Nkhensani Maluleke, from South Africa born in Mpumalanga province and my upbringing
was modeled in Limpopo province; I am 22 years old currently doing my 3rd
year in BA (Health Science and Social Services) specializing in psychological counselling. I aspire to be a
registered clinical psychologist one day in my own practice. I am having a
burning desire to publish my own book which will be the best achievement ever!
I currently run a blog the link is as follows , http://www.nkhensym.blogspot.com
to view my posts kindly click on “view my complete profile” I am passionate
about Christian content. I spend most of my time giving back to the community,
I give expecting nothing in return because when I reach out to others I reach driven
by a force from within. Volunteering is my habit I don’t do it occasionally.
Currently volunteering in various

to name a few I volunteer as a twitter moderator at @worldprayr and also as a
student counselor or rather a peer helper at the University of South Africa
(UNISA). I believe that we are all born with a purpose and once we are aware,
nothing can stop us for greatness to emerge in our lives.
Determination- In order to reach your desired goals
in life determination is required. You cannot fulfil your purpose in life
without determination. The journey to success is not always a smooth but yet
still any failures you encounter along the way should not be a permanent
traffic, push through it, it might be slow but you’ll surely get there. Be
patient it might not be comfortable but remember the greater things don’t
emerge from the comfort zones.
Humility- I cannot live this life alone. I connect
with others especially those who are currently doing the field of my studies, I
learn and get insight to be aware on how to deal with situations which can be
present in my life. I always say communication is a companion of connection which
brings us back to Ubuntu which means “ we are who we are because of other
Purpose- One’s purpose is their calling and one’s
calling is permanent regardless any situation. I believe if you are called to
do something you will always execel and do it with passion. But the most
important thing is, we don’t have to sleep on our calling. We must sharpen it!
Whatever skill you have work on it to always deliver the best!
I am my
own influence. I am the nucleus of my own life! What I encounter in life is the
product of my decisions. I am responsible to things I choose to  focus on and things to ignore in order to
preserve my well-being.
mother is my first role model! I admire her strength, her selflessness and caring
nature. I am who I am today because of her. 
I also look up to Rolene Strauss
former Miss SA and Miss World 2014,I had an opportunity to meet her in 2014. She
is a Woman filled with passion and make use of it as a drive towards reaching
her success. She is passion filled. 
Lastly but not the least the late African
icon Nelson Mandela, emancipation emerged in South Africa because of his
bravery because of him I was born free and here I am today playing my part to
make a difference in other people’s lives.
facilitative center is something I am striving towards achieving. My community
will benefit from it massively. Pupils can use it for receiving assistance in
terms of homeworks or any academical quires. Matric students will be assisted
in terms of varsity applications and receiving career guidance to enable them
to make right choices. Also those who want to apply for jobs, can come through
to get assistance in terms of professional CV writing and interview tips. So
far I have not spoken to anyone else about it besides a friend of mine.
Lack of
self-confidence. Most women undermine themselves and this is something which
prevents the potential within them to be unfolded and used for a greater cause.
Until we are all confident in the decisions we make and ideas we have that’s
the time positivity through productivity will be transparent. I use words of
mouth and written words to encourage those who’s light has been dimmed due to
the negative thoughts of the mind.
breathing exercise always relief the tension. I inhale positivity and exhale negativity
then equilibrium will be reached. Listening to music, having a good laugh with
a friend or simply by just reading/writing.
One must be inspired to inspire. You must be
celebrated in order to be appreciated and that’s the way you’ll also have room
to celebrate those who deserve it. Empowerment is a weapon to fight any battle
dealing with negativity, through empowerment one must be in wait for a victory
transparent through positivity.
Working as a counselor /writer, I am passionate
about these two occupations and through them I always deliver the best. I
believe in the power of words to heal and positively change a life through spoken
or written words.
Africa is a continent full of potential. As you are,
you can, you will because it is possible to become what you want to be in life!
Unfold your potential, its within you. It takes only one thought shared amongst
other African women to make a positive impact! Let’s unite and make a