This is a very real and fundamental law of life which we often neglect…it is
hinged on natural progression.

What is natural progression?! – This can be termed as a process of developing
gradually from one stage or state to another. 
instance, if you plant a seed it would naturally grow. If you pluck an unripe
mango/banana (fruit) it will naturally become ripe….

We all will naturally progress into our state of ripeness however, while
through this process we must learn, understand and endure…. (Shun artificial
progress even though we are in a microwave era)….

Hmm… when a fruit, plant, animal, man, woman is fully matured, having gone
through the process….it tends to be stronger, firmer and rooted….

We should seek to naturally progress and stop looking for quick solutions on
being a star…love what you do, do it exceptionally well and in due
course….you will be fully matured and ripe for your manifestation….

I am
naturally progressing….no more distractions….no quick fixes…. I will wait
until my change comes…. ‘cos when it comes…you all will know…that this is
a true case of natural progress…God kind of progress.