DJ Frizzie is Nigeria’s
No.1 female deejay, also a pop artiste, producer, and all round music fanatic.
Currently based in the London, with favourite genre in Pop, House, Dance &
Afrobeat music. She’s also an environmental engineer with Msc. in Water and
Environmental Management. As a deejay she can still play other genres like RnB,
Rap, Oldies etc. She’s been nominated as Female DJ of the year at
Exquisite Lady of the Year (ELOY) awards 2014 and Nigerian Entertainment Award
DJ Frizzie is fast becoming
one of Nigeria’s most sought after female DJ’s. Vanguard newspaper calls her ’A
female DJ giving the guys a run for their money’. Christened Frances Higgwe,
the eclectic disc jockey maestro started out at the age of 16, out of her
harmless curiosity, she found the art of Deejaying, and ever since the romance
has been birthing profitable dividends

My name is frances
Higgwe. I am a deejay, pop artiste, producer and environmental engineer. I’m
from Kalabari in Rivers State. And I love music, movies, sleep and food hehe.

Passion – would be the very first word that calls to me, as I am very
passionate about deejaying and music. It’s my everyday drive; it’s what I eat
and breath. It’s what keeps me going even when turned down 1000 times. When
nothing feels like it’s working, passion would always work for you. You just
see yourself still striving to survive and push through the hardship.
Faith – In as much as one is passionate about his or her dreams, one
has to always believe…Believe something must pan out, everyone can’t say no to
you. Even if they do, keep trying. There’s a sentence I always say to myself,
if it didn’t work out then it was never for you. It’s as simple as that. That’s
my belief, eventually out of a thousand no, the little one yes that springs up,
hold onto it. Cause they always seem too little to believe in but in the end
they will surprise you. I’d cite my management Energy Promotion for this.
Humility – Always try to never forget your background and where you come
from. How life was, just 5-10 years ago, and how successful you are becoming.
Don’t ever let it get to you, keep your head low, have respect for others, treat
them just as you wish to be treated. Try to stay humble. Nobody said it was
easy but always try…
My mum has had a huge
influence on my life and me. Like I said before, everyone has a background, I
know her story, I know all the trials and temptations she has faced since I
ever knew what was good and bad but in all this she has managed to stay strong
and be conquerous, with the grace of God. She prays for me like no other,
always pulls me towards God and tries to teach me what is right and wrong even
when I don’t want to hear it. When I tell some of my very close friends a
little bit of her story, they exclaim “ your mum is my hero” and it truly
brings tears to my eyes. I aim to be a better person than her, as I know I’m
already like her in some ways, as we share the same birthday.
When I was in my
secondary school, I did admire micheal Jackson and Britney spears, well the
young innocent Britney hehe. They inspired my love for pop. And later on as I
started finding out other female deejays and producers around the world they
inspired me to aim for the stars.
I did look up to djsoupamodel, the first Nigerian female dj I knew but she was residing in new
york, dj klem for his amazing music production skills including baba donjazzy’s production skills and not forgetting dj jimmy jatt, he truly
revolutionized deejaying in Nigeria.
I have a dream / goal of
trying to balance out being a deejay and also being an environmental engineer.
Already I just rounded up my Msc in water and environmental management and
started up Nebosh Health and Safety diploma. I mean jack of all trade right?
Hehe. I just have the feeling that I did study environmental engineering for a
reason. I just do not want to drop it at the side. I pray it pans out cause
believe me it is very very overwhelming especially when you are not the
academic type. I do have friends very few though I’d call my good friends that
I really do share information with. No partner and very well not married. I
work with Energy Promotion in Nigeria, no management in the UK yet.
I think the most would be
raising a family. Most mothers are single mothers even when they have husbands
and some are widows with no means of living. My mum and I had some discussions
some months ago about opening a foundation in memory of our great grand ma that
passed in January 2014. It was actually my mum’s brainchild. So I supported her
of cause and we registered and followed the due process and I’m also involved
in the charity. It is called “SOTON CHARITABLE FOUNDATION”, SOTON being my
great grand ma’s name. She died at the ripe age of 94 and was an inspiration to
us all. She always used to cook for the widows she knew in the village, and
helped train some orphans too. And that’s what we strive to achieve with this
foundation, financially supporting a set of 40 individuals that includes
widows, orphans and children with special needs. I mean it’s not a big
foundation but it’s a start.
Lol, funny enough my
highest relaxation point would be just me in my room with some good food
probably a delicacy, juice, and movies/series all day with nap break sessions
haha. Don’t forget Internet, very very important haha. I always unwind well
with movies/series.

I have never actually
thought of working in the Africa Union but helping pregnant women deliver
safely sprung to mind. Also I’d like to help the women find their calling or
purpose in life ie talent, handwork, gift etc. I believe everyone has a
purpose, dream or something that would make him or her feel fulfilled. I’d like
to tap into that, helping them achieve fulfillment would make be feel fulfilled

Never you underestimate
your womanhood and don’t insult or tarnish it for any cause. If you have a
dream follow it, no matter how little. It’s better to start the race than to
never have started, how else would you reach the finish line. Arise, put your
mind to it and you would automatically shine.