Pontsho Manzi is a businesswoman, a professional and motivational speaker,
facilitator, coach, image consultant and an author. As a business woman, she is
the Managing Director of Botlhokwa Group,
a holding company for three subsidiary companies called Recrutrain, FabImage
and Bonisa Media. Pontsho is a qualified HR practitioner with a Degree in Human
Resource Management. 

founded Recrutrain, an HR consulting and training company with an impeccable
8-year track record for delivering innovative staffing and training solutions
to both private and public sector organisations in South Africa and neighbouring
countries in the SADC region.


I am a born-again Christian mother of two
children (boy 9 and girl 6) and a wife. I am a business woman with a passion
for inspiring women through my work. I have an HR qualification augmented by an
image consulting accreditation, both of which I have merged to provide a unique
consulting service to my corporate and individual customers. I am a women
empowerment activist who addresses women’s issues through professional
speaking, image management workshops and an inspirational stationery business
that produces inspirational diaries and journals, and a magazine all published
by my company called Bonisa Media. As a passionate believer in women
empowerment, I started the Fabulous Woman Awards to recognize the work and
achievement of women in South Africa and also run a non-profit young women
organization called Fabulous Girls Foundation which conducts workshops in
schools and community groups across South Africa. I am a mentor to a number of
women, especially young girls, and provide advice of how they can grow to
become the powerful women I know they can be and pursue their dreams.  
Integrity – I believe that all
business dealings should be done with absolute integrity, excellence and
diligence. As a result I will not conduct my business in any manner that
compromises my integrity by taking short cuts, offering bribes or favours to
get ahead.
Perseverance – This is linked to
Integrity. Unfortunately if you pursue your business interests with integrity,
you will face obstacles in getting ahead as there is endemic bribery and
corruption in our business world where short cuts are taken in order to procure
business contracts. You need perseverance in order to succeed if you take a
stand against this cancer that affects our society and business may be slow at
times as you teach people how your morals go against what has become the norm
of business in Africa – corruption and bribery.
Purpose – I believe that we
were all created by God with a specific purpose (talent) and mission on earth.
It is when you have found this purpose that you don’t have to work a day in
your life as work becomes a passionate endeavour and what you know you were
born to do. Your purpose is what defines you and makes life worth living. I
believe that there are only two important dates in one’s life, the day they
were born (birthday) and the day they discovered why (purpose).
My mother has had the greatest and profound
influence on me as she instilled the right values that have stood me in good
stead in my own business and career.
My Mother – for instilling the correct values in my life from a young age
and for her exemplary work in the church and the community to support and stand
for what is fair and equitable without fear or favour.
Mother Teressa for her selfless contribution towards the alleviation of
poverty and her humility.
Noli Mboweni – for her wonderful work in effortlessly combining her
Christian values and business to empower women.
My goal is to run a
successful investment, media and publishing company with a strong emphasis on
women empowerment and providing employment and mentoring opportunities to women
and young girls in particular. I also want to grow the Fabulous Woman Awards to
be the premier awards that celebrate the achievement of women and young girls
in South Africa and Africa whilst bridging the inter-generational gap and fostering
mentorship amongst women.
Besides my husband,
I have a circle of Christian sisters (led by Noli Mboweni) who have assisted me
to focus and provide advice and support especially when the going gets tough in
business. They all serve as my moral compass and pillars of strength in my
career and life.  
Being taken seriously as business women and
constant attacks on their integrity in procuring business contracts. The latter
has landed women in difficult situations where they end up compromising their
integrity to make it in their careers and in business. This is the reason why I
conduct workshops to counter these ills and empower women. I also do schools
outreaches to speak to young girls in schools through Fabulous Foundation for
girls. This is further augmented by the Fabulous Woman Awards that celebrate
the correct values that we would like to see in women
I love gardening and flowers, so I go to
nurseries to look at and shop for plants. I also grow herbs in my garden,
golfing and pamper sessions.
MY   –  
We come from a long
difficult past marred by patriarchy where women were not recognized as equal
contributors to society. Women are the backbone of society and hold the key to
Africa’s success as we are natural nurturers and make the world a better place
for our families. Women have made major contributions towards the emancipation
of countries in Africa yet they have not been adequately acknowledged for their
Work tirelessly for procurement of funding for
women owned businesses as these lead to nation building and make for better
societies. I would also advocate for education of girl children by removing
obstacles that impede on the progress of women.
Women must push
boundaries in every sphere of life where they have influence and ensure that
they give other women a leg up through mentorship and making it easier for
women to progress in business and corporate companies. Success in numbers is
what will cause the tipping point and this should be the aim of every woman
with an opportunity to advance women upliftment and empowerment.