Lungowe Simbotwe a talented self-driven individual.
I’m 28 years old and a single mother. I am a Radio and TV News Anchor and specialize in Communications and Social Media Management. My passion lies in fighting for Women and Girls Rights and Advocating for Literacy.I’m kind of easy going and a fun person to be around(So I’m told )Hahahaha
Assertiveness   – I’m an extrovert by nature and this allows me to assert my energies on what I want to achieve. I’m strong willed and goal driven .
Perseverance – No matter the circumstances and situations I go through , nothing brings me down  to the extent of quitting. If I get to the point of breaking I still pick myself up  forge ahead because wallowing in self-pity doesn’t help anyone .
Fearless – I love taking risks because I challenge myself to make sure that everything I undertake comes out right. I believe in growth and I feel each challenge is a chance to grow because with every challenge comes a chance to learn something new and  expand on  knowledge this helps with generating new ideas.
My exposure in the Media industry and exposure to various fora that deals with social entrepreneurship especially women empowerment initiatives, this made me realize I can also do my part in building awareness and programs to help  women and girls ,to equip them with the knowledge that they require .
Sandra Muluwe –My Mother, this is a phenomenal woman because she raised me and my 2 siblings single-handedly on a teacher’s salary .I experienced seeing the pressures that she endured to get us through the best schools with no help from anywhere ,she made sure we had meals 3 times a day and lacked nothing .She literally taught me to be the strong woman that I am today .
Professor Nkandu Luo (Gender Minister -Zambia).
Prof Luo is the current Minister of Gender and Development in Zambia .Even though she is a politician ,her aggressiveness towards gender issues is amazing. She is also the founder of the Tasintha Programme, an organization that Transforms sex workers, the Society for Women and AIDS in Zambia (SWAAZ), a program that has been working on women and children’s issues in the light of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.
She recently initiated the Campaign on child marriage in Zambia.She believes that Education is the key to success and that for  me is one of my motos too. Encouraging the women to take  a stand for their rights and also promoting them through various initiatives.Professor Luo is one iron lady  I look up to .
Oprah Winfrey – Reading about her life and what she went through,how she held it all together although it wasn’t easy but she made it through. Seeing where she is today gives me the  courage to forge ahead and work hard to achieve everything I want in my life and also get the best for my children that they may never lack anything even after I’m gone  .
My envisioned goal for the next five years is to own A PR Image/Brand Building Consultancy Firm. I would love it be the go-to firm in this area and be able to offer the best solutions to my clients and have the best workforce. I would like to venture into helping woman and girls through my firm by having a department solely dedicated to women development .Grooming and guiding them in careers and talents .Physically be there to urge them and empower them in any way I can.
Muna Mweemba a very good friend I usually pour out my dreams too ,he listens to all my  unrealistic dreams but never tells me I can’t do it (lol) .He gives me good advice in terms of direction and motivation. My accountability manager is Patience Chisanga, she has been a very big influence in terms of guidance with my career path and also involves me in a lot of social entrepreneurship networking activities  .
African women are usually marginalized, demeaned and diminished in all areas. Inequality is a big source of concern, we as women also face major Human rights challenges. I feel all these oppressions stem from the statement-A woman’s place is in the kitchen. I strongly disagree with this statement .I believe every woman has the strength and capability to work hard and even work harder to contribute to issues that affect us and the rest of the world because we are the life and soul of the family unit and  all aspects of  life.
I  Co-Founded an initiative with a young lady I mentor -Namkau Kayombo. The Initiative focuses on engaging girls from our community, from the age of 13 to 21 in various activities in a bid to keep them of the street, lessen teenage pregnancies, and curb substance abuse and teenage marriages. The girls are equipped with knowledge about their rights and are mentored to mentor other young girls in a program we call Mentors for Mentor. We would like to expand the initiative to nearby communities as the need has been expressed .We believe that a community can reach its full potential by involving the women and girls (especially keeping in mind that these are the world’s future leaders) in Social and Economic activities.
On the other hand, I Co-host a radio program on Hot FM radio station in Zambia that airs every Saturday .The  program is meant to Educate women and girls on various issues of which include ,rights ,health, empowerment and various other pertinent issues that affect us, women.
We on occasion feature women who we feel are phenomenal, and are making an impact in their communities and have a story to tell, and through their story we hope the next woman listening out there would be motivated and inspired to be a better woman  in the home ,in their community ,in society in the workplace and every area she may have influence in .
I love going to the Cinema with my kids and also hanging out with friends for a chat to reflect on the weeks activities  over  drinks and good music .Traveling is what I enjoy the most there’s just something about road trips that I can’t explain but that relaxes me major .
The African woman has extraordinary qualities that uniquely qualify her as a woman of significance . She has a selflessness that is inconceivable. I feel she Is genuinely committed to empowering not only herself but those that surround her regardless of her position in life .She seeks ways and works hard to secure the future of the future leaders .Thus she needs to be Inspired, Celebrated, and Empowered.
I would seek to work with the Communications Department to help strengthen the existing Work plans and Policies  or Develop new work plans to Aid the fight against Gender Based violence,child marriages and Women empowerment and Development. The work plan would aim to strengthen women and girls solidarity enabling them to use their individual and collective power to confront violence, demand social justice to transform their lives.
I would also want to work on enhancing women and girls leadership voice and participation especially those in the rural areas, see areas to open up opportunities and support to take part in or join and lead  on joint advocacy addressing the issues that affect their lives .


Always stay focused on your path and work hard. Dream big and don’t let anyone tell you  that you can’t, because you are stronger than you think. Equip yourself with the knowledge that you will need for your journey on your path to greatness. No one said the journey will be all peaches and cream, the path will have thorns , but surely one day with perseverance, determination, and faith you will get there. 

Go get em, Phenomenal African woman !!!!!!!!!