My name is Molekor Adeyinka, born and raised in Nigeria, I’m proudly Nigerian! I am a sincere, honest, intelligent and loyal woman who loves to learn new things as well as offer something new to any mind that I interact with. I hold strongly to my faith and to the fact that everyone has a good side to them if they would allow it to show. Amongst many things, I am a Personal Stylist and a Fashion blogger, our site is called , possibly the best and only fashion- only blog in Abuja and soon to be the No.1 in Nigeria! We talk fashion, hair and beauty on the red carpet, on the streets and within the industry; I give tips to everyday women and men on how to dress for their body types, personalities and lifestyles! We cover events to find out the current fashion trends from weddings to fashion shows and everything in between. On a personal level, I carry out wardrobe assessments for individual clients who want to dress better for where they are going to, and then personal shopping services for people who do not have the time or who require a change of wardrobe to suit whatever phase of their lives they are in.

Faith: I am a woman who loves God. I do not know how I managed to have a life without Him in the past! Anything I have achieved and will achieve in my life, from my family to my business, any challenges I have been through and come out of, any opportunities or experiences I may have gained in my relationships or in business, any words of wisdom or knowledge I have, any achievements I have gained or will gain, any skill I may have acquired and any relationship I hold dear today is all by and from Him. All of it! I could not have done anything! That is why my life revolves around the One who I hold in the highest esteem! He keeps on giving and loving even when I don’t deserve it and I know I don’t and that’s why I am proud to call Him Lord.

Respect: As women this is one thing that we must give and be careful to demand from others. A woman who learns to respect herself and others as well will attract the same vibes from others. There are certain relationships I will not remain in or allow myself to enter into because I respect myself too much to do so. Respect yourself enough to resist gossip, malicious and quarrelsome relationships. Value all God’s children and respect other people’s opinions and experiences. Everyone even your kids, have a path that is as different from yours as their looks. Respect that and do not encroach on their right to treat them. Do not be abusive or insulting to people no matter how uncouth you may think they are especially if it’s from hearsay. This is my outlook to life and I have discovered that even people that have a reputation of being nasty warm up to me and I have a different personal and working experience with them most of the time!

Unique: I’ve always been that person who likes to think different from the crowd. I never follow the way of the crowd because for some reason I’ve always been bored by it. I mean, I may not be the one with the crazy hair-do or clothes who stands out in a crowd, but I tend to individualize my perception of myself, others, and my world. I know I’m special and make special choices- even when I buy something, a phone, jewelry; I tend to go for something different or make it look different. I’m that person who if you get to chat at length with, will probably never forget- from my name to my many different little ideas…


I lost my mother two years ago and it was unexpected. She hadn’t been ill or anything, she just was here one day and gone the next. It was devastating to me also because I had so much planned out that I wanted to do for her when I made more money or had more time etc… that I ended up not doing. It showed me more than anything how important it is to appreciate the people you love NOW! Not tomorrow or when you have better resources to do so, but now, with what you have and the little opportunities you can seize to do so because the next minute may be too late and all you’d be left with is regrets. I believe God allowed me to learn that so that I can better appreciate all that He has blessed me with in my life and I appreciate Him every day for that, without Whom I would not have come out better for it!


Jesus Christ: How could He not be? My entire life’s desire is to be like Him! Ever since I got to know Him and have a closer relationship with Him, I have lived my life trying to be like Him. His life when He was on earth and even getting to develop a spiritual relationship with Him, you see that getting to know Him is the most enjoyable and endearing relationship you’ll ever have in your life. I’m enthralled by His temperament, His wisdom, confidence in who He is, the way He loves even those who obviously hate and despise Him, yet He is wise enough not to allow Himself be deceived by them, the fact that He’s Royalty yet stoops to spend time with those who should not even be in the same atmosphere with Him instead He raises us up cleanses us and makes us joint heirs with Him… I could go on and on but for sure He is my number one life model!


