My name is
Bogolo Kenewendo. I am from a small and remote village in Botswana. I grew up
in Botswana and have studied around the world (University of Botswana, Pitzer
college, Tor Vergatta and University of Sussex at one stage or the other). Im a
PROUD African living in Ghana at the moment.
I’m a believer in living according to one’s
definitions, standing out and using your voice for humanity. I’m a youth, women
empowerment activist, the list can be longer because there are so many causes
to fight for in this world.  It is for
this reason that we founded Molaya Kgosi Trust which runs a women leadership
and mentorship programme which will be turning 5 years this year! Incidentally,
this marks 5 years since I lost my sister a month before we launched Molaya
Kgosi; it is a sweet and sour moment for me.
I have been so blessed to hold and or run several
high level positions and projects in Botswana including being part (and at a
point chairing one) of the President of Botswana HE SKI Khama’s Private Public
Dialogue structure, the High Level Consultative Council; a PPD structure aimed
at addressing the challenges of the private sector in Botswana.
I am an alumni of several prestigious programmes
including; the Foreign and Commonwealth Office International Leaders Programme
2016 cohort designed to forge links and build cooperation with international
leaders from around the world, and to offer them
a unique insight into the UK; A variation of the US President Obama’s YALI for
Young Women Leaders 2011 cohort; and I am a Chevening Scholarship alumni
2012/13 group.
Humility- The fuel to success. When you remain humble, those who can help
you open doors, break glass ceilings and break barricades are more willing to
do that with you. HUMILITY gives you a big ‘shadow’, earns you respect.
Optimistic- I really believe in the power of remaining optimistic even
when it seems the deck is stacked against you. I surround myself with a thick
layer of an impermeable bubble of positivity and optimism.
Awareness- mainly because I think this is such a broad word that
encompasses all the teachings of life. When you are aware, you remain present
during your journey in life. It actually becomes a journey and not just a
transit point. Awareness is also important when it comes to dealing and
advocating against the injustices we face.
God. Like many Batswana, My name is derived from a
sentence ‘Bogolo jwa modimo’ which means ‘The Greatness of God’; my parents
used my name to mold me, saying that at all times I should exemplify the
‘Greatness of God’. That challenged me and most of the time when I hear my
name, I get that extra burst of energy I need.
I have several individuals that are my role models
and it was hard to select 3. 
Dr Gaositwe Chiepe because she is the mother of go
getters in Botswana. She blazed trails and with her work, changed many dreams
from being simple subsistence farmers to literally anythingelse in the horizon.
I love her
Dr Keith Jefferis because he decided to give me a
chance, throw me in the deep end and helped me grow into the person I am today.
Plus, now living and working outside my country, I have a greater appreciation
for what he must have gone through as a foreigner in Botswana before he became
a citizen and that is quite inspiring.
My mother simply because she is. She has managed to
deal with a stubborn child. Has survived strokes, survived losing a child in
front of her eyes and was never afraid to explore opportunities when given a
chance. Even when all seems lost to her she rises and conquers, because that’s
what she is, a conqueror!
I have started my working on continental and
international aspirations; I will be a much more ‘wholesome’ Economist,
development professional and person. The chickens are only just
laying the eggs now and I prefer not to call it too early. 
My friends are my accountability managers; they
dream so big I would be foolish not to dream with them and on their level. I
think we inspire each other which is a very nice position to be in.
I have some mentors who have high expectations and they aren’t afraid to voice
their concerns when necessary.
is low representation of women in leadership and decision making positions
across the spectrum, which sometimes delays and limits girl’s ability to dream.
Furthermore, access to the women who are doing amazing things is quite limited
and that’s why we started Molaya Kgosi Trust.  We wanted to create a space for young women to
get mentored, to network and receive guidance. A space that hopefully will aid
our next batch of women leaders beyond their dreams. You can check out our work
at , @MolayaKgosi on twitter and Molaya Kgosi on Facebook.
am also part of Letsema Botswana which helps prepare women politicians for the
election year including on issues of fundraising, use of social media, creating
a network etc. On a personal note, I keep dreaming and doing and hoping that my
life serves as an inspiration to someone for them to dream higher and bigger
than me (and not in a competition sense).
meditate, I do yoga every other morning. I read every night to inspire a good
night sleep.
love wine, a tall glass of wine with a friend always does the trick. I
absolutely love travelling and a week or 2 awake, sometimes just a weekend is
enough to refresh me.
MY   –  
Empowering women is just good economics, welfare is
We need African women to be inspired, celebrated and
empowered because we and the rest of the world have forgotten who we are. We
are the fiercest and the descendants of some of the most powerful women in
history, the likes of Queen Mother of the Ashanti Nana Yaa Asantewaa , Empress
Candace and the Queen of Sheba, the list is endless! We should recall history
to build our present for the future. This is how we reaffirm ourselves and
regain our spaces.
I would work on the ratification of the Gender
protocol in the continent and the mainstreaming of gender issues such that they
stop being in a silo as if they don’t have linkages with everythingelse. The difference
between a man and a woman is opportunity and a history of discrimination. Let’s
provide to deal with both fronts; have women sit on trade negotiations, budget
allocations etc and ensure that the needs of the disadvantaged are addressed.
When I was 16 I came across this quote ‘As
individuals we have so much potential and to be really Humanist is to
strive to realize, in one lifetime, as much of that potential as we can’

found in a Jeaneane Fowler book humanism.
 I can
honestly say the reiteration of that statement, allowed me to push my perceived
limits. A reminder that your life is not in any box and that there are endless
possibilities of things you can do and what you can become if you exploited the
potential. I hope you find the same in it.