Will 2015 be one of those “Oh My God” years? Or will it be YOUR Year!
The general view from most people is that things are tough and they may be
getting even tougher. But that’s EXACTLY why today, more than ever, you need a
little something extra. You need an edge… you need an advantage unlike
anything you’ve ever had before.

Those who give in to fear and anxiety…those who are cowed and paralyzed by
uncertainty and confusion…those who pull back and withdraw and wait…are
guaranteed to see their worst fears realized. You need to move ‘cos waiting for
things to change is a losing position.

Holding on to see what happens sucks you down the drain so fast you won’t know
what happened. Making things change for you is the only way to win. That’s not
“good talk.”  That’s fact.
It’s also
fact that “what you focus on expands.”
So what
would you like to focus on in remaining days of 2015?
I am
focusing on ….