Education activist, Pamela
is the chairperson of Africa Scout Youth forum, sports journalist
and athlete (basket-ball since 16 years & judo since 5 years), CEO of
OLADE, Street kids educator, agricultural entrepreneur, youth representative
and trainer, social sciences specialist and multi awarded.
She is from BENIN in West Africa and holds a master’s of social
sciences and Education Degree from the National Institute of Youth and Sports.
She also holds a Bachelor of Business Law from the University of BENIN. Her
mission is to give smile to children.
Her passion for community development is the
base of her leadership journey. One of her greatest achievements was to attend
the first UN World Humanitarian Summit in may 2016, Pamela is one the 2016
Nominee for the worldwide organization ‘’JCI’’ Ten Ouststanding Young People
Awards, she received the Green Cross Star Foundation Award for Africa in the
field of Environment and Ecology, she was Basket-ball Gold medal winner in
2014, she is an alumni of the North Dakota National Guard in Youth Leadership
and Emergency Preparedness. Pamela has been appointed in march 2016 as the best
Benin’s Female Young Leader (FYL) of the year by Working Girl Magazine.
By showing her commitment to social activities
and services projects, she has opportunity to attend several trainings,
workshop, conferences like the FEMNET-UA high dialogue on youth participation
in democracy and governance , forum, seminars during which she has met a lot of
personalities like his excellency Pr Jerry Rawlings, Mrs Helen Clark, M. Ban ki
As young woman, she take like a duty to encourage, mentor and
motivate young people especially young women and girls by being a public
speaker during camps, workshops, internationals days celebration, leadership
and personal development sessions as well as in sports field. She is passionate
by her work at radio and is one the best female sports journalist within the
few in the country. This makes her deserve to be the only lady as official
reporter for the BENIN’s 12th and 13th International
Cyclist Tour and the eliminatory of African Cup of Nations.
Pamela is one of the key youth speaker and leadership face of scouting
in Africa. Fully passionate by scouting and volunteerism, Pamela is serving as
an advisor for the African Scout Committee on youth engagement, this is a way
for her to meet and communicate with a lot of young people in Africa and scouts
leaders around the world, to advocate for young scouts rights and needs, to
promote their actions and to put their voice on the board. By this side, she
also reinforces her committement to the street kids issues and since 08 years,
she is improving differents ways to help more. Scouting is a strong environment
of leadership and I recommend it to people who want to join a youth organization.

A part from her work, Pamela is the CEO of OLADE which means
‘’welcome prosperity’’ and her name is MONBOLADE which means‘’ I born with
prosperity’’. OLADE is currently a youth network for Sport/Education and
Agriculture. The final objective is to become a foundation with several
education centres in Africa. The vision is to work for a happy childhood by
investing in humanity especially orphans and children with specials needs. Next
year, we will implement a big program called ‘’EDUPOWER’’ in order to show people
the greatest power of education in development process includes two large
projects ‘’ OLADE Female Sports Show ‘’ and ‘’Inspire Girls ‘’.
Pamela aspires to contribute to build a
better world by assisting other young people especially young women become
leaders, role models, peer educators and advocating for children rights. She
loves sharing experiences, travelling, reading,camping, being global citizen by
promoting and valuing education.
Pamela is the actor of the change she
want and dream as social worker. She is also interest by politic and would like
to write an autobiography at the age of 50. She is working to be the next and
new version of Maya Angelou or Michelle Obama in Africa.
She is catholic.
Excellence: It is what I always
need in my life because this is helpful to challenge myself and doing things on
great way. Since primary school, I am the top of class and I become rigorous in
everything. I am very simple as person but I think, it is very important to be
excellent when you want to reach your dreams and achieve your goals. Being
excellent is not about marks but it is a matter of value and credibility.
Excellence will make you improve yourself, your skills… People don’t need to
maintain themselves in routine work and always complain, No this is a crime.
They have to discover and express their full potential by being excellent. Not
PERFECT but EXCELLENT. For example , how can you be useful for your team if you
aren’t excellent , they won’t trust in you , even it is a bit, we have to be
Excellent in our field of work, study, engagement…and do not waste time.
Determination: I lost my dad when
I was 08, my mom lost her job and everything when I was 15. The same year I got
sick and lost one year at college. Everybody around us people was saying I was
done means dead, there is no future for me since I still in college because
doctors were very scepticals. We became poor and lost a lot of friends because
of the situation. The only thing I got in that time was God, mom, my sister,
basket-ball and scouting. The dream was to be a lawyer. Even if I am not a
lawyer today, I can advocate for people rights and needs though my social
engagement. I don’t give up and this me I always stay through hard places
because Life teach me this. I learn it from my mom and I think it is the best
thing she can give me, by helping me to do not be jealous about others but
strong. That’s why when people tell me you are a good leader, my answer is:
Life is a good builder. 
Don’t hide others light, just let your
own shine and you will rise because life isn’t a race, it is a journey. I’m
still keeping my dream. I couldn’t rest till the last victory and I wish we all
adopt these words of Maya Angelou‘’ you may cut me with your eyes, you may kill
me with your hatefulness, but still like air I’ll rise ‘’.
