Kigha a Journalist/coach/blogger with a career which spans over 10 years in the
journalism, event management and Public Relations field.
started her career in 2004 as public relations consultant for the Educative,
event management & Services Industries. Services include; marketing &
advertising    campaign design and
implementation, product image & positioning, product launch, conference and
seminar organization. In 2007 my career morphed into broadcast journalism
taking on a full time job in the broadcast journalism field as a radio news
caster and talk show host for the first ever private radio station established
in my country RTM 106fm (Real Time Music)
is a thematic radio station that covers for the most part entertainment news. 
Incorporating all of my Passion, multidisciplinary/ multi tasked ability, with
an eye for innovation and detail; i was head of the English news desk and as
the company grew to include a Television station LTM TV in 2009, i was equally
part of the initial team of staff hired. I doubled as the editor in chief for
the TV news desk (the youngest in Central Africa then). In 2011 i accepted the
challenge of setting up and managing a Christian radio station, armed with good
experience in organization, management, marketing, and a solid team, Christ FM
was born.
While working as a free-lance
journalist and media and promotions planner, i developed a passion for personal
brand and development and management. I founded Kara Communications where
entrepreneurs, professionals, job seekers etc are inspired and trained to STAND
OUT from the crowd and emerge as experts in their various fields. Passionate and compassionate to inspire learning
individuals especially women to unlock their potential, using holistic and
innovative methods, through a unique combination of caring communication and
collaboration, I strive to inspire professionals, entrepreneurs, job seekers
etc not to leave their personalities at the door but to clearly communicate
their unique value, raise their visibility by connecting with their true selves
and successfully realize their career and personal goals. I use my enthusiasm,
forward thinking, and passion for self-direction to help clients identify their
uniqueness and use it to and take control of their careers and lives.
There is something about connecting with people that i love… Its great
getting to see people have ah-ha moments. It’s one of the main reasons i do
what i do. After working for more than 10 years in broadcast journalism, media
communications, public relations and event management, I discovered there is
fulfillment and success in living purposefully.
I am
also the coordinator of SHINE a LIGHT Africa, a budding campaign aimed at
providing our amazing communities with hope & inspiration as well as
support to victims and victors of different situations and circumstances. We
aim at bring about groundbreaking advances and solutions in different fields.
We are inspired by the stories of victors and survivors and their families. So
that at the end of the day we can all be inspired to hope again.?
I equally volunteer as media and promotion
planner for CANEM consulting, CANERPA, A New World Altogether, all humanitarian
organizations in Cameroon that strive to make a difference in our communities.
hold a B.Sc. (hons) in Journalism and Mass Communication, certified Personal
Brand Facilitator, (diplomas) in marketing, leadership, theology, Marriage and
Family Education.
Passion:  “Light yourself on fire with passion
and people will come from miles to watch you burn.” ? 
describes everything I am. I learnt you cannot make a difference unless you do
the things you are passionate about. I believe an extraordinary life is one
that lives out its passion and purpose. When you discover what you were cut out
for life becomes a journey of exploit where the little steps you take grow to
become the change your community needs. In this part of Africa, you may not
survive the challenges life offers when you step out if you don’t truly love
what you do. I knew and still know it is not easy to bring about change but I
am kept ablaze by the unending passion that fuels me from within!
Purpose: “Who am I? Where did I come
from? Why am I here on earth? The answers to this questions are found in the
Creator and not the creature. Destiny is what God has foreordained you to be.
Purpose is your ability to walk in it…” This is an excerpt of the book
“Burning with Purpose” by Dr Annie Smith that changed my life
forever. She brought me into a deeper understanding of the quality of the
choices i make and the resultant consequence which is living a fully, enjoyable
and abundant life! I believe a purposeful life, a life that is lived
intentionally is a life that will affect generations. That is the kind of life
I strive to live and inspire other women to as well.
