I am
Mireille Toulekima the Founder and Managing Partner of the Oil and Gas
Consultancy MT Energy Resources located in Perth Australia. I grew up in Gabon
and in France and worked worldwide. I earned a Bachelor of sciences from ISERPA
(Institut Supérieur de recherche en Production automatisée) in France and a
graduate diploma in Applied Management from the Global school of Applied
Management in Australia.

becoming an Entrepreneur, I had an accomplished career in various technical and
leadership roles with assignments in Africa, Europe, South East Asia and
Australasia working for majors and medium oil and gas companies on important projects
worldwide. A sought after speaker at conferences on Local Content and
sustainable development, diversity and women leadership and empowerment in the
oil and gas industry worldwide. I am the proud author of a book entitled “Local Content Key Enabler for Oil and Gas
projects in Emerging Markets”
published in December 2015. The book is a
must read for any potential investor interested by the developing and emerging
I am
also a strong philanthropist. I recently founded the non-profit organization
“Energy Angels Foundation” to reach out and sponsor under-privileged girls in
Africa to study subjects related to the oil and energy sectors in the best
schools and institutions worldwide.
I was
named a VIP Member of Worldwide Who’s Who for excellence in Petroleum
Engineering and Management in May 2012. Since March 2015, I am a Global Tech
Leader as part of the Global Tech Women project. I speak several foreign
languages of which Fluent French, conversational Spanish and Malay and basic
I am a
member of the Society of Petroleum Engineer (SPE), The Oil and Gas Council, the
Australian Institute of Management (AIM), the Australian Institute of company
Directors (AICD), the Australian Women’s Network (AWN), Women On Board
Australia (WOB), the Institute of Directors Southern Africa (IoDSA), the global
professional women’s Network Ellevate, The Women Information Network (WIN) and I
also contributes to a number of South African Women leadership groups. I am a seasoned
public speaker, a seasoned coach & mentor and a strong advocate for
diversity, women advancement, leadership and development in the oil and energy

Integrity is the heart of my
character. Everything I do and think is based on values rather than personal
gain. For me it is about doing the right thing even when no one is watching.
Integrity gives me confidence. There can be no confidence without integrity.
Integrity has been the essence in every success in my life. It has made me
fearless. My greatness lies in my integrity. Integrity is all in my life.
I am a life long learner. My
experience of learning has been exceptional. Learning has been a key ingredient
in my success. By learning I’ve acquired valuable knowledge and skills. The
capacity to learn is an outstanding gift. The ability to learn is a skill and a
treasure that follows me everywhere. What I like with learning is the fact that
nobody can take what I’ve learnt away from me. Learning has given me power
beyond measure and made me unstoppable in a way. When you develop a passion to
learn, no one can stop you and you never cease to grow. Learning has definitely
been one of the key ingredients for success and unlimited growth in my
Authenticity is crucial for me. I fought all my life
to keep my authenticity and not trade it for approval or to please others. For
me if you are your authentic self, you have no competition because there is
only one you! What I realized through experience is that you attract the right
things and the right people when you have a sense of who you are. By being
authentic, I’ve been able to be free, express myself and be fearless in
everything outstanding I’ve accomplished in my personal and professional life.
The reason being that by being authentic, I was real, I was myself and I could
face anything without fear. At the end of the day, my authenticity has been my
strength. That’s my power!
1- My family has had the greatest
and most profound influence on me.  I’ve learnt the values of Integrity,
honesty, hard work, solidarity, determination and authenticity from my parents,
brothers, sisters, uncles and tutors. I grew up in a very diverse cultural
environment and I met people of different backgrounds in my life. Diversity has
always been a big part of my life and it is embedded in me. My beauty, my strength
and my power lie in Diversity. Diversity and emotional intelligence have helped
me adapt to changes, face numerous personal and professional challenges and
accomplish amazing things.
2- The other key influence in my
life has been reading Raymond Holliwell Book entitled “Working with the Law“. Holliwell in this book tells us that there are no
progress without change and no growth without renewal. There must be a constant
stream of new thoughts, better and truer thoughts to inspire progression in
life. From this book I realized the importance of thoughts and came to the
conclusion that human beings problems are mental by nature. They have no
existence outside of themselves. But most of all I realized that I was
responsible for what I am and have power to control my circumstances. By using
this power I can create more circumstances necessary for my upward climb,
success and prosperity.
