My name is Julie B
Steynberg. Mother of the IGNITE WHAT’S RIGHT™ global movement here
in South Africa Since 2013. I am Coach, Motivational & Inspirational
speaker, Trainer and Author in writing, Executive Director for Difference
Makers S.A. In August 2012 I was appointed by the Founder in San Diego, Helice
Bridges to take on this position here in South Africa. I had always known that
part of my destiny is to make a difference in people’s lives, this is what
fuels me to give more; share more and do more, now more than ever. The key
quote to my Signature for many years was: ‘My mission is to live with integrity
and to make a difference in the lives of others with integrity’.  

(Photo was
taken last year (2014) with a TV interview with Real Woman Real Life TV Show).                                        
I am married to Francois for 16 years. Before him I
was a single mom with 3 boys for 7 years. Those years were the best years of my
life, though the toughest of them all. I was alone, with no support from their
dad, almost no support from my parents and family.  Because I was divorced, I was an outcast and
I had to survive on my own. Divorce was not my choice and it never will be. I
was forced to ‘divorce’ my first husband in High court because of business
reasons. I was still young and I allowed myself to be influenced by my husband
and his lawyer. This act of cruelty broke up my home, things was never the
same, my life and the lives of my children took a toll on our lives. Never had
I expected this to come my way whilst I devotedly outspoken my vows loud and
clear that very day the first time I got married. My wake-up call had begun.
Tough times changed me, thank God I can say today that it had changed me for
the better.
My 3 boys are grown men today. All three of
them are married. I am a granny of 4 grandchildren and I must add, being a
mother-in-law brought new challenges to me. I am a cancer survivor for 2,5
years. Being diagnosed with breast cancer made me see who I am and what it is
that I want from life. I wanted second and third chances, I wanted to change
then more than ever.  I knew I had
nothing to lose, only to win my soul and to find my destiny and purpose for
Service is the rent we pay for the
privilege of living on this planet earth
. I adore working with, serving and giving more
of myself to people. There is so much more to learn from life, so much more to
enjoy and so much more to give. More than ever I wanted to give my all and live
my all. This was my second journey of big change. I started to realize how easy
it is to forgive, how many times I need to forgive (70 x 7 times) is not enough.
We are human beings who makes mistakes. We need to be fast to forgive, also to
learn to forgive ourselves.  
There are much more to learn from
experience than from absence
When you look at my background profile you would think that I lived a lifetime
and how did I fit everything in my schedules, how did I raise three sons as a
single mom most of the time. I did. I wanted to do more, find more, explore
more and through it all I wanted to find the real ‘me’ in it all.
Here are some of the outstanding things to be
mentioned on my background profile:-
Receive an award
from the Mayor as Best Citizen Award 1990’s 
& an Award as Best Finishing school of the Year owner for 2 years
I am the Writer of many inspirational articles in magazines
& 3 Events that I organized was published in National Magazines (as
I am Coach, Speaker & Presenter for many talk shows;
women’s events; youth events;
I was appointed by Sun International as one of the 5 selected
scouts for the Miss. South Africa competition Since 2010;
I am the Keeper of 3 Beauty & Style Titles; I was the Main
judge of many beauty pageants;
Have talked on 5 different radio shows over the years & 4
different TV shows
Honourable member of the Business Woman’s Forum. I was
awarded the prize as best chairperson of the year nationally for greatness and
growth in the area that I run as Chairperson.
8.       I was the principle owner and trainer of
several modelling schools for 18 years.
History was made – I am the first woman who founded and
organized a Youth Leadership project in schools in the city of SA – with
invitation rights to have seats in Youth Parliament. Have done this for 2
years and had the privilege to have a
voice to speak in Youth Parliament – this was a Leadership project in Secondary
schools in Tshwane (Pretoria).

I have met and worked
with great people, such as the Executive Mayor of Polokwane;  the first Lady of Limpopo;  the Speaker of National Assembly;  three crowned Miss. S.A.’s;  the Minister of Education in Gauteng
2015, Panyaza Lesufi;  the editor of
the National Rooi Rose magazine; 
the editor of another national magazine Finesse. I was on stage
speaking to 1000 people and on platforms speaking to 30 people. I do
belief that the best yet has to come.

