My name is Francisca Onyinye Ogunlade. I am a Banker, Events planner and a Plan B Strategist.
I am from a small town named Igugu in Udenu Local government of Enugu state. I was born in Bauchi, and grew up in Akure, Ondo state. Looks like I will never leave Ondo state as I am married to Damilola Ogunlade from Ondo state(smiles).
I have been a banker for 10 years and during this period, I have managed three branches as the Branch services manager, worked with seven teams and now a relationship manager. Even with the busy schedule I have, I have always managed to find time to do side businesses or take up self-developmental courses. One thing I enjoyed doing most was organizing parties and events in general.
In 2015 February, I launched my events planning outfit named Eftinzz Events. At Eftinzz, we help busy people create their premium dream events so they can have a wow event and lingering euphoria memories.With this on board, I created a Facebook group named The beautiful Brides Network where we celebrate ladies and learn practical ways to plan events and live a happier life.
Though this was running, I still hard a longing in my heart to reach out to people who wanted more in life. This led me to found VALID DREAMS with Francisca. This platform was initially meant to help ladies with dreams to articulate and realize the dreams but it is gradually growing past that. We had a man in our midst in the last session. Our next edition will be solely online so as to reach more people.
This was how I found myself coaching 9-5 people on creating a plan B.  As a Plan B strategist, I help 9-5er create a Plan B, make more money and live their dream lives after years in paid employment.
I send out weekly newsletters from my website, .
Hmm, this is such a long biography, lol.
Faith-  I have this unwavering faith in Christ and sometimes, it amazes me. I have so many verses that motivate and keep me going. Some are :
His mercies endure forever.
My help comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth.
Fear not for I am with you.
As the deer yearns for the path of flowing waters, so my soul yearns for you oh my God.
Humility – haha, I know I am humble oooh. In fact, I don’t think I have ever admitted it to myself. I actually call my security guards “my Oga”. This has helped me learn from both young and the old.
Perseverance- perseverance is a gift. I don’t think it is by my power but I have really gone through very tough times and I have been able to come out standing tall. It is a gift and a Grace to me.
My first influence is from my parents. From an early age, I learned how to live for others, how to sacrifice for others, how to respect people’s feelings, how to be grateful, how to be truthful, how to love God and how to be industrious. My parents placed me in the path of greatness I must say.
My second influence which changed the course of my life today is an accident I had in December 2012. This experience turned my life around. I am on a second chance because I was saved by the mercies of Christ. I realize that this second chance must be for me a legacy creating a lifetime. I live each day to be happy and to share happiness.

Mrs. Anna Nnadi (My Mother)- she is just an angel in human form. She has a heart large enough to contain the whole universe. She is the perfect example of the Virtuous woman.
Mrs. Ibukun Awosika – This woman has shown me that the sky is just my starting point. She has done what men wish for. She is a game changer for this generation.
Third role Model is the Virgin Mary: You know, the mother of Christ is the epitome of perseverance. She was also very wise. She is my Role model.
In 5 years time, I see Eftinzz Events being a household name in Africa. I see myself Francisca as a great influence amongst African women. I see myself having impacted the lives of 3000 people individually and over 10,000 people from afar.
Accountability manager -I have coaches that I am accountable to and one special coach of mine is Stephanie Obi. She is my Angel Gabriel.
The African woman is so gifted and tenacious but we are challenged with a good support system. In places of work, family and general environment, the support needed my women are lacking. This is greatly affecting the level of exploit we can achieve.

I watch the TV , sing or dance. I also call my siblings to gist – my siblings are the best in the whole wide world.

Like I mentioned earlier, African women are truly gifted. It is in us. We are dogged and determined. We face challenges in the face and above all, we are victors. The African woman needs a support system so as to harness the greatness in us. It is the time we rule the world.

Wow, I will love to coach women. I will love to coach them to see the greatness in them, the power they possess within and the strength they have lying dormant. I will love to coach women to become high flyers in their chosen career. I will love to coach women to happiness as they create and realize their dreams.

African women, I tell it to you today that you are specially and fearfully made. You have the power in you to change the world. Leave your background in the background and go for it. Your dreams are the high ground that can overcome your background.

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