As I brood over this insight – I am immediately drawn by the revue of one of the greatest men of our time – Bill Gates… Bill, while growing up had an encounter with his mum after he strolled into their gardens in a bid to think….when he returned, his mum screaming and aggrieved asked him about his whereabouts. Alas, he exclaimed, “Mum, I went to think, don’t you think?!”….

Hmm, that is my question to AFRICA this morning, don’t we think…imagine as you go to any of our markets – the old grinding machine still subsists and the colour you guess is still blue/green – no changes. No thinking!

 The success of China, Malaysia, UAE, Japan, even India is undeniably based on the fact that they never stopped thinking…But I discovered something intriguing in Nigeria. Thinking is equated to worrying hence we are all advised not to think….that is the real problem….
Stop, break away from this dogma…take control of your life…think yourself out of frustration, pain, depression, oppression, lack, irritation, want, poverty.  “Come Let us (think) reason together…” That is the call of our Creator…start thinking. This is your responsibility….

Think out of the box….