My goals as a stylist and for the blog SBM (for short) in 5 years, would take us to being the fashion website that is most respected in the industry in Abuja and most part of the country not just for its reportage but also for the people whose lives would have been made better by their personal style information/advice that they would not get anywhere like they do at SBM. We would be able to work out partnerships and collaborations between players in the industry, mentor people who want to start fashion/beauty blogging on how to do it the right way in order to stand out from the pack and finally, gross enough profits to be able to branch out into fashion retailing to meet the needs of our clients directly.
I have 2 very good technical (IT & Media) partners and one advisory partner, also a couple of writers who share these goals with me so that every day we work at bringing them to reality.


US Actress Viola Davies said after winning an Emmy some months ago, that ‘’The only thing that stands between the woman of color and her achievements is opportunity!’’ I think that is exactly what African women contend with the most! It is not that we do not have women who can hold their own in any field out there and I mean it, any field or profession. The challenge is for others to believe in us enough to allow us that opportunity, sometimes for us to even believe in ourselves enough to seize it when we are given or take it even when it has not been handed to us. I speak to myself too when I say, we need to learn to encourage ourselves and each other even to the point of bias- we should understand that beyond having seminars and talks, the young female graduate  that lives down your street needs someone to believe in her and encourage her enough with words, funds, information or opportunities, to achieve her goals. The woman that makes your hair needs to believe that one day she could be the no.1 stylist in the country and so she should find ways to improve herself… one at a time that’s how I do it. I do not let any woman encounter me without her knowing that she can be that person she dreams of being when no one is looking or criticizing, with God and the needed preparations, it’s possible!


I have always loved to read but with young kids it gets difficult to find the time. I love to indulge in things that give me room to imagine or fantasize- writing, music, watching movies or even art… I like to color! I also love to make up and shopping but when all else fails, sleep!!!


The African woman needs to be inspired because inspiration gives hope and builds optimism. We need to have hope and remain positive in an environment where the odds may seem stacked up against us; when this happens, then a woman who has been empowered is able to realize her dreams, empower others and build a holistic society! There are really no limits to what a woman who has been empowered can do and where there are demands on her to be the perfect wife, perfect mother, raising perfect kids, possess the right character traits and have the confidence to hold her own in any gathering, she ought to be celebrated when she scales even one of these hurdles because rarely does anyone stop to say ‘‘thank you’’ or ‘‘job well done!’’-  You rarely find a woman out there who doesn’t have a story or an experience that will encourage someone or reflect her strengths, but there is always that assumption that she’s just doing ‘her job’ or what’s expected of her and so everyone just moves on. We need to celebrate each other whenever we can.


I’d want to work with women who have been abused either through domestic violence or rape. These are ills/crimes in the African society that I still wonder why they are not taken as seriously as those in other parts of the world have grown to. With all the demands made on the African woman, we should be protected with every fiber of the law and with every available resource. I’d want to push for stiffer penalties against abusers and rapists and also provide shelters and opportunities for survivors to rebuild their lives. We are God’s daughters and no father enjoys seeing His daughters suffer such injustice because of their gender. Maybe that’s the reason Africa seems to be grappling to get ahead in so many areas where the world has moved far ahead of! Maybe for Africa to get it right, our societies need to begin to see and recognize our women for who we really are- the strongest, most resilient, hardworking, spiritual and beautiful women on the planet!


Know yourself and then love yourself.
Never take no for an answer if you really want something, just find better strategies to ask or to get it.
If no one cheers you on, do so yourself!
Respect yourself or else no one will and protect your body, mind, and your spirit from the contamination in the world.
Complement each other and seek to leave a positive lasting impression on whoever you meet because that’s what they’ll remember of you.
If you do not like something about yourself don’t go on whining and complaining, seek to change it one day at a time deliberately and persistently. Before you judge or criticize anyone, look closer instead of jumping to conclusions, you would want them to do that for you too. Don’t be superficial- it’s becoming a cliché` have some depth in who you are. Learn something new every day no matter how little or trivial it may seem, no knowledge is lost.
There is nothing as stable and dependable as a woman who is loyal- Learn to be a loyal wife, friend, sister, boss, colleague or daughter. It’s rare these days.
Finally, love. Love God, your country and your neighbor…