name is, Amb. (Mrs). Unyime-Ivy King, a passionate God lover and an anointed
scribe who sees my writing as an important calling and a ministry to God, which
enables me to function as an influencer and change agent of society. I am a
wife, mother, author, blogger, publisher, and an advocate for a return to
positive family values. I use the social media platform actively to express my
passion, because of my strong believe that the family is an important unit of
society which helps to transmit culture between generations as strong and
stable societies, emerge from strong, stable and positive family experiences.
In 2014, I was awarded Eminent Ambassador of Peace of the United Nations by the
International Association of World Peace Advocates (IAWPA) and inducted into
the National Council of Excellencies after a flag hoisting ceremony at my
residence. I have spoken at UN conferences on issues that affect the girl child
and the family institution as a whole. I was also appointed International
Director, Gender Education/Advocacy by IAWPA. During the United Nations
International Day of Families celebration in Asaba, Delta State in May, where I
was invited as a speaker/special guest of honor, I received a family award-
BEST Couple Achievers Award 2015. The Akwa Ibom State chapter of the African
Women in Leadership Organisation(AWLO), of which I am a registered member, made
me brand ambassador during the inauguration of its chapter. Working Moms Africa
Magazine nominated me for Mum in the Community Award in 2014. The Gong Africa
News Magazine, (Nigeria) and Maracas International News Magazine (Ghana), in
collaboration with the Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Africa Genius Award Centre /
Foundation, Ghana, awarded me the Kwame Nkrumah Pan-African Meritorious Award.
The Life Changers Foundation, UK, also gave me the Life Changers Award for my
online advocacy.
childhood love and passion for writing and communication, found expression when
I incorporated Heritage Treasure Trove Communications Ltd (HTTCL) my publishing
and communications outfit as part of a group of companies, the parent company
being Protection Plus Services Ltd (PPSL), a private security company which my
husband and I co-own and where I also serve as Executive Director
Communications. HTTCL caters for all the branding and communications needs of
the group, and is expanding daily to service external clients too. We are into
prints, publishing, events packaging and Social media management services. I
also oversee the CSR arm of PPSL- Security Clinic and through this unit, the
team and I, have been to schools and organizations to share free tips on
security and safety issues. My vision is to build a treasure trove of
information, create and distribute quality life-transforming and trusted
materials/resources, maximising the impact of these materials/resources such
that I position myself to become a positive change agent in society. A student
of life and one who is continuously learning, I am a graduate of the University
of Uyo, Uyo, Akwa Ibom state  with a
Bachelor of Arts honors degree in English from the Faculty of Arts, and
additional certification in: Screen Writing from the Royal Arts Academy, Lagos
State, Media Enterprise (CME 11) and Advanced Reporting and Writing Skills
(AWARES 13), from the School of Media and Communication of the Pan-Atlantic
University, Lagos state, where I was elected class president during the AWARES
13 program. I also obtained a Leadership Training Certificate from the Power
Bible School of Abel Damina Ministries in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.       
have worked with several media houses like: Midweek Spring Newspapers whilst on
my National Youth Service Corps assignment in Osun State, Green Pastures
Magazine, Vanguard Newspapers, Security and Safety Magazine, and TW Magazine,
where I wrote on social issues that affect the well-being of women, children
and the family in general, security and safety issues, and lifestyle. My first
published work is a novel called, Burning Hurt. It chronicles a multiplicity of
seamy relationships, including the problems arising from dysfunctional
families, and I am also working on more books for publication.
all, as part of my service to God, I serve in the Family Life Department of
House on the Rock (HOTR) in a unit called, 2-in-1, for the past 12 years, and I
am also a member of the E-Team, the Social Media Management team of HOTR, for
the past 4 years. I am married to my best friend and husband of over 13 years,
Ubong King, and live with him and our four children in Lagos.
I believe strongly in the existence of God and the Bible, which contains His
word, which is my guide for living. I have seen impossible situations turn
around. I am a product of God’s lifting and I believe that without Him, I am
nothing, and can do nothing.
