My name is Brigitha, 29 Years old,
Mother, Wife social and business entrepreneur from Tanzania. A firm believer in
the private sector as the best possible option for sustainable social and
economic change in Africa; I am a founder of Fahari Yetu, a youth led nonprofit
company work in delivering projects that support Socio-economic development in
Tanzania through Research, Advocacy, 
Empowerment and  Consultancy
services. I am also co-founding and managing a manufacturing company “OBRI
Trading Co. LLC” an agriculture company that source, process, pack and supply
the best and unique range of food products (sunflower cooking oil, rice and
food spices) under the OBRI brand.
With the belief that “educating a girl
child is empowering the nation” I joined University of Dar es salaam for Bachelor
of Arts with Education programme of which I successfully graduated and use my
knowledge to support young girls in local communities in Tanzania to reach
their dreams through teaching, mentoring, link them to university scholarship
opportunities and various awareness programmes. I later joined Sokoine University
of Agriculture for a master degree in Co-operative and Community Development; a
profession which gave me an opportunity to work directly through internships, contractual
works and consultations with both local and international organizations such as
CARE international, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), World
Wide Fund for Nature (WWF, Global Environmental Facility (GEF) and United
Nations Development Programme before decided venturing into entrepreneurship.
I am affiliated with International
Peace Organization and Selected as Youth Ambassador for Sustainable Development
Goals under United Nations Convey of Youth which work to ensure the voice of
youths are integrated in implementation of SDGs in my region.
I choose
As a self-made entrepreneur Vision
is a key for the pursuit of my dreams. I am a visionary being the spirit that
help me to deliver the highest quality services in whatever I do. But again the
desire of spending my whole life doing what i do best and care about the most
is another attributes that describes me well. I am passionate with my
business; I find it a wonderful way to live. Running my own business enables me
to blend my work and my life into one overarching sense of vision and purpose.
The work can be hard and obsessive, the hours can be long and exhausting, but
the sense of freedom, passion, and possibility is unlimited – and well worth
it. I am also very determinined young woman. I am a go getter and the
moment I set any goal I believe nothing can stop me. I see no ceilings that
can’t be broken.
My family is the greatest influence in
whatever I do.
My Mother
She is the most genuine, loving and
very hard working woman I have ever met. She is my inspirational every day. Her
advice, ideas and words of wisdom is what made me who iam today. She always
tells me ‘if you want to be the best, you have to do things that other people
aren’t willing to do”. I think that principle is at the heart of what makes a
successful entrepreneur. Dare to be different! I will be proud to become half
the woman she is today. I look to the lessons she has taught me, and hope one
day my children will be proud to have a mother who they will also refer as
their role model.
Mohamed Dewji

Beside my husband,
who has always been very supportive and guided me through my business journey
and with who I work closely every day, Mohamed Dewji a Tanzanian youngest
billionaire is another person that I look up to as a role model for my career
development. Unlike majority of billionaires who are still stingy with their
wealth, Mohamed Dewji has joined Gates-Buffet giving where he promises to give
away at least half of his wealth to philanthropic causes. Through his pledge I
have learnt the importance of giving back to the community. Successful business
people are well rewarded for their ability to provide what society wants.
Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama is another person that
I look up to. She built her life around helping people through community
services and activism. She focuses on many things but one that inspires me the
most is on inspiring young girls to reach for higher education not only in
America but across the globe. A fashion icon, a devoted mother, and an
accomplished lawyer and writer, Michelle has the world in the palm of her hand.
I believe I am not the only one who is inspired by Michelle but most women
across the world.
In five years I see myself grow as a
person as well as my company, diversify my products, increase customer base and
provide more employment opportunities especially to young woman in Tanzania.
One of many challenges African women
face is limited access to funding to start or expand their own businesses. They
have difficulties accessing finance for various reasons, including poverty,
limited employment in the formal sector, and cultural barriers to land and
property ownership. Access to bank funding is also on average more restrictive
for women-owned small and medium enterprises.  I believe that if given
the opportunity, African women would invest most of their income into their
families and communities. This means that putting more wealth in the hands of
women will have a significant positive multiplier effect on the economy. I
advice and help young women in writing business plans, link them with investors
for funding opportunities. 
I exercise; taking a walk along the
beach. Sip green tea or Mediate.
MY   –  
I think African women should be
inspired, celebrated and empowered because there are lots of untold success
stories of African women especially in rural areas that are unknown of which
they can be used to uplift others.  But
again, there are numbers of African women who are doing great work across the
continent who are always forgotten and acknowledgements goes to either men who are
always the talkers and forget the real doers who are women.
I will seek to empower women
economically by ensuring women’s equal access to, and equal opportunities in
socio-economic life-including the rights to own land and get rid of all bad
cultures and tradition that discriminate women and hinders women to fully enjoy
fundamental rights. By doing so, African women will be empowered economically
and increase number of women owns medium and big businesses across the
continent, build economy and community development.
You can be anything you want to be,
become whatever you want, growing and developing into the life that you choose.
You have to fill your daily life with positive energy all the time. Get rid of
negativity or anything that weigh you down and not pushing you closely to your
goals. Connect your power to your passion and off you go!