The people who have impacted me in different aspects
of my life are:
1- My dad
My Father pass away in 1995 but he is always in my
heart. He was a true visionary and always stressed to me the importance of
education and instilled in me the importance of truth, integrity and reaching
for the starts.
2- Nick Vujic
Nick is
an Australian Christian evangelist and motivational speaker who has a rare
congenital disorder called Tetra-Amelia Syndrome. He was born without limbs.
This did not deter him to live an inspirational and intentional life full of joy,
happiness and truth. When I met Nick in person in Johannesburg at the 2014 National
Achievers, what impressed me the most was his compelling sense of joy and peace.
After our meeting and after hugging him, I was inspired and touched forever.
Since then I promised myself to live a life of determination, hope, joy and
truth and become a miracle and a blessing to the world. Too often, we allow
circumstances to define who we are. These moments spent in the presence of Nick
resulted in me better appreciating what I have. Now instead of complaining
about what I lack, I appreciate what I have and live intentionally with
3- Martin Luther King
Martin Luther King has had a
great influence in my life and the way I respond to challenges. I was inspired
by his spiritual strength, his non-violence philosophy, his integrity and his strong
mind in his fight against racism and actions to end spiritual poverty and bring
peace in the world. His voice resonates inside me in time of great challenges.
Looking forward in the next 5 years, I
intent to position myself as an authentic leader who empower young women to
embrace careers in the oil and Energy sectors. I also would like to increase my
sphere of influence worldwide and take up challenges to contribute to the
growth of the energy industry and advocate for diversity and women empowerment
through my company MT Energy Resources and my nonprofit organization Energy
Angels foundation.
 There are enormous challenges facing African women but for me
the main ones are the limited access to education and the poor retention of
girls in school and the economic exclusion and financial systems that
perpetuate discrimination.
Through my foundation Energy Angels, I commit to create more
opportunities for young women to get educated in the best schools and
institutions worldwide, to empower them to become competitive and rise in
position of leadership and authority in male dominated industries. This will
increase their economic power and alleviate discrimination.
I read or spend time in nature alone
African women should be inspired,
celebrated and empowered by their achievements. They hold a very important
position in the African society. They are the backbone of Africa and they
should be proud of it and celebrate it with confidence.
I would seek to occupy a portfolio that tackles the education of
young adults. I am passionate about educating the young generation.  A great education is the greatest gift you can
give to have an impact in any community. The following quote from Nelson
Mandela quote said it all: “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use
to change the world”
Be bold. Be brave
and be you. Live by the rules that are described in my second book (to be
published in July 2016) entitled  “ 12
rules for building an outstanding life”:
1- START WITH GREATNESS IN MIND. Desire to be great with obsession and conviction! Greatness
is a choice.
2- HAVE FAITH. Believe you can have an outstanding life. Count your
blessings and be grateful for what you are and what you have.
3- CREATE A VISION AND OWN IT. Commit totally to your vision. Visualize its accomplishment
and see it materialize.
4- TAKE ACTION AND HAVE A STRATEGY. Go after exactly what you want. Create your plan, put the
plan into action and follow through with persistence. Don’t stop until you get
what you want.
5- ACQUIRE SPECIALISED KNOWLEDGE. Education is the power of an empower life. Knowledge is
power. It is the new currency.
6- GO THE EXTRA MILES. Do everything to the very best of your ability. Do more
than you are asked. Always put the best craft on the table.
7- CREATE A MASTERMIND ALLIANCE. Surround yourself with the best people who share your
8- HAVE A 360 DEG NETWORK. Your network is your net worth!
• Network “UP” with people who are more senior, experienced and influential
than you are. These people can become your mentors or future sponsors
• Network “DOWN” with people who are more junior than you. These people can
serve as reverse mentors and help you to be innovative
• Network “ACROSS” with peers who work in the same or different industry/field
as you do.
. Having a supportive partner is very
important for success. Love and romance are key emotions capable of driving a
person to heights of super achievement.
10- HAVE A POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE. Master positivity and dismiss negative emotions.
Concentrate on solutions not problems.
11- COMMUNICATE WITH EXCELLENCE. Everything in life is about communication. When you open
your mouth, you tell the world who you are.
. Get out of the sea of sameness into
the Island of individuality.