market and sell their products online as global marketing and sales
have gone online. When I am not at my day job or involved in ‘The Closet’
activities, I am carrying out my mission mandate here on earth, which is to evangelize
and preach the gospel of Christ.
“Come to the edge” the teacher said. The
students replied “but we are afraid”. “Come to the
edge” the teacher repeated. They came with Faith … He pushed
them…They flew! You will never know just how much you are capable of until
you are willing to get out of your comfort zone and step out into the
unknown. ‘Fear’ kept me at one spot for a long period of time but when I
embraced the fact that I can get up each and everytime I fall, I become Fearless
and get the courage to try again because I believe that not too long from now, I
shall be soaring with the eagles. I am a firm believer and preacher of Love.
When I came to the true understanding that we were all created by love, for
love, in the image of love and born to nothing but love, life and everything in
it became enjoyable not endurable.
A few years back, I would
have probably responded to this question differently but ever since I found
Christ in 2012, It’s a no brainer for me to say that Jesus Christ and the way
He lived His life here on earth has the most profound influence on me. I study
His life as a man just like we are here on earth and I want to be and live like
He did. My desire to be and live like Jesus did is what drives all my
decisions, conversations and actions as I constantly ask myself ‘What Would
Jesus Do’
MY FIRST ROLES MODEL is ‘My Mother’ because she is the first person that taught me how to
love and be a good person. She taught me how to dream dreams that looked
unachievable and taught me that with hard work, prayers and perseverance, those
dreams would become reality.
MY SECOND ROLE MODEL is my spiritual father, Pastor Goodheart Ekwueme +Goodheart C. Ekwueme  who has taught
me that God is more concerned about the eternal destination of my soul than in
my comfort here on earth and that when I continue to seek God and His
righteousness, all other things that I desire would come to me. (I now live by
this principle)
have to be Deola Sagoe +Deola sagoe  for her
passion, drive and business acumen.
In the next 5 years by
the grace of God, professionally, I want to be a Chartered Health and Safety
Specialist working as a consultant for various organization. Business wise, I
want the name ‘The Closet’ to be on the lips of everyone that pretty much wears
clothes..hahaha.. I also want a wider client base of designers to promote their
businesses via The Closet website. Spiritually, I love to write about God and things that affect our spirituality in this
generation so I hope I should have an active blog with messages reaching people
in every country.
In my opinion, the
greatest challenge African women contend with is their battle for equality. I
am aware and do not deny the fact that vast achievements and progress have been
made but African women still face major challenges in their struggle to be
considered equal with men. Many African countries still deny women employment,
education and opportunities in industries and government. I got the revelation
a while ago that ‘Sponsoring a child to school is you contributing to a change
in the world’. Sponsoring the education of a child or even giving a child a
book could go a long way in setting that child up for greatness.
Give me a glass of
Ribena, my bible or any interesting book and I could lay in bed all
weekend…lol.. I also love to watch TV as I could watch anything from the news
to cartoons. For vacations, Oh! How I love to travel!!!!
I think the African Woman
should be Inspired, Celebrated and Empowered because we are STRONG. African
women are taken for granted each day and have endured systematic oppression in
cultural, political and historical segregation. Times are changing and more
women are coming to the knowledge of who they really are, the essence of their
feminity and the change they are capable of. I would say to the African Woman ‘Embrace
your true identity because you are beautiful, strong and capable of changing
the world right from where you are’
If given the privilege to
work in the African Union, the responsibility that I would seek to occupy would
be in the capacity of ensuring the emerging leadership of Africa’s young women
and girls through education and motivational approaches. I believe that if
given the chance, opportunity and responsibilities, women would take over the
world and I wish to be a part of this achievement.
Dream big. Be the best version
of yourself. Pray and plan.