My name is Adebola Olomo,
I’m the Managing Director, Deefrent Limited; a digital solutions and brand
management firm.
Those would be
Audacity, Imagination and Passion.
I believe those
would be my father and husband.
One would be Oprah,
for the single fact that she changed the game in the media and communications space.
She owned that space and used it to impact the people around her. Though she
was scared when she set out at first as she had to leave paid employment and
chase after her dreams, she didn’t let the fear stop her. That inspires me.
Another would be Okonjo
Iweala who dared to push the envelope all the way to the World Bank. She
invested a lot in herself and believed she had what it takes to make an impact
on the economy even as a woman. That inspires me. She gave young African women
the chance to believe that even from their little corner, you can take the
Michelle Obama is a
woman who has in her unique way, inspired a lot of women around the world
including myself. She’s a role model in the sense that she gracefully manages
her family, leads in the public space while still mentoring and educating young
women. She’s an amazing achiever.
I’ve started
something that has never been done in Africa. In the next 5 years, we should be
the biggest aggregator of content for the online audience. I’ve grown and built
myself with vast experience in the digital and marketing industry and this is
the best way to integrate both worlds and serve the public. I’m in serious
talks with content providers to build the platform in a manner that
showcases  excellence. In 5 years, that
will be one of the biggest achievements to come out of Africa and a woman.
My biggest
accountability manager is my husband Ope Olomo. He pushes and follows up on me
to know that I’m doing things the right way and getting results that are
required. My father is a great accountability manager as well because he goes
out his way to inspire me to drive towards excellence.
I also feel greatly
accountable to the people who work for me. I strongly believe that if I can do
better and be consistent at it, then they can do so too. I feel a strong
mandate to be better for them so they believe they can dream and be better than
they currently are.
Women are special
and emotional beings. I will say that it is our greatest strength and weakness
at the same time. We could be intensely passionate and set our minds to do a
thing and in the next moment, that dream is tossed aside because of a little
emotional distraction. Despite it all, we can exceed expectations if the right
emotions and energy drive us. There is almost no point in doing all the work and
making great impact if we go home empty and sad. It’s important that we flood
our space with positive energy, allow only the people that invoke the right
energy remain around you. It’s important that we guard our emotional space and
that’s what has worked for me.
I love to be home. I
love to sink into a couch, watch some reality TV shows, drama series and
recently, CNN. I love me some good series too. I either binge-watch them or
follow them every week. I used to play tennis but lately it’s been a little too
intense considering work and all.
MY   –  
The potential of the
African woman is limitless. The African woman is strong, determined,
hard-working, bold and intentional. They care more, are selfless and dedicated
to the cause they find themselves assigned to. If we can find a way to empower
the African woman, channel the right emotions and energy to and through her,
she will feel celebrated and motivated to go the extra mile. An African woman
should not be talked down upon or brought down, it may break her spirit and
with it, the valuable changes she can bring to her society.  If she can have the support of corporates,
government, family and the social space, I dare say she’s the right seed to sow
for phenomenal economic growth and continental advancement.
If I had the rare
opportunity, I would love to serve in a place where I have communication access
to young women. That way I can share my story with them, challenge them and
show them steps to do the right thing the right way. It’ll be amazing to also
be in a position to use tools of social media, web development and technology
to empower and create awareness. Travelling, learning about diverse cultures
and how I can empower people on my journey has always been my motive. It’ll be
awesome to function in that capacity if given the chance.
Go. For. It! That’ll
be my advice to the African woman.  If
you can think it, you can do it. However, make very conscious efforts to
surround yourself with the right people that challenge you to go above and
beyond. I found that in the company of my staff. Find the right triggers and I
tell you, it will push you beyond your expectations and those of the people who
look up to you. Choose to make a difference in whatever little corner you may
find yourself. Sometimes being over-ambitious may not have as much impact for
the time that you’re in. Learn to enjoy the process and make an impact while at