Elikem Blessing Narh is my name.
I come from a very humble home. I am a very interesting young lady. I am Purposeful, Self-motivating, and Result Oriented. I have the zeal for getting things done at any rate.
I have a strong passion to make the positive impact on the world through the work of women and children development; education; leadership; and above all fight against injustice, oppression, exploitation, corruption, racism and all forms of bigotry.
After school, I started work at Senyo Global as a Sales person. After a year, I was promoted to the Executive Assistant to the CEO and then Head of Sales. As of now, I’m the Office Manageress at Senyo Global Group that has Senyo Global Event – noted for its Corporate Events Organizing, Senyo Global Technology – and Senyo Global Planners – real estate development, Senyo Global Productions – a movie production house
With my love for writing, I also join the Awake Africa newspaper (a member of the Senyo Global Group) as a reporter. After a year and a half, I was promoted to the position of Associate Editor.
I volunteer with the African Centre for Peace Building (AFCOPB) as an Executive Assistant.
Aside my dream and passion for the corporate world, I also admire creating things with my hands and love to put in a little bit of beauty where necessary. I love beauty and fashion. And for the love of fashion, I have launched a fashion blog and have just started my own business – Berlin’s Fashion & Modeling Agency where I will soon start creating my own designs and manage upcoming models.
Let’s say, I took a bit of my mom who love to create stuff and became a seamstress without any formal training.
Blessing strives for Excellence. I try to bring out excellence in all I do. This has also been my weakness since I take too long to produce for the fear of producing shallow works. I keep hearing everywhere “do it small, start from somewhere, it doesn’t have to be perfect from the start but just try hard for the best”. Although these sayings are practical and true; for a ‘perfectionist’ like me, it takes me a longer time to realize these facts. This is not to say that being a perfectionist is calamitous anyway. This has gone all the way delaying my projects. I have come to realize now that I can never be perfect but can only try my best to maintain the quality standard at my work place and in other projects of mine.
Excellence is elegance!
Every living thing on this planet has a purpose and I think until you discover it, you are just a ‘mere thing’. I was just a dreamer until I found the answer to the question I’ve always asked – “what is your purpose on earth Blessing?”
I was shocked to realize what I was made up of. The multipurpose Jehovah God has blessed me with. I say multipurpose because I am able to combine more than a job at a go; “minding my own business while I mind my employers”, as rightly put by Robert Kiyosaki.
I believe I can do well in any job I have little knowledge of. I think I have a good record to prove that. I love it when I do more than a thing and I’m always looking out for something new to try.
Beauty is God. The more we see the beauty placed within our fellow human, the more we attract God. I have forced myself over the years that whether good or bad I will only see the bright and beautiful side of my fellow human and it has really worked for me.
The moment I changed my mind set towards this direction, people and situations no matter what or how painful it seemed, meant a lot to me in a beautiful way.
Being different from the crowd has always kept me going. I would have never known my worth, value, purpose and myself if I had gone the way everyone was going. I never walked in other people’s dreams, no matter how rosy it may look but what Jehovah God Himself has ordained for me. This has helped me dodged peer pressure- the first place I could have lost my purpose on earth.
“To live is to choose. But to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for, where you want to go and why you want to get there” – Kofi Annan
Knowing my purpose that I am the spice that is missing in my neighbour’s dinner is what keeps me going, reaching for that dream which will better the whole world someday.
As of now, I have my mentor as my role model. He is the CEO of Senyo Global Group, Mr. Korsi Senyo. He is all I have ever dreamt of being; leaving a very busy life, just to make life easier for humanity. If I should be permitted to name him, he is the ‘multi-task man’ with a great heart and does it all with diligence.
My mom – Evangelist Victory Narh is another strong and hard working woman every man, parent, child and the world will ever dream of having and pray am blessed with her strength.
The next five years, number one on my list is bringing women together in a special way to achieve our specific goals.
I will like to be able to empower and bring real change in the lives of one thousand women in the next 5years through entrepreneurship and leadership.
I believe we all have challenges to conquer but you cannot conquer anything when you don’t know what it is. And therefore the challenge is ‘ourselves’! Nothing is stopping us; we just don’t know who we are and just settle for anything.
Some of the challenges most African women face is a lack of equality in marriages where the man (husband) owns everything including the ‘woman’ (wife). Most times the African woman is seen more of a manageress of the home while the man is the source of economic fortune yet the woman is left with nothing.
The cultural practice has also eaten into the minds of the women that most of them rely on or put their future in a “man”. It’s amazing how many “even educated” women still watch and wait for a rich man to come and marry them off in this country and Africa for that matter.
Way back in high school about 85% of my mates watched and hoped that they will find one rich man to marry them, and never having it in mind that they themselves are wealth. It’s a sad issue that those we are happy are in school are far worse than those who have got nothing to do with education.
I try to awaken the minds of some women so they can realize their topmost resource is themselves and they alone can break that chain and rise above their challenges. Through my women empowerment programmes, women are trained and resourced to be self-sustaining
I believe identifying one’s value is the first tool anyone can have to change his/her sphere of contact. It’s about time we stop sleeping and wake up to confront our future with boldness and determination.
Talk to Jehovah God, listen to music, dream, have a little cry and move on and most of the time be alone, these are what keeps me going.
She is a black woman. Which means she is very strong and giving her the opportunity she can do much more and above all she made it even with the little resources available. Inspiration, celebration, and empowerment will rally round her attain much more. And she really does deserve it.
The African Union? Women Union department! – lol, and that is if there is anything like that. Working together in bringing women together, that’s what I would love to do! That’ll make us stronger and much more empowered. There is this saying ‘Girls compete with each but women empower each other’; with all of us sharing and having the same ideal mind-set – we are good to go build nations. “If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there” – Robert Toru Kiyosaki.

I work with Awake Africa and it’s about time all Africans wake up – it’s our time to shine to the end. Wake up dear mom, aunt, sister, daughter… and sleep no more. While minding other peoples businesses, don’t forget to mind yours too. Be independent of your husband or parent; keep educating yourself till your last time on earth. But don’t forget, I am the other colour for your perfect and complete rainbow! J