Phanice works for the government of Kenya as an advisor in the areas of Communication, energy, trade and foreign diplomacy. She works to support democratization, rule of law & economic development by reducing poverty, fighting disease and encouraging regional leadership for conflict resolution. She has been instrumental in high level assignments within the office of the president in helping Kenya secure the chair of the African Ministers for Public service (CAMPS) and showcasing Kenya’s achievements in the area of public service reforms and administration. She has continued to provide networking platforms for senior government officials in the global arena. Phanice also works with women across Kenya, to enhance their knowledge and understanding of leadership and gender equality. She holds a BA in Sociology & Communications from Massey University in New Zealand and a diploma in Public Policy from the University of Southern California.
I Am Phanice
Kwamboka,  am a mother , social entrepreneur and a pan Africanist.
Intelligence God has given me
the foresight and hindsight to see the bigger picture. No matter what life has
thrown at me until now I have been able to discern and find solutions 
Passion ; I am passionate
in what I believe in. When I give myself to a cause I do it with my all.
Determination  am
the kind of person who in the face of adversity continues to embrace life &
walks fearlessly towards my challenges. 
My mother simply
 because my father died when I was 10 yrs while dropping me to school then
my mom was just a mere nurse. She took herself to school and she went on to
graduate with her masters in Nursing while also taking us to school and
encouraging us to believe in ourselves. As an only daughter growing up amongst
boys she taught me to stand up for myself and that i can be anything that I
aspire and that I should set the pace for the boys.

Dr Ngozi okonjo-iweala;  one of Africa’s finest daughter’s. Her achievements have shown
that with persistence you will make the difference. Persistence is knowing that
you will figure it out and not settling for less.
Erastus Mwencha; from
humble beginnings in the village He went on to become Kenyans top most
diplomat. Despite his status he has always been grounded on the bible & he
has remained humble despite his position. 

Aliko Dangote; Africa’s richest man has
shown the world that you can break the bastions of the belief that Africa is a
dark continent. He has shown that Africa is a great continent and Africa is the
place to be. 

In the next five
years I see myself as greatly influencing the trade and political landscape not
only in my country but in Africa as a whole. I also see myself as having
established an enterprise that will have its goods & services in other
African countries. 
Yes I have friends
that I discuss how to make my vision possible.
The greatest
challenge faced by African women is Access, (Access to finance, to power, to
equal opportunities and a chance to be heard).
As a social
entrepreneur and having had the opportunity to have an ear of decision makers I
have been able to create a case for other young women to be heard, to be given
a chance at the political and government decision making table. 
When I am tensed
out I take a walk and to unwind I either watch a movie, go dancing or have a
drink with friends. 
–   I.C.E.
The African women
need to be celebrated, inspired and empowered everyday as they epitomize the
 diversity and greatness of our continent.
I would seek to
work in the area of trade and industry ; this is to be able to assist women in
trade & industry to grow & those who are thinking to get into the area.
As this would create jobs for other women and grow the woman enterprise. .
pretty amazing being a woman; you have all of the essentials for life within
you. You’re a very nurturing force, and not only have the power to create life,
but to incubate it and deliver it to the world. You rule the world.
an individual level you’re able to change and become whatever you want, growing
and developing into the life that you choose. It is an amazing experience and
one that you’ll want to create consciously rather than letting others decide
what sort of life you’ll have. Never forget that you have these powers within