I am Sadi Dikgaka. A young woman from Botswana aged 24. I am a person who believes in doing things that make you happy but also bring you peace. I am a television personality who loves the arts. I appreciate the fact that humans are different but I advocate for each and every one of us to celebrate the differences as opposed to them dividing us further.


Faith defined is complete trust or confidence in something or someone. I am a strong believer in our Lord Jesus Christ. I don’t believe that I would be where I am today without him. My faith has also helped me through my tough times. Some major challenges I have experienced such as depression, losing my grandmother, my friends, and most recently losing my brother.

Learning is always important especially since our lives keep changing day by day. Nobody ever knows a lot, so it is important for me to stay informed about what is around me some may be vital for avoiding tight situations others may present a revelation of opportunity.

I am a very optimistic individual who doesn’t like banter or grovelling over a mishap. I am solution oriented and believe that even at the worst of times, the best thing one can grasp is a lesson.


A woman. She is different, she is fascinating and I learn a lot from her in her diversity.


I have many I could mention but I will mention my primary role models.

My grandmother Martha Kgosidintsi was a woman of valour who emphasised on you reaching your greatest potential in life regardless of the challenges because you have inborn power no one can take away from you. I admired the way she held her head up high. She also taught me that my faith in God is what will take me through whatever it is I am going through.

My mother Botho Dikgaka is the epitome of a strong woman. She is bold and confident. I look at what she has done for herself and I am proud of her. She is sound counsel for many women around her. She is a level headed and fair person who sees the beauty of people regardless of the differences between them. She makes me want to take a step further to empower more women.

My sister Tebatso Tlogelang is a force to be reckoned with in the financial industry. However her professional career is not the only thing that inspires me, but it’s the tenacity she has when she has decided on doing something. Many of us are intimidated by trying new things but she has a many a times brought me to order so that in the end I do not regret not trying.


I have a few acquaintances who are helping me develop my idea. In 5 years I should have established a platform for people to make themselves better. We walk around with burdens on our shoulders not knowing that we need and deserve peace of mind. I strongly believe that without peace of mind, you will not be able to fully reach your true self.


Any woman will go through a time where they are unhappy with themselves. Body image, self-esteem issues, just to name a few. I believe that if someone is taught from a young age that who they are or what they embody is enough we will not have to go through the horrible things like body shaming one another or speaking ill of another person. That is the reason why I strongly believe n SKY Girls BW, a sisterhood for teen girls where they stay true to themselves and what they believe in. I have been involved with SKY since the year of establishment.


I love reading and writing. So whenever I can I will crack open a book to either read or write. I also enjoy singing and dancing. Music is the quickest remedy for me after a hectic day.


We still live in societies where showing advancement or being in sync with what is current can be deemed as shunning your culture or your roots. It is important that African women see that it is okay to flourish, it is acceptable to have dreams and goals achieve them and be celebrated. A woman is a special being who should not be afraid to break the mould. Empowering each other will teach our daughters and granddaughters that nothing is impossible.


We currently have a case where a 16-year-old girl is pregnant and the father of the expected child is a leader in her community.
With that said I would like to advocate for the female children that are still afraid to voice out that they are being taken advantage of. This would involve educating them about types abuse and providing support for them to voice out of the ills.


Dear African Woman,
You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are bold. Never for a second doubt the power you possess or the influence you have. Go into the world with the plans and goals you have and give them a chance to come into existence. Ignore the naysayers, ignore the demoralising vices. Go ahead and be who and what you need to be.
I believe in you.
I trust you.
I love you.

There is absolutely no limit unless you place it before yourself. Let’s do it together so our daughters can flourish.