There is a battle within me, a battle for my soul; I am tossed between four (4) walls of fear, faith, favour, failure.

Every day my soul is plunged with the fear of the unknown, failure of a venture, but within all of these is the faith which comes with its favour….
Fear tries to stop me, failure tends to correct me, faith leads me to action where I daily find favour. That is the journey of my life every day…just like a gladiator in the arena in ancient Rome, I wake up thinking, ‘is this the last battle of blood and sand, tears and glory, defeat and victory…?’
So, I give it my all. Irrespective of whatever fears I nurture, I give it my all, unafraid of failure, cos in every venture there is still gain, I move with faith for victory and indeed I experience favour….

We all must make that move every day…we must always get up to the reality of the day…enough of slothfulness/laziness of indecision, ignorance, ineptitude, indiscipline!

Let’s arise to effect the change we want to see in our community, country, continent…Let us take the move of faith irrespective of fear and/of failure…let’s leap out with faith…for there we will find favour….

Good morning!!!