My name is Stephanie
Etieno Christian. I’m a 23 year old Business Graduate. I have a thing for
personal development, female empowerment and financial intelligence. I am a
young lady on a journey to make a difference domestically and internationally.
I chose excellence,
hope and passion because throughout my short time on earth I feel those
qualities or traits rather have kept me which I will explain further. When
looking at my academic journey I can openly say that I didn’t have it easy at all.
It wasn’t a question of not having the ability to read and articulate points
when asked to in class discussion or assessment there was just too much going
on at home. It is true that the home front determines a lot about how we
interact and perform outside. My emotional health was battered which seeped
into other parts of my life at a tender age. There came a time in life that I
had to make the decision to have hope and guard it with all my life, and
so when I got to college and started my BTEC Business National Diploma I chose
to have ‘Excellence’ as the standard. With loads of prayer, productive sessions
in the Library and pep talk in the mirror I left my college with   the equivalent of 3A*’s, not bad ayyy =].
Coming onto passion,
between my time in college and then university I realized that I had a thing
for motivation, it was absolutely infectious! I couldn’t contain the words of positivity;
I remember doing a lot of writing back then (early blogging days) with a focus
on keeping people as high as a kite when it came to motivation. It also became
more apparent that I had a passion for women, I would grieve with them, sympathize
with them and empower them as the opportunities would surface. It was and still
is my heart beat. I love the idea of coming into someone’s life at the early stages,
seeing them through as God enables me, assuming the role of a Confidant, Coach,
Clarifier, Catcher and Collaborator. It is a priceless experience and I
wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Oh my days I thought
you’d never ask; hmmmmmm we might just be here for a while *giggles*. Wow I am
always humbled when I look back at the divine appointment that happened in
October 2014 and March 2015. I encountered a woman that genuinely changed my life!
She is the definition of a SWEET MOTHER, a beautiful vessel onto honour, a
dynamic woman of God, a Leader, I call her a fierce coach because she really knows
how to confront you on the things that impede your ability to perform and outdo
past performances. This amazing woman goes by the name of Oluwatoyin Ajala.I
can’t thank God enough for her, she really took me under her wing and loved me
like her very own, she introduced me into womanhood and challenged me to do
better in every facet of my life. I could go on and on about her honestly. She
is such a blessing and I am just super honored to have her as my Mentor and
Role models. I hope
you guys have time (just kidding). I’ll start by saying that I never really had
a thing for titles like ‘role model’ growing up, not because I didn’t need them
but because I had a very pessimistic view of people, I was a complete closed book,
so seeking role models was completely ruled out.
Having said that
when I got older and began to deal with my trust issues I began to meet people
that were just a breath of fresh air. They were well balanced in character,
great company and their catalogue of achievement was enough to grab my attention.
Mrs Oluwatoyin
Ajala- She’s a role model because of her ability to envision and create even
when the ideas look like they’re beyond her reach. She is an academic, so
passionate about people no matter where or how she meets them .More than
anything she is a role model because she lives her preaching! Oh how easy it is
to preach one thing but live another. She’s makes the conscious effort to keep
it real and drop it like it hot!
Mr Francis-Yinka
Ajala- Well this particular man isn’t just a role model but a Father figure. He
is such a FATHER, the right doses of everything. He is my role model because of
his positive attitude target and purpose driven life. He is a man of action and
also a Radical for Christ. In this generation where men aren’t living up to
basic standards he supersedes them. Mr Ajala is just so awesome and definitely
gives me so many reasons to aspire and achieve.
Kanayo Dike-Oduah-Last
but not least Miss Dike-Oduah. Kanayo is just the role model and sister God
specially gave me four years ago. Our meeting at a youth event wasn’t by chance
it was ALL GOD. Kanayo is my role model because she is a living testimony of
what God can do when you yield to him. She is the author of the Bible
Challenges based on YouVersion, she is an unapologetic Daughter of Zion. A
seasoned psychologist hmmmm, the list could go on forever. Kanayo is my role
model and a role model to many out there because she is selfless, straight to
the point and sooooooo loving all at the same time. She is a sister indeed, always
standing in the gap for others even when if it means skipping herself or
putting her immediate duties aside. I personally believe God sent her to my
life for me to understand love in a different dimension and make the effort to
not shut people out based on what people in the past did. Sis if you ever get
to read this I just want to say thank you for everything. Love you girl x
My goals, well in summary the goal is to be
well resourced and live a life of total impact. I micromanage my goals everyday
actually. As OTT as it may sound I don’t think I’ll need five years to do it. I
have my mentor who I’m accountable to especially if I know the micro goals need
to be nailed in a specific time frame.
The beautiful mother land. I always go back
and forth on the issue of African women, particularly West African women and
how many things need to change so that they meet their potential. The
challenges I consider African women to have are lack of education and exposure
to opportunities that will enhance their economic development. It’s no secret
that in African culture men are given so much more priority, women are groomed
to know the minimum, secure a husband and basically be subject to him. It is
because of this mentality passed on from generation to generation that things
like higher education are not really encouraged. There are many cases of the
male child being sponsored up to Degree level and the female child stopping at
primary level or secondary level just about acquiring a WAEC. WHAT IS ALL THAT NONSENSE?!
Gender is no determinant of success, and I will continue to say this.
Being in the diaspora I attend events run by
charities such as the GGF, which usually organizes quarterly events and whose
proceeds go towards schooling girls as well as boys to university level. They
do an amazing job, based in Ilesha, Nigeria. As my finances pick up I’d like to
be able to facilitate classes women could enroll in back home that will give
them better chances in the job market or even in their local trade. I want to
see women reach their full potential rather than beg for bread because of a
lack of opportunity.
Oh that’s an easy one, I watch Nollywood.
MY   –  
The African woman
has so many prospects, and so much to gain by just stepping into destiny. The
African woman should be inspired, celebrated and empowered because in all this
she will find herself. When found and well positioned it is easier to help her
fellow woman find herself out of the valley of obliviousness, substandard and
even doubt.
I love to empower,
it’s what makes me happy. I’d love to speak to women that have suffered
psychological abuse, I’d like to help them come out the mindset of ‘this is my
fate’ to ‘My destiny is greater than my ordeal’. I’ve been in some dark places
at different stages of my life, I know what it’s like to have your emotional
health take a blow because of the inability to ‘declutter’.
unapologetic about your goal setting and attainment. The higher heights you encounter
the greater your exposure. With a wealth of connections and unique
opportunities you are well positioned to support both morally and financially.
African Woman, do your future self a favor and RISE. Rise to new levels by parting
with fear and partnering with confidence. You will make it!