Jocelyne Sacerdoce childhood
was marred by so many things apart from
being raped as a child by a cousin and his
friend. Her father was
resentful that she was not born a male, chased
her from home in her
youth days so she would not influence her
younger sisters. Jocelyne
tried to kill herself 3 times. She suffered from
this blame and spent
many sleepless nights in solitude.

One day she met another survivor who made her
understand that her
healing was possible. This childhood experiences
made her understand
the struggle of the girl child and this brought
Jocelyne to create a
NGO which advocates for girls rights, promote
gender equality,
underline girls issues in her community, fight
against rape and plead
for girls education. The most important part
of  her work is when she
shares her story and her experience, which gives
hope and brings
smiles to those who have lived the same
situation as she did. Her
mission is to end rape by involving other
survivors because she
believes that survivors are the only one who
know it’s pain.
“We must accept to live, we must be educated as
education changes
destiny so we will change the world.” – Jocelyne

The name of the organization is “club des
défenseurs des droits de la
fille”. It is a non governmental organization
based in Goma that
includes girls activists in  Kivu Provinces
in the Democratic of
Republic of Congo.