I am Adeola Daniels. currently fully
employed in the Public Service,  a
trained Life Coach,  a Wife, Mother,
Sister, Aunt, and all the true Essence of what embodies a woman, to the Glory
of God.

Values that Define
Can I
Pick more than three words?  Lol! I am deeply
intricate, and three words are definitely not enough to aptly express me! But
as you insist, then the three are Faith/Integrity/Optimism 
Faith: My Faith in God and allegiance to
Jesus Christ is my true guiding force. Something I do not take for granted
whatsoever. I embody God’s Love, Grace and Mercy and HE has always been there
for me and mine and never failed nor can He ever fail! It may not come out the
way I envisaged, but it comes out excellently eventually. That Big Man up there
truly got my back. 🙂  A sure bet, all
the time!
Integrity:  is a major watch word of mine! A promise I
have made to God and myself  to always do
the right thing whether or not I have an audience to the very best of my
ability with God helping me! In fact, better without an audience. If  I cannot comfortably stand before God to give
account of that “deed”? or it looks like it’s questionable? then it’s
a no no! A major prayer point for me is that I must to the best of my best,
embody and project GOD’S GLORY AT ALL TIMES.
Optimism: it is very essential to keep a
positive attitude. Life constantly throws curve balls, but how we respond is a
big determinant of  how things turn out. In
fact, it has been proven that a positive attitude , when sustained makes for
better positive life outcomes. I testify to that too. You just try and see! So,
rather than complain about something that is not working, why not stay positive
about it, and expect good regardless, it will eventually turn out for the
better. After all, ALL things work together for good ”  (Romans 8:28)
God! God the Father, God the Son (Jesus
Christ), God the Holy Spirit. My all in all. Without God there is no me, and He
constantly proves it over and over again in all ramifications. In Healing, in
Protection, in Provision, my very life essence is God. Years ago, a doctor gave
me a death sentence and told me I had only a few weeks to live, fourteen years
later, and for decades to come, I am here, alive, well, strong and soaring! Indeed,
“I have known the Father’s care for me, HE’s been good (and shall forever)
be Good to me!  He is good to us all
regardless, We only need trust, believe and rest in HIM!
I am daily inspired by so many people
from all walks of life, indeed they all daily push me, directly and indirectly to
try a little more each new day,  however,
as I must keep to three, they are;
My Mom!  That woman is sure some
Amazon! Daily striving to beat her impeccable standards sure keeps me going. She
really set the bar high. A jewel of inestimable value, God lover, kind, warm, loving, confidant, comforter,
protector, mentor, Guardian Angel (sadly she passed on in 2007). Words cannot
even begin to express. I miss her sorely!
Second: is late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya. A woman who
truly loved God and whom I learnt deep biblical tenets on womanhood and marriage
from (under the Single and Married Fellowship of the Fountain of Life Church). Way
back, long before I eventually got married eleven years ago. The teachings  greatly prepared me to be the apt wife and
mother that I am today.
Three: I cannot but mention two people here.  BidemiMark-mordi
(Verbatim Communications/ROTH Convener and foremost Life Coach LanreOlusola.  These two wonderful people have
mentored me, directly and indirectly to strive to be better every single day! They have contributed to building me
up, spiritually, mentally, emotionally.
fully employed in the Public Service, I am also a  Certified Life Coach,  daily building capacity to be well equipped
to encourage women to build confidence, dare more and believe in themselves. I
intend be more available to offer my services to women especially. I am also in
the process of opening a Ladies only Spa, called Dulcet Drizzles, a tranquil, divinely blissful haven, where Ladies
can come in, get well deserved pampering, relate with each other in a relaxed
setting as well as comfortably share their heartfelt issues with my humble
self. As a trained Life Coach, who also had to overcome serious personal
issues, they are sure to have an understanding non judgemental buddy and
listening ear, that will nudge them towards solutions to their heartfelt
As a
young girl, and even as an adult, I had deep self esteem issues. I also had a
morbid fear of trying to do anything out of the extraordinary. What if I
failed? what would people say? It was a debilitating fear that kept me from
fulfilling my God given potentials for years.  It is a daily task to rise above this, and I
have found that I am not alone and this a major challenge with African Women as
well. This has garnered deep roots of fear and low self esteem as well as
emotional trauma/depression. The deep cry for help from my spirit, various
encounters with Phenomenal people, especially Bidemi Mark Mordi and Lanre
Olusola changed that and this triggered my interest and onward training to be a
Life Coach. In my own little way, I try to encourage women to be self assured
and be bold to be the best they can be.
Spa! Spa!
Spa! I love to take out time to go unwind and refresh at a spa, very refreshing
and calming. I love travelling too (when I can get time off) and love listening
to music. I also meditate.
MY   –  
African Woman is a critical piece of the society. A major critical piece, I
dare say. Women are the nexus of society. 
A balanced woman is a balanced home which translates to a balanced
community, state, country, continent and the world as a whole.
I would
want be the “Ladies Buddy” (lol! if there is any job description to
fit that)  To be where I would encourage
women to be the best they can be, to tap into the power within, to foster mind
change/renewal, help them with emotional issues and just be a shoulder to cry
on (we need that a lot! :). An emotionally balanced and self confident woman is
better equipped to do more and be more.
 No one is an authority on our lives except God
and of course ourselves! No one can stop us but ourselves. If only we can tap
into the power within, indeed the Sky is our launch pad. We are specially
crafted by God. Exquisite and Magnificent Masterpieces of the most High. We
must learn to own and manifest this God given right of ours. 
–           We need also learn to be more
tolerant of each other. Women, we are not our enemies, in fact we are
collaborators and when we forge together as one, we achieve more. Women, remember,
“Together we are more”!
–           Learn more, gain knowledge.  We cannot know too much and Knowledge is
transient and evolves. Read. Ask Questions, Attend seminars (there are free
ones if  financing is an initial issue).
Reach out more. A lot of times we stay in our little corners and miss out on
life. One step at a time, gets us to our destination. Little drops of water
make a mighty ocean 🙂
–           Importantly, in whatever strata we
find ourselves, we must ensure to protect our integrity and dignity and be
diligent in our tasks. 
–           We should also know that we can
achieve whatever we put our minds to, just believe and push a little more! If
women knew the heights we are capable of, we would simply take the leap, spread
our wings and soar! We are so much stronger than we sometimes give ourselves
credit for!