+Lara Kudayisi-Emeralds is an Emotion Management Specialist. I deal with Romance, Family and Heartbreak issues. I have had a lot of bitter experiences while trying to find love and that has given me the passion and zeal to help people deal with heartaches and solve relationship puzzles. I do this via one-on-counselling, The Complete Single Group, Club and BootCamp, SHATTERED BUT NOT BROKEN Conference, The Emotional Recovery Class and Marriage Counselling 101 Classes too.

Fearless: I am a very fearless person because I am quick to confront my fears. Most of the programmes I’ve done have been very tasking and daunting, but I proceeded. People say I am too young for what I do, but it’s because I face my fears as they come.

Passionate: I am very passionate about what I do because it is what I live, breathe and dream about. When I get passionate about something, i don’t let it go. I make sure I do it with the best of my ability until I have made a huge impact. I keep exploring new opportunities each day in order to help people effectively.
Optimistic: I am a very optimistic person. I hardly see negatives and when they happen, I quickly see the brighter side and look for how to turn things around as soon as I can.

Pastor Bimbo Odukoya  has had a great influence on me as far back as when I was a teenager. When I got pregnant and had a baby at 19, it was Pastor Bimbo’s words that made me refuse to marry my baby’s father solely because of the child. She said, “If you make a mistake by having a child for a man, please do not make another mistake by marrying that same man because of that child. Marry him because you love him”. That was what prevented me from making the greatest mistake of my life because now I am thankful for it.

Pastor Bimbo helped a lot of singles in making the right decisions maritally and she helped heal a lot of homes too. She s my number one role model even though I never got to tell her before she died. But I would make her proud and hope she would be glad in heaven.
Oprah WinfreyJoyce Meyer and  +Praise Fowowe 
Oprah  {+Oprah Winffrey}  because she has made a great impact in her society. She rose through discrimination and her dirty past to turn her life into a success. She brings smiles to people’s faces with her wealth and she has done a lot of enviable stuff with her TV show.
+Joyce Meyer Ministries   is another great Role Model. She turned her pain of abuse by her father into her power. She has helped heal uncountable men? and women through her ministry and outreaches. She tells her story every time in order for people to know they are not alone in their pain and they can turn their lives around just like she did.
Thirdly is Praise Fowowe. He has dared to go into an industry where most people don’t thread in Nigeria. He started talking about sex education on radio and TV when people were very conservative ?about it. He has single handedly made a name even when so many people condemned him for doing what he does. Because Praise has done it in Nigeria, I see a reference to hold on to. I actually call him my “inspiration” because he inspires me a lot.

My goal in the next five years is to take The Shattered But Not Broken Conference to as many countries as possible. I also would have an Academy for The Complete Singles, Emotional Recovery and Marriage Counselling 101. Furthermore, I would float a TV Channel dedicate?d to Relationships and Marriage. So many things to be done, I pray God grant me speed and Yes, I do have a Coach. He holds me accountable and help guide my decisions and activities.

 The African Woman’s Challenge:

African Women are abused physically, verbally and emotionally. They have been incessant victims of rape and maltreatment. However, they can’t even come out to complain because they are stigmatized and even blamed for provoking their pain. I hope to work with some organizations and NGOs to influence the laws in the continent to favour and liberate women. But right now,what I am doing is to empower women and help them raise their head up despite their pain. I help them know that life doesn’t have to end because another person abused them. 

I relax by going to the movies with my husband. I also love to go out with my close friends in order to catch up on things we have missed by reason of our busy schedules.
I would focus on rehabilitating women who have been abused and have gone through divorce. We need to help women get back on their feet after they have been unjustly treated. Most women lose their purpose and sense of direction after going through a painful divorce or abuse. We need to give them back a reason to forge ahead in the purpose and life.

Final Words of Advice:
As a woman, you are not what you’ve been through; you are what you do with your pain. Also, it is never too late to live Happily Ever After.