My names are Bidemi Mark-Mordi. I am first and foremost a daughter of the Most High God. I am wife to Mark and mother to Kenechi, Dukia and Joshua. I function as Managing Director/Co-Founder of Verbatim Communications Limited. and I am a Life Coach and I showcase that role here I also, happen to be the Publisher/Editor in Chief of Effectual Magazine, and the Convener of Sista Power Gatherings and Return of The Helper Conference (ROTH). I am also the author of three books; Sista Power, Discovering The Power of Collaborations, Destiny Navigational Application: Discern Essence, Discover Mandate, Demonstrate Power, Deploy Dominion, and You will make it NeverTheLess.
My words are Purpose, Integrity and Excellence. For over 10 years, I have used these three words to describe myself and I like to affirm that sometimes these words are still aspirational for me but most of the time, they are the words I live by. First is the word
PURPOSE – I chose Purpose because the darkest part of my life was when I didn’t realise that I was on earth for a reason let alone know what that reason was. My life did a 360 turn around when I not only realised that I was carefully thought out by God but when I actually discovered what that particular and peculiar thing was for me. Since then, I have gone on to dedicate my life to helping others discover their purpose so they can live powerful lives.
My second word is Integrity. I chose this word because I grew up realising how difficult it was to find people that were trustworthy enough to want to emulate and follow. I also quickly found out that as decadent as society was and still is, there was a high premium placed on those who didn’t mind the additional pressure of living according to their word. Most importantly, integrity is a word I chose because, as a Christian, it is the least that is expected of me. The question becomes ‘do I make the cut every time?’ My answer would be, unfortunately, No, however, my commitment is that as I come to a realisation of my mistakes, I will be quick to acknowledge them and make amends where it is possible. After all, integrity isn’t an absence of mistakes but an ability to own up to mistakes when we make them. As the years have gone by, I see that those times when I make those integrity mistakes are becoming more and farther in between and the dream is that one day I would be able to say that I have achieved. If that day never comes, at least I would be able to stand and say I gave it my best shot.
My third word is Excellence and I cannot tell if this is because I am obsessive compulsive or not, but I do know that whatever I set out to do, I should make sure that I give it my very best every time. So no, excellence doesn’t it mean that I am the best of the pack each time, but it does mean that I can step away from the stage with the satisfaction that I did my very best within my ability and the resources that were available to me.
Overall, these three words have held me to a standard which I continually pray that I am able to live and if need be, willing to die for.
My mother, for her tenacity and determination to ensure that her children have the best life that is possible within the resources that were and are available. I am amazed at how this tenacity has played out in my life and the lives of my siblings. My prayer is that one day, I may be able to stand in the audacity that she has stood over the years and still stands.
The fear of failure also has had a profound influence on me in ways that I love. Knowing that I cannot stand before God, my Maker and give excuses for failure, is the reason I get out of bed especially on the many days that I would rather not.
My husband Mark for his willingness to give his all to enhance the lives of others, with no expectation for a return. 
Coach Anna McCoy for her brilliant mind and her ability to pull the very next level out of me without making a fuss. 
Audrey Joe-Ezigbo for her ability to love so many equally and her ability to celebrate everyone without pretence.
My partners are my husband and Audrey Joe-Ezigbo. The next five years, I have an idea, and it is captured in the words 10x better. I wish I could explain what that means…
I have always contended that the major challenge of any woman is the need for Awareness. I think that when a woman comes into her own to understand the inherent power that she carries, the dynamics of the game change drastically regardless of who she has to deal with. It is, for this reason, I involve myself in all the empowerment programmes I do from the angle of ensuring that every woman recognises that she is here on earth for a purpose and with an assignment from God. My push is to encourage every woman to embrace who she truly is, and use her uniqueness to make a difference.
I am not a very sociable person so I watch a lot of TV and read a whole lot.
Because she is the 3rd Billion and the world is waiting on her. Whether she sells tomatoes of is a housewife or sits on the board of the most powerful company, she is a strong woman. How can we not celebrate that?
I would seek to be the one vested with the simple responsibility of letting a woman know that she has a part to play and the earlier she rises the better we all will be. I will be the Purpose Advocate and I am confident that doing this is more powerful than most think.
Arise, you are stronger than you think you are, and you have more to offer than you imagine.