Vision:  What can you achieve, what kind of life will
you live if you don’t have a concret vision? One of my chief scout told me:
Pamela you have to be a visionary leader if you need a great impact around you.
My view is that, we must do the best we can even it’s nothing from our own
perception but it has to change something, it has to be an answer for
something, it has to help to overcome a challenge. I was very impressed when I
met the former president his excellency Jerry Rawlings, when we started
discussing, I realized how inspiring he is and how big is his dream for youth
in Africa. I was very proud being AFRICAN despite the big challenges we have in
the continent. I have a leitmotiv : start where you are with what you have but
keep in mind the final BIG result. My full name is Pamela Urchelle
Monbolade Akplogan, the combination of my initials is: PUMA
and I fully agree and describe myself as a PUMA because of his characteristics.
Definitively, it is my mother. I love her, she is both the dad
and the mom.
I enjoy spending time with my mother
because she is very wise and it is a way for me to discover myself.I feel lucky
being her daughter. She always give advices and share her experiences face on
situations I go through. I take like a duty to deserve her trust and support.
Despite her principles, my mother is very simple and funny and this is why I
become sociable. Our conversations are a daily inspiration for me. She is courageous , strong and I always pray
God to keep her safe for my sister and I. She become widow at 39 and stayed
faithful to my dad since 16 years. She decided to dedicate her life to God and
her daughters, it was a sacrifice and this is the best virtue woman can have.
#4 – Name three individuals that are your role
models and why?
Maya Angelou
Iyanla Vanzant
Michelle Obama
*Nelson Mandela
These three women are a just incredible. Maya Angelou is my
daily motivating model trough her poems, my best one is Phenomenal Woman and
being nominated as PAW is a dream becoming true for me. Iyanla Vanzant is a
coach and she is changing a lot of lifes by inspiring people around the world
with her show and quotes. Michelle Obama makes is the model of leadership I
weed for young African women, she is great, natural and funny. I admire her
actions especially Let’s Girls Learn.

I wish to meet the two who still alive because their lifes are
making my own grow.
*Nelson Mandela is the specific one because of his life story.
This man is great and deserves worldwide respect.
five years, I strongly hope to have my Phd in social sciences and my
master’s degree in business law with a great carreer; I wish to be on a good
way with my network‘’OLADE ‘’ and my farm. 
I see myself on a good way to run my country or AU or one the AU/UN offices.
I have friends, my family and mentors
who is supporting me and with who I share my projects, dreams, challenges
and obstacles. They are my builders and I am grateful to have them around. It
is very important to have someone to talk to in order to stay focused. Just
make sure that they are positive and honest, they will help to rise
SILENCE is the big challenge of African women. How
can African women break silence? That’s the question. I agree that the
leadership is growing up, but the reality is still pitiful especially in the
rural areas of our countries. I’m always shocked by some situations like
excision, education’s inequalities between girls and boys, violences on women,
child marriage and traffic, … I believe that we are doing great now and Africa
Youth is making change but Women have to open their mouths and say NO, No to
everything which is an obstacle for their blossoming. They need to accept and
support themselves. SILENCE is killing women and we can tolerate it. Let’s
raise our voice and build the better world we want. Education is the key.
When I’m tired or stressed I like to
go out for walk, watch a movie or listen music. During weekend, I should play
basket ball with my friends, laugh as I want and come back home to rest.
It also important for me to read some quotes and pray in order find
peace in my mind and heart.
African women are more than 50% of this continent population,
they even don’t realize the power they have. This is the first reason why they
should be ICE because this continent can’t be run without them, I mean us.
We should be inspired because we are important and need to be
motivated to achieve our goals. we should be celebrated because of our hard
work as education pioneer and empowered in order to keep up our support to the
communities development. We deserve to be ICE because despite the stereotypes,
African women are strong.
I would like to be in charge of project management in order to
be able to work with the communities. It’s my passion and this will help not only
to make women realize the challenges but also to help them find a concretes
solutions. Designing programs or projects, training people, empowering them
through activities/actions, communicating with them, advocating for their day
to day issues, giving them a support is what I dedicate my life to.
I’m proud to be a girl and I would like to make each girl proud
by being a girl’s education champion. Girls, young women, women are the hope
because they are an active part of the population, let’s explode the potential.
I would like to tell the African women that they don’t have
anything to lose by breaking SILENCE. We are the pride of Africa, we don’t need
to envy others ¶and we
have to express our full potential by taking leadership positions, becoming
good citizens in order to be actors of the change we want.
African women are the future of the continent and the world.
We don’t need someone to give us a chance. By this way, I need you to be
audacious and determinate because you aren’t less strong or intelligent, always
keep in your mind that being woman, being black isn’t a mistake. Nobody can
value you more than yourself. Today is Tomorrow, which means we are leaders of
today not leaders of tomorrow. ¶Today young people can hear me through Africa and the world. ¶It’s amazing and this
can’t happen if I keep quiet.
Let’s stand hand in hand as ONE VOICE and make the impact.
The whole world recognize us as hardworker so we don’t need to prove it, all we
need is to enjoy it. Why? Because Africa need HEROES and a hero is a person who
really want t¶o make
this place a better world for everybody.
With love for the beautiful African Women.