– I strongly believe that integrity inspires trust and engenders goodwill. I
don’t believe that we have to pay for everything we want in life. When you
build a life of integrity, lots of favors and unexpected, but pleasant
surprises come effortlessly into your life as a result of the goodwill you
enjoy from others. For me, integrity is all about trustworthiness, reliability
and dependability. Nothing beats that. I have been very careful to build a life
of integrity and as much as possible, do my best to make my word my bond. I
want to build a name that my children would be proud to identify with tomorrow
and one which honors God.
the popular saying, “as long as there is life, there is hope” holds
deep meaning for me, because anyone who loses hope loses the very essence of
life and is likely to fall into despair. Hope is suggestive of possibilities and  it enables one to keep holding on, even when
things are not going well, in the belief that things would get better with the
passage of time. I have been through challenges in life and hope is what helped
me not to give up prematurely because it helped me to paint a picture of a
positive future in my mind’s eye.
family upbringing has had a most profound influence on me, so I can confidently
say that my parents have influenced me significantly. I was raised in a close
knitted family of 7- 4 younger siblings, and our parents. Unfortunately we lost
our youngest sister in 1992. She was about 4 years old. That was the most
horrible experience of my childhood because she was alive one minute, and gone
the next. It was a horrendous nightmare. Being the first daughter/child, , I
was already in my teens by the time she passed and it affected me  deeply because I was like mummy number two to
her. Apart from this blight on the horizon, growing up was fun and my parents instilled
strong values of honesty, kindness, trustworthiness and more into us.  I grew up remembering lots of interesting
family conversations, which were my best times. I grew up in Cross River State-
Calabar specifically and my parents were civil servants, but they took us to
lots of fun spots that were functional then. My mum worked in different
government parastatals and my dad was Hansard Editor at the Cross River State
House of Assembly. His great love for books and writing rubbed off greatly and
as a result, I developed a strong love for books and writing. He introduced us
to classics like: Greek Myths and Mythologies, Women of Marrakesh, Stories Told
Round the World, and lots of other great books which introduced us to life in
other cultures. He and my mum had a bookshelf of great books and as an adult, I
have a dedicated library in my home, which is traceable to that early
I cherish family values a lot because my own childhood evokes warm feelings and
I want my children to have that and more. Even if I had no money to my name,
but had my family around me, I would be just fine.
admire pastors Ifeanyi and Paul Adefarasin, my pastors in House On the Rock,
greatly. I have sat under their tutelage for over 15 years and I can state
categorically that my life and that of my family’s, has been enriched greatly
by their teachings. Pastor Paul is a man who models strong family values, and
is all round intelligent. He has informed views on contemporary issues that are
going on in society, not just spiritual matters alone.
Onyenokwe, my boss at TW magazine is a woman whom I admire a lot because of the
way she has developed and evolved her passion for the media. I worked with her
for a while as staff writer and under her tutelage, I believe my writing and
reporting abilities improved because she kept pushing me and would not accept
anything but the best. I respect her for that.
husband Ubong King. I admire how he has evolved as a person, as a Christian,
and as a business man. I don’t have to look too far for a role model in
business when I live with one. I do not take the fact that we are a couple for
granted and I respect what God has deposited in His life and I learn from him.
Under his watch, a company that started in a little corner in our bedroom, has
grown to several hundreds of people, with different branches all over and I do
not trivialise that. He is a captain in his industry and a builder of men. That
evokes my admiration and respect. I have always desired to be married to
someone I could look up to in many respects, asides the marriage partnership,
and I am honored that marriage to Ubong King gives me that.
the next five years, my media hub would have been up and running fully. I am
planning to set up a one stop printing press as part of the media hub, amongst
many other things I have planned. By virtue of my personal ministry as a
writer, I am opportune to speak with a lot of women from time to time, so I am
about to register a foundation that caters to the needs of young women and
girls who are troubled and as part of my preparation for that phase of life, I
am working towards getting certified courses in counselling and psychology that
will help me function effectively in this area.