Unique: “Do
not underestimate yourself by comparing yourself with others. It’s our differences that make us unique
& Beautiful” Of all the over 7 billion people on the face of the earth, there are no
two persons with the same finger print. We were each created unique with a
design tailor made to fit just us. Do not try to fit in a mold not meant for
you, rather explore, appreciate, embrace your uniqueness and make a difference.That was the most liberating lesson I learnt after years of trying to
fit in. Today I encourage others to embrace who they are in their differences
so as to make progress in life.
Jesus Christ:  Who else? Hahahaha
He brought me joy and peace. He showed me how
precious and worthy I am. I have a life that is free of worry, anxiety, and
fear, not to say they don’t come every day but he has me anchored in His love
and I am living free from any form of bondage.
 Who else
could have such an influence on my spirit, soul and body?
My Mother: She is the most open hearted and tenacious woman I
have ever met. Her simplicity, care, concern, largess amaze me every day. A
woman rejected by all her in laws yet she brought us all up not in hate but
taught us to be open hearted and love others. Today when people meet her they
tell me now I know where you take your character from. Train up a child in the
way he should go so that when he/she grows up they will not depart from it? My
mother did a great job with us and am grateful.
Dr Annie Smith: (Gospel Of Christ Ministries) This is a woman of
passion, dedication and commitment I am forever grateful I met her. Besides
being my spiritual guide alongside her husband, she has taught me so much only
eternity can tell. I have seen a woman sold out for a cause she believes in and
tirelessly put in all she is and has to see that the world becomes a better
place. A mother, wife, pastor, lecturer, CEO, she has never for once in all the
years I know her, ben deterred by any obstacle. I draw inspiration to move on,
to pursue purpose because she is the light in my path.
Susan Hodgkinson: (The personal Brand Company) this is an amazing personal
brand expert God placed in my path. At a moment when I was asking questions
about how to go about being an influence in my community, she came and offered
to train and lead me free of any cost. Something that would have cost me
thousands of dollars, I got it free and much more. She teaches me every day
that is more blessed to give than to receive. And I am looking forward to give
and give and give of myself even if it is just for one person!
The next 5 years:
progress with my vision of inspiring women through the ‘shine a light campaign.’
launch a series to train more women in my community through a “Lunch and Learn
program” on practical tips to improve their lives and careers and empower them
to take the word out and inspire others to dare to dream and be the change they
desire to see.
do have accountability managers and friends with whom I discuss and share my
dreams and visions and they are like the road checks on a journey. Always there
to keep me focused and remind me of the purpose of it all.
and get married of course!
 Wrong or
false identity; I believe African women are still victims of identity crisis
that has kept them subject in life and in their minds to the supposed norms of
our societies. If every woman were to know she is a world of wealth with so
much to offer based on her multi-tasking strength it will make a difference.
I lend my voice to any campaign that empowers the
woman, I train women on how to embrace your uniqueness and make the difference.
I am running a campaign of shining the light on women who have made a
difference, so others can be inspired to follow suit.
I watch TV. Even if I don’t follow what goes on most
of the time, the sound of it all makes me relax.  I also love to sing, it sooths my soul and
calms my nerves.
MY   –  
My ICE (inspired, Celebrated, empowered)
African women need to be heard, and to do that they
need people who can inspire them to speak up, encourage them to take steps
towards a much more better life and empower them to practically become the
change they desire to see. She has so much to offer that if they gave her an
opportunity to express herself, I believe our communities will be better, our
children will grow to become the leaders we desire to see.
A happy and fulfilled woman equals a blissful home
and society.
would love to be part of the training and education unit. I believe a woman
that is trained and empowered with knowledge on her identity and potential is
worth her weight in gold. I will love to offer them holistic self-empowerment
skills that can make them stand out and make a difference.
You are the change you want to see around you. You
have more than what you know to make a difference, do not underestimate
yourself and dare to dream and act. Take those baby steps, however insignificant
they may seem and see the ripple effect around you.
You are not just a woman, you are a mother, a
sister, a professional, an expert, a voice, a wife.. Do not trade it for
anything in the world. 
This is to your success and brilliant life!