My name is Harira Sidi-Ali, from
Kano State, a very devout Christian. I love God so much. My mother is from Imo
state. So I am a mixed breed! I am a Lawyer a graduate of the University of
Reading, United Kingdom. I have a masters in International Business Law. I went
to Law School in Lagos in 2012. I am a budding business woman. I dream of
owning different businesses and being a success in all that I do. And I also
dream and thinking of becoming the richest woman in the world (Nothing is
impossible). I hold strongly to Proverbs 23:7- Whatever a man thinketh in his
heart so is he. I come from a family of 4. I have three brothers. I am a lover
of Children. I think they make the world go round.

Love – Mathew 22:37-39 Love the Lord
your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind,
this is the first and the greatest commandment. And the second is like it ‘Love
your neighbor as yourself. I stand for love all the time. Even if might be
difficult sometimes. God is love and love makes the world go round.
Excellence- is a talent or quality which is unusually good and
so surpasses ordinary standards. It is also used as a standard of performance
as measured e.g. through economic indicators. I strive for excellence in all
that I do. I might get discouraged on the way but I kick back up. Ever tried.
Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.
Optimistic – disposed to take a favorable view of events or conditions and to expect
the most favorable outcome. In every situation I find myself if in. I try to remain optimistic.
Being a pessimist makes it look as if I do not have faith in God. And it is
very impossible to please God.
God Almighty. Who is my beginning and my end. My
rock and my foundation. Always there for me. The reason I am alive and here and
kicking. He deserves all my praise.
 Mrs Omobowale Biobaku is
the CEO of Mobos fashion. I met her about 3 years ago and she has changed my
life totally. Mrs. Omobowale Biobaku is amazing, God fearing and hardworking, she
is a great mother and amazing sister and a loving friend. I have learnt a lot from
her and it has changed my life a lot .Her love for God amazes me. She loves God
more than anything. Her ability to juggle between her family, business and
church is so profound. I love the fact that she prays and prays well!! She is
has changed my life in more ways than one. She makes me want to know God more
and also try to be a better person
Mrs Adenrele Edwards- Another role model of mine-
has become a mother figure to me. Her ability to express love is amazing. She is
a strong woman and is very God fearing. She is an amazing mum and she has got
an amazing heart.
Aliko Dangote is very God fearing,
hardworking, generous and a go getter.
Mahdi Sidi-Ali- My brother I love so much with a
heart of Gold. Slow to anger. Always ready to forgive. I want to be like that.
In five years’ time I would like to have a family. I
want to be the owner of different successful businesses. I would want to be a
better person, better than I am now. I also want my relationship with God to be
deeper and better. I want to be on another level with him
Yes, I have accountability partners.
Women are seen as the lesser of both sex. Men look
down on us and make us look less than we actually are. It is worse in the work
place. Men rise higher and faster than women. They forget that what a man can
do a woman can do better.
Women have to deal with a lot of abuse- both verbal
and physical.
I counsel my younger friends. I try to make them
know that they can do whatever they want to do even if they are women. I
encourage them to do what they feel they want to achieve. 
To relax – I pray,  I watch tv and read books,  To get tension off- I pray and watch more tv
or go and gist with friends/ I love children so  when I am down and need to get tension off I
try and hang out with children. I also have a book I write quotes in. I look
for inspiring quotes and write them down. That helps me unwind
Women are special. They are excellent. I think that
if we are inspired and we are allowed to do what we want to do. The world will
be a better place. Our country will be a better county.


I would want to counsel them and encourage them .
With counselling and encouragement a woman can do what she wants to do. When
she sees someone is on her side she is abit more confident.

Ensure you have a very
close relationship with God. Because we are nothing without God. We can do
anything we want to do with God on our side. Be prayerful.  Work hard and stay true
to your cause