My name is Kusimo Rhoda, I am an entrepreneur (CEO of Adohrkush
Limited, humanitarian) Founder of )Global Hope Integrated Empowerment
Foundation), activist for women and children. I can describe myself as very
outspoken, friendly, passionate about making the world a better place. I am the
first child in my family and blessed with 2 amazing siblings Abigail and Jerry
and my parents.
Determination: When I put my mind to something
there is no going back for me. I remember when I first thought of the idea of
starting n company, I shared it with some people and I was laughed at,
discouraged and told not to do it, I listened to them, but I was determined to
give it a try. Same when I got involved in a lot of charity work, people said
“Rhoda you’re too young, where will you get funds, and so many
things” but I thank God that we’ve been able to touch a lot of lives since
I started.
Now I am always determined to start, I am determined to keep on going;
I am determined to see the end result. I believe my determined attitude toward
some situations in my life has gotten me to where I am now, my journey so far
hasn’t been the smoothest, but it’s been exciting, challenging I also think
more fearless and optimistic now. Giving up is never an option.
Love: There is nothing more powerful than
love. I have had to reorientate myself on what love is, and I did that by truly
loving myself as a person.
I remember when I started charity works and when we go on
outreaches, I saw that apart from the material things people lack, the most
lacking thing is love and hope, and so I try to preach it every day. Love is
truly powerful, we should always try to give a little bit of love out and love
someone every day, and the world will be a far better place if we all loved
each other.
At the end of every day, I always ask myself “Rhoda have
you loved today”
Optimistic: Optimism keeps me going.I always
see the good in bad and always make the best out of everything.
One my greatest influence is God, who has given me this dream,
who gave me this calling, without him I am nothing. I am so grateful
My mom is also a big influence and big supporter of my dreams.
My younger brother has also influenced my life positively, after being
diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a baby, I have watched him go through a lot of
pain, but he is so determined to live, he has changed my life in every single
way. He is the happiest little boy I know
Oprah Winfrey: her life is a book, I read it
everyday. She inspires me in every single way. She has basically made me a
better person and changed woman. She’s making a big difference in the lives of
people and changing the world.
Kim Kardashian: I know this sounds funny but I love
that woman, I think she has an amazing business sense and has basically turned
everything she has touched into gold, she’s a very smart business woman and her
Optimistic attitude towards life is everything. I totally applaud her business
Carolyn Miles: she’s the founder of Save the
Children. She’s making a huge difference in this world, changing lives every
day she has basically dedicated her life to serving humanity. I hope I get to
meet her someday.
Hmm, my goal for the next 5 years.
I should have made a difference in the lives of so many women
and children in Nigeria and beyond. Also, establish a rehab center for girls
and children with disabilities. Adohrkush will educational and vocational
centers in most states in Nigeria. Institute/workshop centers for the upcoming
entrepreneur and hopefully a TV show. Have published 2 books. I  will also be a happier woman.
Ignorance/tradition: (TheMajorProblem) a lot of African women
are ignorant of their right as a woman and as a human being, they are so deep
in tradition that they end up being basic and mediocre. African women even some
enlighten ones still believe their only role in life is to make food and nurse
a baby. We are more that that. We are here on this earth to do amazing things
and be extraordinary.
I try as much as possible to enlighten young women on dreams,
purpose, aiming high, becoming whoever they want to be, through some of our
when I want to relax I just go to some of my fav restaurants,
have my favorite meal or try out a new recipe. I also love hanging out with my
friends, going to the spa, cooking helps me relax too, working out, I binge on
movies and shows. Reading mags and books. Meditation, Music. Finally, a good
hot bath with some essential oil and bath bombs helps me relax also.
An African woman is an extraordinary person, she is the pillar
of her home and the society. Inspiring, celebrating and empowering the African
woman will go a long way, it will show her that she is seen and her good works
are appreciated, she will want to do more and do better. When a woman is inspired
and empowered, you are gradually inspiring a nation.
If I worked in the African Union. I will want to create a
platform for women and children, create policies that will enable every woman
to be empowered. Have centers for young girls to be mentored or listened to.
My advice for the African woman is Dream Big!
You can be anything you want to be. Nothing can stop you from
achieving what you want in life. Just start, start small, start in your little
corner but just start. Make an effort every day to be a better person. You
don’t have to be basic, you are here in this earth to be extraordinary, Find
your purpose and serve your purpose.
I will also say to the African woman, find time to read, cultivate
the habit of reading. It helps you know better and broader.

advice is we should always support and empower each other, be happy for
another woman’s success.