Kearoma Rantao is my name; I am an
Afro Jazz Musician from Botswana, Co-founder of the Women and Girl’s Corner,
One of the Founders of Women and Jazz Botswana Ensemble, Member of the Kalahari
Roses Band (Ensemble) which is a collaborative musical project of German, Irish
and Batswana musicians. Botswana Musicians Awards winning Best Afro Jazz, Best
Female and Best Packaged award winner call me a Botswana’Afro’Sensation. Also a
nominee at Afrimma Awards 2014, at Best Female Southern Africa. Also a whole
proud mother at 38 years of age who has just began her journey of success in
AWARENESS: they say awareness
allows us to get outside the mind and observe it in action. It really helps me
to know what happens around me, to know how are relate with my environment, the
safety of the people, freedom of choice and of speech. I always have to deal with
situations when they arise that alone helps me to share my story with others
and thus making them aware too. We all have to be ready always for what comes,
and probably see it before it comes too. That in itself is your guard.
HOPE: ‘Hope is like a road
in the country, there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the
road comes into existence’, It keeps you going, it keeps you alive, I always
appreciate myself when I believe in something. It’s a fuel , you need it along
to make it to your destined world. Without hope you are hopeless, hopelessness
in itself is failure. I am not one, I will walk my way with my head held high
because I believe I was meant to do this, for what I achieve I share with others.
My kids need more than just a mother but a strong willed full of character and
hopeful one, remember we are their mirrors.
OPTIMISTIC:  Hey, whoever said we were meant to fail? I
don’t believe in that thing… if it was not meant to be it won’t be, but always
look on the brighter side because that your lead. Maintain it, be optimistic,,
I always am because I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’m on my
way there, just a matter of time and we are getting there.
My Children, I had my first daughter
just after my high school and that almost got me lost as I could not believe it
happened to me. You are faced with fear, regret, hate, confusion and blaming
yourself for making that mistake. It means first of all that your dreamland is
invaded, it’s a challenge and a big change in a girl’s life, I was only 20 and
it didn’t feel right. I questioned myself more than I could question anyone.
But I woke up one day next to her and all I knew was yeah, now it’s time to
prove me wrong. My life changed forever, I started looking the other way, Love
is blind they say. When I found myself in that life now, things started
becoming hard, I know I’m not the one to give up cos I had a dream and nobody
and no one would come and obstruct my way, I geared up, looked at these pretty
innocent faces and all I saw was ‘Mom, we believe in you’, ‘Mom you are the
only one to walk us on,’. They are full of love and a good example to me and my
lead. I realized I have more than I knew, I was fueled, and I stood up and here
I am, fighting my way through. For them, and for the future of other children
out there.
As a singer, I followed from the
earliest days of my life, oh yeah, world acclaimed, from not soft beginnings,
she was a go getter, she did it and sang around the world, just a girl from
Prospect Township , in Johannesburg. The first African artist to popularize
African Music. She paved way for some of us, she was a mother and everything. I
feel I have something like her in me. I have a story to tell, of where I was
bred, but I feel where I am is not a platform to say it. But hey , music takes
us places, will get there . And meeting her personally was like a dream for me,
we clicked, I still remember her words and that was the reason I stood up and
went on that stage, grabbed a microphone and sang. Thanks to her a million
times, wherever she is resting.
What an angel ever to live in this
world, a giant. She has earned my respect through also dedicating her life for
children’s rights in 1994, President Clinton signed a bill into law that
Winfrey had proposed to Congress, creating a nationwide database of convicted
child abusers. I believe founding Women and Girls Corner Foundation too will
contribute towards these goals. And being an activist myself, and saying No to
abuse of Children and impregnating of girls by men while they are still in
School is one thing the government of Botswana should closely look at, My “Keep
her In School” Campaign will go on until someone gets the message and comes out
to support, we need to educate our children and not take advantage of them and
stop anyone who comes to destroys their future.
What more can I say about him ……. A
Champion Of Freedom, brought end to apartheid in South Africa, and continued to
advocate for human rights.  ‘Education is
the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. I learnt a lot
from his life, his words and his actions. Who would not?

What I see and where I see myself in
the next Five years is to have touched the lives of all the young girls who do
not know where they are going. The world out there is tough, is they ready to
ride on or are they just going to give up now because someone out there waits
to take advantage of their innocence. No, my music too should reach all corners
of the world and send the message. I have been managing myself for over 10
years now and do still look out for someone who would see me as a tool to the
success of our children out there. Where I am there are no record labels as in
other Countries so as I keep travelling the world and touring with hope to
strike that deal. Women and Girls Corner foundation is only about
four months old, our plan is to reach out to all the girl children in Botswana,
see a change in pass rates in our government schools, zero teenage pregnancy
dropouts from 470 each year as statistics indicate through our “Keep Her In
School Campaign” girl talk sessions. Together we can do this, make the world a
better place for everyone.
I feel African Women are not given a
chance to be themselves, they are oppressed, they are not free, they are owned
and controlled and lose themselves, yet they are caretakers and lifesavers ultimately
in their families both nuclear and extended. Women need to be empowered hence
the formation of my foundation, Women and Girls Corner, I am not going to sit
and watch our kids fail and perish and fall because the mothers were not being
recognized for the difference they bring to lives, the contribution they
continue to make in people’s lives, the future that they carry and bring to
this world. I’m not just gonna sit and not embrace the sight of our young girls
being made mothers at an age when they have to be I school. I’m not going to
sit and watch women be abused and lose their dignity and themselves at the
expense of the abusers. If a woman fails, the whole world fails.

Sing Loud Alone for me and pray.
MY   –  
Investing in Women and Girls is one of
the most effective ways of promoting development. Educate a girl, reap double
dividend. Women take care of their families that include their husbands, mother
and fathers, children and grand grand children. Women are key to the welfare of
their families and are life prospects of their children.
I would focus more on improving the
lives of women and girl children in Africa who need more skills, manpower,
intelligence and self-reliance, empowerment skills so not to leave anyone behind,
and that empowers everyone else. Educate a girl child, educate a woman, and
educate everyone else.
To our daughters, we have lived the
life, we have stories to tell, and my story might not be your story but
somebody else’s daughter’s story. That’s why I would share my story so that it
makes sense to someone else if not you and you can tell it to somebody else
too. And as I always preach, Africa is my home, your home. The principle here
is every elder is your parent, no matter what, have respect, exercise it you
will see the results. To my sisters I’m saying, hey, it’s more than what you
thought, you can only make it easier and desirable for you. You saw my steps, I
know yours, do not tremble, keep your head up, it’s just a matter of focus and
time then you  have it. Dream bigger than
I, dreams do come true. 
And my prayer is, if ever I become a
wife to anybody in my life, he should be a god given, my friend, a man I would
respect because he only just fully respects me too. To the wives out there,
keep being that phenomenal woman, the non-comparable, a woman of dignity and
worth not only to the world out there but to your family; do not forget to be
an inspiration to many out there. A blessing to all, Hello Aunty, you are the
shield, you are the refuge, you are the boarder, you are the savior, you are
everything. Be full and content, inspire.