Princewill Utchay – an Image Advisor/Trainer, Speaker and Author,
with a keen desire to help executives, rising professionals, women and
entrepreneurs optimise their image through Etiquette, Image Consulting and
Personal Branding.
She is the
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of ARTELIER Lifestyle, an Etiquette and
Image consultancy.
The words Faith, Integrity and Unique
resonate with me because my Faith in God is the foundation that has
shaped and continues to shape me. 
Faith lifts you above limitations to a
place where you believe nothing is impossible. 
Integrity is crucial for me because I need to
win the trust of those whom I already work with or would like to. My dealings
must be transparent and honest and my satisfaction comes from knowing
that I am giving my best to them, not compromising standards in any
As a Personal Brand Strategist, I believe in
the power of differentiation. It truly bothers me when people elect to copy
other people blindly – be it their concepts, methods or execution etc without
taking time to find out their own value or strengths or whatever makes them
special. Everyone has so much to give; it is a pity to ignore your own gift,
and blindly seek to clone another’s. Uniqueness is definitely important to me.
Again, my Faith has profoundly influenced my
world view. My relationship with God grounds and fulfills me. I see the Bible
as a complete book with answers to everything from business to marriage,
careers, conflict resolution, financial strategy, whatever you require, the
Bible has an answer for it that ensures a successful outcome.
My late father passed onto his children a
sense of fairness and integrity. By his own lifestyle he taught us to live
uprightly, look out for other people, and value a good name above all
Apart from him, I am sensitive to the admirable
qualities in the many different people I encounter on a daily basis. I believe
one can learn something unexpected if one is paying attention. 
My goal is to achieve (or exceed, God
willing) all the medium-term i.e. 3-5 year goals I have set for myself and my
business..(smile). On the work front, accountability is of course key. So for
instance, Management’s updated vision is always clearly posted for the Team to
see and gauge. On a personal level, I do not have an accountability partner per
se although I do believe in the merits of having one; I do have written,
time-based goals which I review from time to time. I write everything down.
Self confidence and a strong, positive
image are requisite for success in any endeavour and it is not just African
women but women the world over. 
In my work as an Image Advisor, I encourage
women to develop Executive Presence, exude credibility through their
appearance, behaviour and communication and build a premium Personal brand. The
failure to build a personal brand is recognised as one of the ways in which
women sabotage their success. The way you project yourself goes a long way
towards influencing people’s attitude towards you and your cause. 
As an Image Advisor and Personal Brand Strategist,
I help women develop authentic brands that leave their communities in no
doubt about the value they render.
I consider my close relationships my most
precious assets, and appreciate every moment spent with family and
close friends. I love dining out, travelling, tennis (I support Rafa Nadal
through highs and lows) and I am an avid reader. 
MY   –  
All women but particularly the African Woman
should definitely be inspired, celebrated and empowered because for so long we
have contributed so much value without due recognition or compensation. 
I do not know of any great man who has not
benefitted from the love, sacrifice and unflinching support of a woman to get
where he is. Strong women should be recognised for the life bearers and nation
builders they are, and given the platform to do much more. Their voices should
definitely be heard.
If I had the privilege to work in the Africa
Union, I would definitely seek to occupy any position that would champion more
women becoming involved in policy making – especially related to women issues –
and implementation. Women’s issues – education, health, security etc – need to
be kept on the front burner and accorded the importance, even urgency they
require, and this is best achieved by putting women in positions that involve
actual decision making. 
Let’s stand together as one; respect,
inspire, celebrate and empower one another. There is strength in unity and
numbers. We must step up and speak out and keep speaking until we see the
changes or results we seek.