I am a simple village girl who lives one day at
a time and tries to make a difference in the life of one person at a time. I
love music, movies and reading. Above all I love life. My greatest passions are
mentorship and leadership development. These give me the greatest fulfillment. Just
being able to empower one young soul to be the best the best they can be puts a
big smile on my face. I consider this my life purpose.


Love – Love is a force so powerful and
transformative that if only 20% of the world embraced it, especially persons in
positions of authority, then the world would turn right side up! I am in love
with this philosophy because my life is evidence of love in action. I have
experienced persons who have made a difference in my life through their words,
gestures, acts of kindness and courtesy. Such small acts go a long way.
Purpose – I have since come to the strong conclusion
that life without purpose is a tragedy. Many years ago, I set out to discover
and understand my life’s purpose because I deeply desired for my life to count
for something. I found it and decided to take a leap of faith to start what I
have been doing since then – Empowering young people through mentorship and
coaching, especially young women, so that they can live to their full potential.
It is important for every person to find a reason to live – like Mark Twain
said,  there are two most important days
in someone’s life, the day they are born and the day they discover why. I
totally concur with the sentiments of Dr Martin Luther Jr that if someone has
not discovered their reason for being, then they are not worth living.  
Passion – Passion is the ability to do something so
well and you can do it for free but you get paid to do it. I am very driven by
passion. It is the fire that gives one the push to keep going even when the
odds are stark against them! Passion makes me wake up every morning to do what
I do.
Many things have greatly influenced me but two
of them stand out; first, reading biographies of Dr Martin Luther Jr, Nobel
laureate Wangari Maathai and Nelson Mandela totally changed how I look at
leadership. These individuals gave new meaning to the term leadership. Their
level of commitment to the cause they so deeply believed in to the extent that
they saw death approaching but chose to go ahead anyway was just so astounding!
Totally inspirational.
Second, being the eldest child in my family has
immensely influenced who I am today. Learning to take care of my siblings from
a young age wasn’t easy but it’s what bolstered me into mentorship and
leadership. A lot of what I know about leadership I learnt from taking
leadership in my family. God has blessed me with wonderful parents and siblings
and they keep me going.
Oprah Winfrey, Leymah Gbowee and Barrack Obama –
they’ve all disrupted the status quo and tangibly changed peoples’ lives. They
are humble and remain visionary. They did not allow setbacks to put them down.
They rose way beyond their circumstances.
I have many goals for the next 5 years – both
personal and organizational. One that stands out is the desire to see my
organization, Emerging Leaders Foundation, break even, scale up our work and
spread to other African countries. I envision an empowered new generation of
leaders who are courageous, value-driven and competent to lead sustainable
development in our continent. 
Cultural stereotypes – am raising the next
generation of women leaders to rise beyond stereotypes and make a change
Few role models – I work to raise many more
role models for younger women and I do this through leadership training,
coaching and mentorship.
Lack of capacity – I build their capacity
through training, exchange programs and mentorship
Sleep, music, movies, nature walk, and
Because they are worth being inspired,
celebrated and empowered. Women play a big role in holding society together –
even in conflict situations. They are also shaping mindsets of their children –
both boys and girls; and now more than ever before, little boys and girls are
growing up with the knowledge that they can be anything they want and that they
don’t have to compete but work together as partners for the betterment of
I would take on the responsibility of  youth mentor-ship and leadership development. I am very passionate about these and I
do believe that we need many more women and youth in leadership roles making a change in

your purpose and fulfill it. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to do so. Perfect
is an illusion. Start right where you are and do not despise the humble