My name is Kamwa Ngandimoun Esther Aude, I am the co-founder and President of Stand-up African Youth an association
out to inspire, empower, educate and guide the young Africans; preparing them
to face the challenges of life to be agents of development for our continent. I believe
in the development of our Continent and I know that every individual has an
important role to play in this development therefore it’s important for
everyone to Stand up and work together for achievement of this endeavor. 
I was born and raised in Cameroon,
Central Africa. I am passionate
about finance, entrepreneurship, volunteering, and community services. I
love being at the service of others, reading, writing, culinary arts, jogging
and logic games. My career goal is to be in 2035 the youngest female president of
the African Development Bank which will enable me to setup finance and economic
strategies that will boasts the African economy thereby making significant
contribution to global economy.
I am currently a senior year student in
Banking and Finance at the Catholic University Institute of Buea where I am the
Founder and President of the Banking and Finance Students Association,
“Banker’s league” with a vision to positively
Impact the financial system of our communities by empowering professional
servant leaders with ethical, moral and spiritual values.
Faith in God
is the beginning of Wisdom. Faith is a very powerful force. I have Faith in God.
Optimistic. I am a very positive person in life, I know that
everything God does is good so I always look for the best in every situation
and I focus on it. Being optimistic makes me a solution provider.
Love is very important virtue in every woman’s life. As a
woman it is vital to be able to give and receive love. Personally, I think that
love consist of accepting and respecting each other.


My parents have had the greatest and
most profound influence in my life. The person I am today is thanks to them. My
parents have always been there, they showed me love, taught me how to respect
and forgive myself and others, incubated in me moral and ethical values which
guide and act like a bedrock in my life. I am so proud to have them as parents.
Dr. Amani is a Phenomenal
African woman who has inspired me so much. She passed through so many
difficulties her life but she never gave up on her dreams. She stocked on to
her vision and attracted success on to herself.
Rev. Father George Nkeze is the
President and Pro-chancellor of the Catholic University Institute of Buea.
Since my freshman year, Father Nkeze has empowered me and added value in my
life. He taught us that leadership is about the person you are. Father George has
impacted the lives of many young people and leads by doing.
Jesus Christ is my
Guide; I try my best to live my life according to his teachings. He is an
example of Love, Sacrifice and Faith.
My vision in the next five years is to
be a wife and a mom. I will be an entrepreneur (have a finance consultancy firm
and a fast-food) and the association Stand-up African Youth will be implanted
in at least 8 African countries.
The person I always discuss with is my
best friend. His name is Emmanuel Ewang. He is like an Elder Brother to me.  He leads by doing, no matter the obstacles he
faces, he is not afraid to overcome them. He acts like a force that always puts
me on the right track and motivates me to work hard and to achieve my dreams.
Another person I discuss with is my
dad. He is an amazing person; he is always there to listen to me, shows me love
and encourages me in every step I take.
According to me, the biggest challenge African Women face today
is the poor mind set. Many women don’t believe in themselves, they don’t have
dreams or visions. Women are scared about what the society will think, they are
not bold enough to take their lives in their hands.The contribution I bring to this problem is the empowerment of
women through a Magazine I created named Casha.

When I have some free time, I read a book, I write my book,
watch motivational videos, or spend time with my friends.
MY   –  
Every woman needs to be inspired and empowered because an
inspired and empowered woman is like a captain of a ship on a rough sea, she
has specific destination, and she is prepared to overcome any obstacle she
might come across. When she takes the lead and sail towards her destination,
she has to be celebrated.
If I have the privilege to work with
the African Union I will seek to occupy the responsibility of girls’
empowerment. This is because i believe that young girls will determine the
future of are our continent. If they are well educated and encourage to believe in themselves they can change the world.
The advice I have for African Ladies
across all sector and spheres is that; the ladies should know that real beauty
comes from inside, they have to believe in themselves and be instruments of
love for the world and humanity.