My name is Benny Bonsu. I am a Sport
Broadcaster and TV Producer working and covering for the likes of the BBC
Worldservice, TraceSport, NBA and TRUE Africa magazine. I am a Ghanaian British
lady based in the UK. I love my job as I am one of the only women covering NBA
basketball outside of the United States.
I am also a passionate campaigner to
inspire more girls and women into sport.
Fearless – I am been fearless in my
purse of becoming a globally recognized African British Sport Broadcaster as a
woman. When I first started in this field, it was tough and many told me I
couldn’t achieve the things I have. I needed to be fearless to step out of my
comfort zone to achieve my success
Knowledge – In order to become what I
am now, knowledge was always going to be power to me. Knowing and understanding
what you are with is one of the most important things needed to progress.
Equipping yourself with knowledge is something no one will or can ever take
away from you. Especially, being a woman in sport in a male dominated arena –
knowledge is definitely power. 
Vision – In order for me to come as
far as I am, I needed the vision of my path and also my mission. My vision has
been and is very important to me, without it – how do I know where I am going?
What do I want to achieve? How can I inspire the next generation or How do I
know, when I am achieving? Vision is the number one thing everyone needs to
My greatest influence on me has been
my family. I come from a place in Ghana, where only the best is expected of
you. My family has always been supportive of my journey and choices. Even when
they didn’t understand. My mom particularly has always made me understand what
my purpose on this planet was and what I need to do to achieve it. My family is
absolutely everything to me and without them, I will not be Benny Bonsu.
My Mom – Because is simply the most
amazing woman on the planet. She gave up everything to ensure I got to achieve
everything I wanted to achieve.
Dr. Erika Bennett – Head of Mission,
Diaspora African Forum – One of the most inspirational women in my life. She
inspires me to do more and more for my continent. She is the fearless,
intelligent but most importantly, she really understands why it is important to
give back.
Michelle Obama – The modern day Maya
Angelou. I love this lady because she uses her position to inspire change. I
look up to her as my role model because she shows as all how to be a woman who
fights for other woman for change with being an angry feminist. But also
understands that, in order to progress, men need to be part of the
conversation. I love that about her.
The next 5years, I hope to have grown
and established my program and campaign “Girls In Sport”. The campaign is a
national and international project encouraging young women to raise and broaden
their aspirations in sports. It is designed to bring distinguished
professionals from the world of sports, media and business to inspire and share
their experiences of breaking the glass ceiling, in the typically
male-dominated industries with sports as part of their daily lives. The
programme is designed to encourage, advice, signpost and mentor the next
generation of leaders. In the next 5yrs, I want this to be a global programme,
especially across Africa as it has so much potential when it comes to sports
and tap into the talents of women globally.
African women have many challenges to
contend with when it comes to the modern world. Not only are they challenging
the norms and values on the continent, but they also have challenges with the
wider world. My little contribution to this is being fearless enough to
challenge many of these openly, but also having open and honest conversations
in an open forum to inspire other women, but most importantly to learn and
share my journeys.
I love a good cup of tea and a cake.
But most of the time, I am in the gym. The best stress release ever. It really
does help after a long day. I go at least 3 times a week. 
–   I.C.E.
African women do not need to be
inspired because they are inspirational within themselves. They need to be
celebrated and empowered because they have so much to bring to the table of
champions. Their passion and commitment to achieve and be successful is
amazing. This is why it is important to raise the awareness of African women globally.
It would be something to do with
empowerment of youth and sport. That is my passion and I believe it is an area
that is ignored globally when it comes to girls and women.

limit your dreams based on others perception of the world. Go after what you
want. Inspire others on your way and lift up others as you climb.