Amy BANDA is an Influential
talk show host, singer, light worker and media personality. Amy BANDA has
played a key role in modern Cameroonian life, shaping societal & cultural
trends and promoting various liberal causes. Through her talk shows and
reports, she has focused on many issues facing Cameroonian women and the
society. She has been an important role model for black Cameroonian women,
breaking down many invisible barriers.
“The biggest adventure you can
ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”
Amy BANDA as in AUDACITY breaks
the ground to achieve results. Target Peace is an online campaign with the
prior aim to preach, promote and preserve peace so as to prevent war. The day I
had the idea, two of my friends told me it’s useless and meaningless but I
believed in it to change and tame violent mind sets. When I moved to STV, there
was no English program and weeks after I initiated a flagship weekly ‘voice of
the Voiceless’ many still regret its sudden disappearance from TV.  Back to LTM, there was no English program as
well and man-made stumbling blocks hit me hard to drop the idea of initiating
any show. Daring as Amy BANDA’s drive & flame to make things happen for a
‘greater good’, I kicked off with ‘Monuments’, ‘Cameroon’s Crow’ &
‘Monuments’ today flagship programs of the media outlet. It’s a passion I have
to work on deep thoughtful pieces revealing societal plagues many suffer from
in many communities on the VVV show to instigate action and inspire change.
Amy BANDA as in unique is one
rare journalism icon whose vision always transforms lives across the Country
and Continent. Amy’s inspiration (illustrated via the enriching experiences on
her talk shows which empower a cross section of citizens) ignites aspirations
in viewers, thus builds passion and develops zeal which connects them to the
right quarters for achievement. From 2014, she lent her support to VOV GIVING
BACK campaign ahead of an August 2014 VOV Awards handed over to some 67 engaged
citizens making a difference out of ordinary means. Her influence and personal
following played a key role in helping these awardees to become the BEST of
their original versions . This
August 2, 2016, Amy will under the canopy of TARGET PEACE meet 300 widows whom
she will empower for peace moves in our society via widows empowered for peace
fellowship, ahead of world peace day. Amy believes Peace is in our hands and
there is absolute peace when world citizens respect the rights, values and
thoughts of every individual.
Amy BANDA as in passion is a
passionate individual whose drive to fulfil vision is never distracted nor
altered by environmental factors. This has earned nominations and trophies in
recognising her worth. The Scoop’ international rich list named Amy the best
host of the era, rating her VVV weekly THE BEST TV SOCIAL PROGRAM in the
Country weeks ago in Kumba, South West Region, Cameroon. SONNAH AWARDS in 2013
named Amy BANDA as one of the few select presenters Cameroon counts.  The Cameroon Leadership Initiative in September
2013 named Amy’s weekly ‘Voice of the Voiceless ‘on STV, the only English
program that educates, informs and uplifts broken spirits to self-awareness and
empowerment. Cameroon’s Lifetime Achievement Awards named Amy the RISING FEMALE
JOURNALISM ICON six weeks ago in Bamenda.
In 2013, Amy gained a unique
interview with the professional legal expert, elections’ observer, moral
decadence, democracy, peace, leadership, to name these had a useful impact on
the  performance of struggling committed
and engaged youth willing to transform the society into their stories. In 2014,
she used 67 minutes of her time on July 18 (MANDELA DAY)  to support the elderly persons with a tonne
of cement for the construction of a health centre for the old in Mabanda, Douala,
“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”
What Marie ABANGA said of Amy
BANDA in 2013 :
“Amy BANDA arguably has more
influence on the culture than any university president, politician, or
religious leader, except perhaps the Pope. Amy BANDA is a young and very
dynamic prominent journalist with the renowned STV Television Broadcasting
Company in Cameroon. She created the sensational and phenomenal show ‘VOV’ in
abbreviation, and she has as guests people who are prepared to discuss on the
hitherto ‘Taboo’ subjects in society. Some draw from facts and statistics,
others share their personal experiences. I had been her guest on the show to
discuss the education of the African Child – drawing from my own education, and
where I strive to make the point that education is a very holistic term and it
begins from home. It is not only formal and sometimes the patriarchal ‘norms’
of society ‘restrain’ more parents from understanding or getting involved in
their child’s education. I equally seized the opportunity to promote my book
and this earned me the prestigious and very much coveted VOV award.
My mum late Mrs BANDA GHOGOMU
née FOKEMBAN Elizabeth UTIABOH has had the most profound influence on me. Her
lifestyle inspires me so much I had to transmit much of the smile she ignited
in me from childhood via my career, community development initiatives and
Anne Nsang Nkwain’s innovative
programs on the CRTV in the 90s still make her a role model. I am living to her
expectations if she were alive to testify and I am sure she is so proud of me.
I am embodied by her voice, charisma, African dress code and creative
professional style anytime.
She is my second role model to
the man behind the name ‘Ephraim BANDA GHOGOMU. His voice, hardworking nature,
interactive flare on interviews, mastery of the Queen’s language, editorial
skills, leadership prowess and strictness inspire me a great deal.