greatest accountability partners remain my husband, my parents and my siblings
because I am a hundred percent sure that their feedback to me is authentic and
rooted in a genuine desire to see me grow. I speak with them a lot about my
aspirations and they support me and help me put things in perspective in order
to work towards actualizing my goals.
of the greatest challenge I see is the economic one. There are lots of women
who are in very abusive relationships who opt to remain because they lack the
means to fend for themselves or children if they decide to leave.
lot of women lack a healthy sense of self because they have been conditioned to
believe that without a man they are incomplete 
and are nothing. Hence they can take any rubbish that is dished out
because they believe they do not have a choice. Through  my platform, we have packaged events -both
entrepreneurial and motivational ones which challenge woman to dare to aspire
for more. Last year, HTTCL packaged an event called: A Day with the King, where
we got seasoned entrepreneurs to address both men and women and share business
and life tips with them. This year, we packaged another event which was tagged:
Take Off the Limits, for the women. Again, seasoned and accomplish women were
invited to come speak to the women in attendance and challenge the potentials
on the inside. Currently we are putting together a two weeks Skills Empowerment
Training for young girls and women in Akwa Ibom state, to help equip them with
life skills that they can use to start their own businesses. So as much as I
have the opportunity, I ginger women to strive for more and be more.
relax by reading an interesting novel, watching a movie or spending time with
my family, talking.  I also love to
travel when I can, to feed my mind and also relax from the hustle and bustle of
life in Lagos.
African woman should be Inspired, Celebrated and Empowered because she is this
indefatigable person who gives up so much personally to ensure that her family
thrives. She is like the mother hen who fiercely protects her chicks from any
threats and as such, she deserves every honour due to her. 
would design programs that would afford young girls opportunities to be
empowered with skills in areas of their interest and get them into a mentorship
program to monitor their growth. In an Information age it is amazing how much
ignorance runs rife and how misinformed many young women are. You would see a
young girl, well put together outwardly, but if you engage her a bit, the
ignorance and naivety amazes you. So I would like an opportunity to draw up
training programs that tackles different challenges that young women in this culture
have to contend with, and guide them to make informed decisions on what path to
ever let people define for you what constitutes success! The term is subjective
and means different things to different people. Life is not a popularity
contest; we all have different races to run, and what you are here on earth to
achieve, is not the same with the other person’s, even if you look and sound
that the difference between you and some ‘celeb’ is time, preparation and
opportunity. Work on your dreams and prepare for where you want to go. While
preparing, pray and trust God to orchestrate opportunities for you and when the
opportunities come, harness the wisdom that God has placed within you to grasp
these opportunities. This way, even if you do not become famous (and not
everyone will be famous), you become a ‘celeb’ in your own right because you
are fulfilling purpose and living meaningfully. Always remember that you are
not in competition with anyone, but pursuing your God-given goals and purpose.
You can never win running in another person’s lane.
African woman is more powerful than she realizes and sometimes under estimates
her own strength. True womanhood is not measured by one’s connection to a man
or cultural constructs. It is measured by a woman’s character and by the word
of God.
sense of worth may have been plundered, pillaged, ravaged or deprecated by
abuse or neglect, but at every point of time the power to revise the script
lies in your hands
your femininity because it is as strong as masculinity, even though it may
manifest differently. Open your eyes and realize that there are lots of
opportunities for any woman who would seize them. Remember that motherhood
trains you to become a manager. Do not dodge from management opportunities if
they come your way because you feel inadequate
have more than you think you have, you can do more than you think you can.
women step up and become actively involved in home and nation building, society
changes for the better. Women and men are a complementary army. When one half
of the army is relegated to the background, an imbalance occurs in society
which brings about so many problems. If a woman was the best thing God thought
to give the man at creation, then women are ambassadors of God and we must rise
and take our place in sync with the men, marching as one powerful army to turn
our society around for the best.
there anything you are gifted in, and are passionate about? Do not despise it
because you think it is trivial. Whether you are a stay-at-home mum, or a high
achieving professional in the market place of business and career, you have the
potential to be a change agent in society. Keep on keeping on!