I thrive on Hope,
I am tenacious and have a lot of determination.
Changing lives – I
have been doing this since I can remember and still strive to do so. I belief
this is why the project Difference Makers Int. S.A. came to me.
Faith – I am a woman of strong faith. I
put God first in all I do and I believe that with God, nothing is impossible
and God has granted me many successes and lives experiences. God was with me
always, how can I not belief this.
Integrity –I am principled and adhere to
values in all I do in my professional and personal life. I belief love, peace,
forgiveness starts at home.
Excellence – In what I had done
for 20 years: coaching, training, speaking to many people in large or small
events – I aimed for the highest standard and quality in everything from myself
and all those around me. I am more relaxed, I belief this is true after 25
years of excellent service, to do what I belief in but to be more relaxed, more
forgiving and to allow flexibility in my life and in the lives of others. It is
a good place to be. Excellence in me will never disappear, it is in my blood.
and truth

These are two values that counts in my books.


Since I was at a young age, I ran whereto I could
follow Jesus. I had found safety, warmth and love with Him since then. This
never went away. I was a loner when it came to church and serving Christ at
home and in my family. Nobody at home ever forced Godliness on me, it was in
me. I was His follower since forever. Although I had wondered off sometimes, I
had always found and followed Him again. His presence in my life is a life-long
story and along my journey had I found that it had of the greatest and most
profound influences in my life.  Another person of great influence
was my dad. He always was a strong, good looking man with a strong, sporty body
and had cared much about his physique. He had overcome one of the most difficult
journeys in his life as a young man at the age of 16 years when he had to leave
everything behind after the Second World war to go and find a life for himself
in another country. This amazed me and as I had grown in years I started to
understand how a big sacrifice he made by leaving his family behind, as well as
his youth. My husband is a great man. I am who I am because of the challenges
in our lives together as a couple. He is a man of integrity and intelligence.
My boys always wants to learn from him, this never stopped. I adore his love
for nature, it suits my own love for animals and nature. He has a brave and
courageous heart and I will love to be with him until he had found his own
greatness to.
Potgieter –

Lorna had given me the chance of my life. We had worked together for a few
years as beauty pageants coach and mentors. She was crowned as the Miss. S.A.
in 1974. She introduced me to Sun International in 2010 because of her belief
in my skills and my professionalism. Her love, fairness and passion for the
game in beauty made me wanted to be like her.
Bridges –

