My name is Marilia Lima. I am from Guinea-Bissau. I work for National Institute of Studies and Research in Guinea-Bissau as a Project Manager Office Coordinator and I am also on the board of directors ATENA Foundation.


Generosity because I am very generous in offering knowledge, support, hope and all necessary skills to help others to overcome their barriers and achieve their objectives.

Optimistic because I usually take the positives and use the negative in a way that gives enthusiasm and courage.

Kindness because I always put others first, and I am very happy to offer the best I can give.


My parents because they are my role models, in them I can see honesty, love respect, inspiration and peace-making. As a child growing up, my parents were always there for me to provide support in education and vital life skills.
Which enable me to secure positive employment and encourage me to go for this role.


Oprah Gail Winfrey is one of the world’s most successful broadcast journalists. She has long been active in philanthropic causes and expanding opportunities for young women. She has no surviving biological children but has maternal feelings towards the girl’s wellbeing and education. Also because of her humility, courage and always being there for those who are in need.

Barack Obama stands for the People, he cares about what is best for the greater good. He truly does represent The People. His actions have always been motivated by a sincere desire to do what is best for the majority, even if it meant losing ground with the wealthy, influential or powerful minority.

Nelson Mandela was the greatest man who helped to unite South Africa to dismantled apartheid, the cruel system of white minority rule. He symbolized for all of Africa a commitment to democracy and freedom.

He was a man of quiet dignity to match his towering achievements; a man with an ever radiant smile and immense and humble sense of humour, a man with humility and respect to the others. Mandela was a rare visionary who would see beyond the current struggles and pain. He was convinced that one day the best parts of humanity would prevail over the worst parts. He even inspired his enemies to be better than they had been through forgiveness and reconciliation. He established the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and he also was a great model for achieving justice in all nations where human rights abuses occurred and pain needs to be healed.


My long term goal lies in Phenomenal African Women, where I can see myself in an education role, bring new ideas and initiatives into the project. To assist growing in different sectors provide educational and leadership opportunities for academically gifted young women from impoverished backgrounds who will give their contribution back to the community.

Five years from now I want the Npili School project (an all-girls school) to have achieved its goals and for me to have developed in my role and beyond. I have discussed this at some length with friends, family and my partner with positive feedback.


One the biggest challenge that African women have limited  access to education and skills development. They also have to fight more for their rights (Social Justice) as opposed to young men.

I will do to the best of my ability to help facilitate governments and remain focused on funding and investing in education and skills improvement. To encourage partnerships with donors, business, local communities to invest in education and also to help women to overcome their barriers and achieve their goals and objectives.

In my work I offer information advice and guidance to women, such education to improve their skills for the future, never give up and stand for their rights.


In my spare time, I enjoy reading, watching TV, swimming and socialising with family and friends.


African women are responsible for their home, children, and family and mostly are housebound. It is vital for them to be inspired in education so they can be more independent and up skilled. This would lead them to be empowered to have a more choices.


I would seek a role such as Women Affairs Coordinator, which would give me the authority to liaise with government agencies and other professional bodies. Work on a good implementation of public policies and strategies on gender equality. Because of the absence of capacity building policies for women can affect their participation and capacity to making decisions. The absence of the recognition of the role of women makes societies not work in a balanced way. It is necessary to create mechanisms that facilitate social inclusion so that women can exercise their right, share experiences and contribute in the decision process with ideas for greater social justice.


The best advice is education, dedication and commitment to do the best one can possibly do. Above all be persistent and try to demonstrate that despite how difficult African society is due to traditions, taboos and generally a male orientated society. Women can contribute their ideas and aspirations in the process of making important decisions through acquiring education.