Dear Mum,
About this time in 1939 on the 4th of March,
an Amazon was born; her paths could not be determined however the circumstances
that contended against her accentuated the seeming role she would play. Born to
the Royal Family, she lost her mother at a tender age, and living in a
polygamous palace must have influenced her thoughts and primed her to always
take the COW by the HORN.  Indeed, she
thronged through without fear or favour by distinguishing herself whilst
at the teacher’s college to her sojourn to the United Kingdom where she had to
take on all kind of menial jobs and got impeccable and sterling education which
further led her to the Corporate World
she remained undaunted and unrelenting in her quest to make giant strides and was
poised to leave an indelible mark. 
Fondly called BETTY – short for Elizabeth
– she braced life as a queen, a tigress and a giver. As a queen she
led a life in a class of her own – she defined her style – her rules – her
plans in tandem with her God given purpose. 
As a tigress, she navigated
the corridor of the corporate world rising to the peak of her career at a time
when the male domination of the top management in Africa was the norm and women
were perceived as weak. She gave herself
to her community, church, children which were not limited to her biological
Having been nurtured by this Phenomenal African Woman – I cannot but
honour other women who exude these traits. It became clearer to me that she was
a pointer to my reality. She gave me hope, She taught me how? And Why? She
inspired me with her fearlessness, her strength which in her heydays were
second to none. She raised us as a single mother and ensured we had more than
those who had the privilege of both parents. My Mother, stood always by me even when I did the seemingly
impossible and irritating things that would bring shame to anyone, she cared
for me even when it was her last, she gave me a legacy teaching me enterprise, investments, social impact and enabled me to see the future through computing. She raised me as her
handbag depositing in me all that mattered and were essential.
Today she is frail and sick, old age has
set in …… a shadow of herself. But the light she lit cannot be quenched……. My
mother is a mother. 

I celebrate you today
Betty Olufunmilayo Bakare [Adepoju] nee
– you are my inspiration, with you I stand tall, you empowered me
and enabled me to birth great things, ideas and vision. You are indeed

You son,

Taiwo Adepoju
Phenomenal African Woman Foundation