Violette Wambua is a young and successful
serial entrepreneur, with experience in the corporate, NGO and SME worlds; with
a special capability in fundraising for events and causes. An avid
entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, an events emcee, a television and radio
show host, a mentor, speaking regularly to lots of young people, as well as her
peers; by offering them direction for life and career. She is the Founder and
CEO of Networking in Heels, a
ladies-only meet-and-greet held regularly for the purpose of connecting, networking
and empowerment for women from various industry backgrounds; at different
levels of their career paths. She is without doubt the first female
entrepreneur to command the business and career networking space by providing a
‘come one come all’ platform for ladies to network, yet providing value for
everyone… Networking In Heels is 4 years old since its launch in May 2011,
with 20 events to boot in 3 cities with over 3000 participants in total, with a
33,000-strong following.

Actually, all these words describe in one way or the
other, but I will go with Youthfulness, Audacity and Passionate. With
youthfulness, there’s physical and mental vigor that drives me into action.
With audacity, there’s a sense of daring that makes me not shy away from taking
advantage of opportunities that life brings, also, it makes me able to stand up
for myself when the situation demands it. Passion keeps me focused, living and
breathing everything to do with my business and purpose.
Going into entrepreneurship has definitely had the
most effect and influence on me; my personality, goals, dreams, actions and
mantra have definitely been shaped by my experience in entrepreneurship over
the last 5 years. I have gained a grit and stick-to-it attitude that I did not
previously have; as well as a sense of Ubuntu, looking out for others as I look
out for myself.
My mother; she has taught me resilience and
My father; he has taught me the virtue of going back
to the drawing board if an idea does not seem to be working out.
My mentor; Caroline Mutoko she has taught me the art
of reinventing myself to stay relevant in all seasons.
I am looking at expanding the Networking In Heels
Africa brand through sale of the franchise in all the Eastern Africa region as
well as in Ghana, Malawi and South Africa. I do have accountability partners
who also happen to be on the board of NIH.
Our women are constantly being pushed aside when it
comes to distribution of the national cake. Opportunities are offered to them
but with so many conditions that they become as good as useless. Coupled with
that, the people they need to talk to become more and more inaccessible, and
with the hampered networks, mentorship becomes a byword.
At Networking In Heels Africa, we aim to give women
an open platform to meet and greet, rubbing shoulders with people who give a
listening ear, offering them the necessary opportunities to grow their
businesses and careers in the process. Mentorship is also a by-product of the
networking activities, courtesy of follow-up meetings.
I love playing; with outdoor activities being my
favorite. Dancing, movies and socializing are also a good way for me to unwind.
For my downtime, I find opportunities to go to a spa, read, and hang out with
–   I.C.E.
The African Woman is already powerful in and of
herself, with talents and skills that are unmatched… However, due to the long
time oppression and marginalization, she had forgotten how phenomenal she is…
She needs to be inspired to achieve more, she needs to be celebrated for her
efforts and gains as well as empowered to reach further!
I would focus on occupying a role in gender
streamlining, to offer my skills in funds & mentorship matching for women
in business, as well as job shadow opportunities for women in various sectors,
who want to build their profiles.
 All women
should consider themselves, their environments, their roles, their obligations,
their talents, skills and opportunities, take advantage of what life offers
them, seek more opportunities and partnerships to excel, as well as offer
guidance to those coming up behind them. The vision is to ensure every African
woman shines to her full potential despite the various odds against them.