am Mandipa Mandy Makhumalo, a 21 year old young woman from Botswana. Currently
I am pursing my law degree at the University of Botswana. I am one of five
founders and writers of the blog, Their
Dark Liberating Story (TDLS)
which writes on social, political and economic
issues pertaining to Africa. Our desire as TDLS is to unify Africans through
writing about Africa, there is so little that we know about each other as
Africans. Please do visit our blog at tdlsblog.wordpress.com. Our slogan
is “An Empowered Mind is Free from any
kind of Oppression.”
I am entrepreneur who recently started her trade business.
My business partner and I buy and sell ready to wear clothes from various
African countries. The main objective of this trade business is to encourage intra-African
trade within African countries. I am also an author, who just wrote her first
short story, called Amani.
 I am an individual who cannot be placed in a box;
reason being my capabilities are beyond my and your thinking, secondly I am a new
age African Queen. I do describe myself as a Queen because, I know am I
powerful, I know I am beautiful, I know I am enough and I spread love. Before colonisation
or slavery we were Queens and Kings, for example Queen Yaa Asantewa from Ghana
and Empress Candace from Ethiopia. They do not teach us this in school, but I
learnt this fortunately and I teach others this.
I have a recipe for Excellence which requires three ingredients .One is Hard Work.
In my instance, hard work includes sleepless nights and early mornings. The
second is Preparation. In all of my happenings, I have in writing; a vision,
realistic goals and practical ways to accomplish each goal. The last ingredient
is Consistency, Aristotle, famous philosopher and scientist has said “We are
what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”
This is how strong women are birthed; you throw dirt at them, and they plant a
seed, which grows into a flower, that blossom through all seasons. Perseverance
is a choice, I choose to persevere despite all the NO’s and doors shut in my
face. I keep at it through prayer and meditation.
Being fearless, in my view, is being scared but doing it anyways. The comfort
from knowing and trusting God’s word definitely keeps me fearless. 
greatest influence is not one person but persons. My community, those who I am
surrounded by, this includes my friends, my teachers, my neighbours, church, my
Grandma, the lady who sells watermelons in the streets, ordinary people I have
conversations with online and countless more. 
My community plays a huge part in teaching and building me as a person.
It takes a village!
MOTHER -She taught me that I am enough as I am to do whatever I want. She has
taught me hard work, kindness and the importance of humbleness. I am inspired
by the strong accomplished woman that she is. My mum taught me God by showing
her unconditional love.
SISTER- My sister teaches me to be myself always, to embrace my flaws. She is
my dearest friend and my confidante. We dance and sing together. She is my true
ANGELOU- She was the first to associate us women to the word phenomenonal. Her
life and work soothe me. I write down her quotes and poems as a constant reminder
to learn, grow and accept myself and others.
the next five years TDLS, has plans to expand from just blogging.  Moreover to spread my trading business to
other parts of Africa, currently it is operative in southern Africa. Lastly, to
travel more African countries.
 Women face the daily challenge of being sexually
objectified, woman are valued by their body appearance and their sexual
function. Moreover women are held only to achieve these functions, and if they
fail to uphold to this objectification, then they are not worthy humans. The
result of this objectification is firstly, over 60million girls are not
afforded education, secondly being subjects of sexual abuse and assault and
lastly subjects to the inhumane practice of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)
blogging we get to voice out on these struggles we face as women and moreover I
am in works to launch another blog,
called SPEAKOUTAFRICANCHILD, which will concentrate on sexual assault and abuse
on women. The idea of the blog is to create a platform for survivors of sexual
abuse and assault to voice out their stories. If there is any person who would
like to assist or be involved in this, please email, speakoutafricanchild@yahoo.com.
relaxing and destressing activities are aerobics classes, watching documentaries,
travelling, writing and listening to neo-soul music.
should be Inspired, Celebrated and Empowered because they are essential in the
growth of Africa. Women are half of the solution to all the challenges we face
as Africans. Women cannot be ignored or excluded from the eco-socio growth of
their community. I will conclude the I.C.E with two quotes, one from Strive Masiyiwa
who wrote on his Facebook status
Her story is the story of Africa. Behind
every single success in Africa is the African woman.”
second from former president of Burkina Faso, Thomas Sankara, who was an
advocate for women’s empowerment.
revolution and woman’s liberation go together. We do not talk about women’s
emancipation as an act of charity or a surge or human compassion. It is a basic
necessity for the revolution triumph.”
focus on education for girls as an essential need in all communities. It is a
saddening reality that 62 million girls are not afforded the basic human right
of education.
2.      To focus on the Economic empowerment of women.
To have programs that teaches women entrepreneurship skills, financial literary
and general business skills. The programs aim would be to encourage the involvement
of women in the economic growth of their countries.
3.     To
be responsible for support groups that support women who struggle with the
implications of being sexually abused or assaulted.
want all Africans to realise and take control of the richness Africa has. We
are rich in people, resources and ideas. Let us all use our riches to better
our community. Many have visions and plans for Africa, but only Africans know
the best vision for Africa. This is our time. Lastly to my African sisters, let
us continue to rise in boldness, let us uplift one another; no one knows our
struggles better than we do