Oprah Winfrey & Amanpour in
expertise and ground-breaking interviews with Global figures and diplomats
empower me. When I watch them, I am challenged to doing better within my contextual
I hope in the next 5 years to
have built many ‘Amy BANDAs’ and empowered many widows to economic, spiritual
and psychological sustenance within and without my community. I also hope to
put in place technically, material and financial settings for AN AMY BANDA SHOW
highly demanded by many who believe I am over exploited in the media houses
where I have given out my light working resources in exchange for an employment
leaflet. Many have also asked for an album and book which I will present in the
next 5 years hoping my flame and drive steers progress for those who will
consume the visionary passionate pieces.
The African woman’s challenges
despite achievements and progress made so far are still alarming. The African
woman still faces persistent violence with regards to the respect, promotion,
protection and fulfilment of human rights, which if not urgently and adequately
addressed, may erase the human rights gains recorded across the continent over
the preceding decades. These trials result in the destruction of life, property
and reverse human rights gains, widespread poverty, ignorance and lack of
awareness, the effects of colonialism characterised by human rights-unfriendly
laws, bad governance, corruption and the disregard for the rule of law. These
problems also include, but are not limited to inadequate allocation of
resources to human rights institutions, lack of capacity, insufficient
political will, an unwillingness by states to surrender sovereignty to
supranational monitoring bodies, an unwillingness by some states to domesticate
international human rights treaties. The prior aim of my life-transforming
weeklies ‘Voice of the Voiceless’ on STV and ‘Views, Voices & Visions’ on
LTM is to bring together voices of key actors in the gender equality and
women’s empowerment arena, to update and discuss critical developments in the
field, assess the extent of implementation of commitments, especially reports
on the Mid-Term review of the African Women’s Decade and the declaration on
2015 Year of Women’s Empowerment & development towards Africa’s Agenda
2063. Aiming the identification of future priority areas of action including
the implementation of the 2016 year of human rights, with focus on the rights
of the women, the award-winning VVV show through enriching testimonies and true
stories to inspire truth, hard work, ethics and growth, call for greater
acceleration in the effective implementation of commitments on gender equality and
women’s empowerment. The upcoming August 2 Widows empowered for peace
fellowship I am organising in Douala is expected to culminate with a
document/communique including concrete decisions to be presented to the AU for
consideration and adoption.
There are several reasons why
the African woman should be inspired, celebrated and empowered. The African
woman is a powerful role model for women and African women in particular. She
is to be celebrated because circumstances don’t change her, she finds a new way
of crediting her untapped potential with merit by working hard and looking for
new strategies to attempting and resolving challenges that come her way. These
stories of war break her and this could kill her spirit, so empowerment through
capacity building and outreach programs can awaken the dead spirit and rekindle
her drive to achieve. These stories of strength, courage, failure, struggles,
fear and success build abilities and capacities in other women anytime. So the
ICE phenomenon is a catalyst for growth promoting networking and enabling
intimate confessional from dynamic women to intrigue all round success. 
Amy BANDA: focus on the aspect
of taking responsibility for your life – not changing your circumstances, but
changing the way you look at your life. What I learned at a very early age was
that I was responsible for my life. And as I became more spiritually conscious,
I learned that we all are responsible for ourselves, that you create your own
reality by the way you think and therefore act. You cannot blame apartheid,
your parents, your circumstances, because you are not your circumstances. You
are your possibilities. If you know that, you can do anything.
MY   –  
The exceptional presentations
of Amy made her influential, resourceful and proactive enough to linking
connections around her communities:
 – Couleurs Matinales
– Samedi Soir
– Sacree 10Manches
– Voice of the Voiceless

The Amy BANDA book club plans
to become the most influential book clubs in the world with recommendations
sent to companies whose corporate social responsibility roles can add value and
colour to the lives of widows and their children. Many commentators agree that
Amy BANDA exerts enormous influence. Some estimated her support for the
CAMASEJ-D’s powerful and unbreakable comeback helped the chapter gain many
votes in the August 22, 2015, Kumba elective general assembly. The Target Peace
online project initiated by this peace advocate preaches and promotes peace
practices to prevent war
If I had the privilege to work
with the African Union, I will seek to advocate the plight of oppressed women
(widows); and attempt to empower them by sensitizing them on their rights as
well as educating them on income generating activities to sustain them and
their families. I will also seek to work with the girl child to enable boost
their self-esteem in a bid to make the girl child strong all round
(academically and financially) in order to avoid future problems that can with the
scholar of the girl child spearhead early marriages and violence. This will
help them to prevent tragic experiences their mothers lived. I will do this
(which I have already begun on the field) because I know the world is better
with equal opportunities for all. 
The African woman should stay
dynamic, strong, resourceful and an inspiration to all. The African woman must
take decisions because communities will be blessed from the outcome. The
African woman should not allow circumstances define her because she is
responsible for any consequences that befall her following her acts. The
African woman should avoid unnecessary competition and comparison that plagues
development initiatives in her community.