Helice is the Founder of Difference Makers International, San Diego founded
since 1983. She still do this and is still very much involved with training and
coaching others. She gave me the chance of my life to appoint me as volunteer
manager at first and one year later as the Executive
Director for South Africa for Difference Makers
S.A. I had several interviews with her and after one year’s work she awarded me
the position as Executive Director for S.A. Helice got an award in 2005
– Gandhi Non-violence Award, 2009 Women Changing the World Award. Also had she
received recognition
along with Former First Lady Barbara Bush and Kareem Abdul Jabaar for raising
the self-esteem of children. She has spoken on the same stages as Vice
President Al Gore and The Dali Lama at the Environmental Earth Summit in Rio de
Janeiro. She has published her own book and her stories have been published in
Chicken Soup for the Soul, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work, Chicken Soup for
the Soul of America, Heart at Work and The Aladdin Factor. Helice is in her
70’s and still serves and influences the people of the world. Thirty four (34)
million Blue Ribbons was given out already and she is aiming for one billion to
be given out – Changing lives in a minute or less with the power of recognition.
Now I have the privilege in S.A. to do this and to work with her.  12 countries in the world has been taken part
so far in this heartfelt ceremony (The Blue Ribbon Ceremony).
Meyer –
I admire
her passion for God and resolve to impact lives with the Gospel of Christ. Her
life story intrigued me for long and still do. She never fail to tell the truth
and to let the truth set you free. I still follow her reality preaching and
teachings and have a few of her books on my shelf. This woman of substance has
taught me ‘Two Things’:  Never give up!
And Keep on Keeping on.
keep on Changing lives in a minute or less with the power of recognition
to let my very own personal touch with this project grow to something so big
that people will want to do this too – 
to Pay the Love forward with the Blue Ribbon saying: Who I am makes a
To be
part of the One Billion Movement and get partners here in South Africa to do
this too
. To let South Africans take part in the Global
Movement Changing Lives – the awareness of Changing Lives and to Pay the Love
forward with fellow South Africans. One of my biggest awareness programs
running is to Nominate/ and to get people being Nominated as Top 100 Difference
Makers – with this amazing message can we change lives and together we can make
a difference as much as we can and are able to.
To have the Blue Ribbon be translated in 3 more
languages here in South Africa
: North
Sotho; Zulu & Afrikaans. The Blue Ribbon has been translated globally into
11 languages.
To proclaim a Difference Makers day in S.A. Helice Bridges did this – March 2015 in America.
May this then bring awareness to this magnificent ‘tool’:  Igniting the Era of Acknowledgement
AND for more to become part of the One Billion Global Movement.
I am author and writer. I want to
finish the book I started writing in the Winter of 2015. I am very excited to
complete my first two books soon. This will include my own version (Helice had written her book about the
American society
) of Who I makes a Difference here in South Africa too – to
write about the Top 100 Difference Makers S.A. and events that took place,
mostly to write about the positivizes that came from it. It is a huge task and
I belief I will finish these two books soon.
I do not want to waste time – I truly
want to start biking with my husband. We both are adventurous enough to do
this. Together we did the Sani Pass at the Drakensberg, which is the highest
pass in Africa. I did deep sea diving in the Red Sea. I would love to spend
more time with my grandchildren. We leave a legacy behind and I would want them
to know me more and spend more time with me in the next five years. Until you
haven’t been a gran you will not know how grandchildren can change you. There
is nothing as pleasant and fulfilling as this amazing relationship. It is a
gift from above to be used, or to lose. I prefer to make use of every
opportunity I get to spend precious, valuable time with them.  This will give me the
opportunity to teach them about the
greatness and life lessons that I have had in my own life and to leave a legacy
behind with my loved ones.
I do belief that women can change worlds. Was it not
women who ended war? Was it not women who demonstrated in the past that with
love and greatness we all can live together in peace and harmony? Was it not
women who pleaded for mercy for the people in the land? I do belief that when
we as women can find our own worth, we will be able to share what we had found
to make the world a better place to be. This starts at home and is my nr. 1
rule about change. I encourage women to do as much as they can. To take on
challenges and to keep on keeping on and to never give up – this became my
motto in life and I do belief that I can spread this message for Love – to ‘Pay
the Love forward’. There are much more to learn from experience than from
absence, is it not?  Somewhere in this cycle
you will find your worth and your destiny. May I add to say, God created you,
you are not a mistake.
Reading the Bible, meditating, walking, doing a massage, enjoying
nature, bird watching and any kind of good music. Belief it or not, I am good
at making good food, great dishes and am a fantastic host, to me it is not a
job, it is pure pleasure, this is where I can let my creativeness let go, I
love to serve my family great food, as well as fun food. On a more serious note:
I am a anxious and active photographer, had no formal training, lots of
experience. I love to create beautiful stories with the photo’s I take. I love
to spend time with my friends and children. There is nothing like a good movie
and popcorn. Telling stories and writing stories makes me relax too.
MY   –   I.C.E.
I love to inspire, to motivate and to celebrate my worth and the worth
of others. I live by example and experience. I love to let the message of love
spread. It is a great tool for healing and finding worth in society. My mission
is to Share what I had found. To inspire and motivate those who needs healing
and forgiveness. I see women taking hands, working together in such a way that
men will never be able to do it. We give life to babies, we can give life to a
dying and hurting society. I will never stop to let women know how important it
is to Share your greatness, your testimony, your story. We all have a story to
share. There is so much to learn from one another. Almost every person I meet
and work with had a definite purpose in my life. I tend to say: “By knowing you
I now know more who God is”.


I had started a campaign Woman2Woman. I do belief that women together
can change worlds. Women influences the world. The power that women has to
positively influence a broken world and society is unstoppable and should be
inspired and forwarded. I do belief that the tool – the Blue Ribbon can Change lives.
One of the biggest needs for human beings are to be recognised, to get the
recognition they deserve, this act of love motivates
people to give more and to do more. (Quote: Stephen R Covey’s bestselling book,
Seven Habits of Highly effective people).
your worth, never stop to find this. Older, wiser women can teach the younger
women, there is so much wisdom in age and experience. Women who share and
support each other goes a long way, it is like the honey bee that goes to the
flower – your greatness will draw others to you. Jealousy and envy takes you
nowhere, it only keeps you busy in a cycle of insecurity and unworthiness. Life
happens, this will never end. Be strong, be courageous. We need to make peace
with who we are, with our own uniqueness and talents and I would like to keep
on reminding women to know that there is a place for all of us in this world,
the sun will shine upon you if you will just get out and go
and find it. Be open to change. Change is important. Understand that we
all make mistakes, if you can learn from your mistakes and not make them again,
it is a good start. Carry a note book
because good ideas have a tendency of sneaking up on us, of the best ideas I
had founded, came from quick notes. Eat, love & pray!  Society teaches us that eating is another
guilt trip. Take time to help at least one person at a time. I believe we all
have something to give; be it time, knowledge, ideas, love, smiles, food,
clothes, etc. May we as women share our
substance and may we make sure that no child goes to bed hungry.

I believe
that my calling for life is to ‘GIVE’ what I have found by SHARING experiences of wisdom in my own
Let we as women dare to SHARE
our stories, we all have a story to SHARE. Be Real. Be who you were born
to be. My deepest intention
by SHARING is that you too will be
able to ‘find’ yourself.