My Name is
Queen Naa Tsotsoo Soyoo I. I come from Ngleshie, also known as James Town in
the Greater Accra Region of Ghana in West Africa. 
I hold a
BA Joint Honours in Law, Politics & International Studies and a Postgraduate
in Project Management, and am also the recipient of a number of awards from the
UK and abroad. I am the Founder of the Ten Talents Skills-based Learning
Initiative, the Royal Matron of Global Visionary Women Network and Secretary
General of the Federation of Ghanaian Diaspora in Europe that encompasses the
National Council of Ghanaian Unions UK (NCGU) and Ghana Union. I happen to be
the first African Queen to be featured in the USA’s Pan Afrikan Times, earning
the title “The Dynamic Queen”. I have had the priviledge of appearing and speaking
on various platforms alongside other leading female change-makers to educate,
provoke debate and motivate. 
Nearly six
years ago, and at a very challenging stage in my life, I was suddenly chosen as
Queen and was thrust into the role of Leadership at an even more public level.
Either I sank or I swam; either I hid or boldly took on the role and made of it
what I could within the limits of my circumstances. I chose to swim, while
teaching others less able to swim too, and have not looked back yet.
PASSION– It is possible throughout our lives to feel the overwhelming
urge to give up. The difference between doing that and carrying on is our
passion. Passion is the driving force behind motivation and the thing that
pushes me.
WISDOM– The courage to be wise. This is a much more difficult do than
it seems because it often means going against my natural inclination to act or
not act in a certain way. Wisdom encompasses courage, foresight, humility but
also dignity. Wisdom tells me when to still my mind amid chaos; when to be
silent and observe and when to speak; when to react and when to ignore. Above
all, wisdom allows me to be human when necessary and tough when I have to be.
VISION– A leader needs the gift of discernment that translates into
vision. Every progressive action begins with an idea, a vision. We are a
complex people of different mini cultures with a larger cultural makeup. Vision
is what transforms the seemingly barren to fruitfulness and makes the most
timid believe he or she is a champion.
My Heritage that
gives me a sense of identity, The formidable matriarchs of my family who will
fight tooth and nail for me but refuse to allow me to disrespect the opponent
or compromise my integrity for the sake of being right. My Children; because they
have allowed me a new perspective to life and provided a vicarious way for me to
relive my youth.
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – Because she epitomizes
all the complexities of the Modern African Woman for her intelligence, business
acumen, dignity, fearlessness and truthfulness as displayed through her books.
Paulo Coelho– For his wisdom, and insight into the Human Spirit. 
The Obamas- For making the challenge of public office appear so effortlessly
cool and dignified in the face of sometimes extraordinary challenges. Also for
giving many young people something to aspire to that is innately positive.

The children
would be independent adults. I would like to have a thriving business and to
have well established the Ten Talents National Skills-based Learning
Initiative, with the first successful TENTACLES running the project while I
focus some of my energy on my passion for lobbying and advocacy at a higher
level to bring about social change and development to my traditional and
Diasporan communities.
In African
Communities especially, women are still struggling to break gender stereotypes
and to believe that they are capable. Even those who believe they are capable
often have to fight predatory male behaviour in a bid to assert and validate
themselves. Our Ten Talents Skills Based Learning Initiative aims to break down
those gender stereotypes while providing young women with alternatives to early
marriage, babies and kitchen or on the other hand the belief that only a white
collar job qualifies one as successful. The African Woman’s challenge is to
find way of taking back her position of leadership.
I love to dance.
I love to cook; I love to have spiritual and philosophical conversations. I
love to read.
Inspire: Never assume you are in it alone. Use your life’s experiences
as inspiration for others. As a leader, carry your team along with you. Be
prepared to leave behind those who refuse to acknowledge your worth. Set your
value and strive to maintain it.
Celebrate: Celebrate life, Celebrate your achievements, that of your
family and friends and celebrate other women. Remember the African proverb that
says “When Two Elephants Fight, it is the Grass That Suffers” Elevate other
women who are trying to navigate this complex world system just like you are
and share in the joy of their success.
Empower: Build Resilience, keep dignity and throw away ego. As a
leader, take your team with you; it builds trust and loyalty. Manage
expectations and deliver. Women are beginning to take centre stage in world
affairs. Learn from it and aspire to be significant. Empower Female Traditional
Rulers to be even more progressive and effective.
I would like to explore the relationship between Migration and
Gender Based Violence (against women) from the perspective of tradition and
culture and to help set and implement practical policies to challenge and tackle
the problem; using the learning outcomes to educate and empower other
traditional rulers towards doing the same .
Don’t forget to live a little, play a little, laugh
a little and love a little. Money has no gender. Let no one convince you that
you do not deserve it because you are a woman; at the same time do not allow it
to be your master. It is always better to do it little by little if you don’t
immediately have the resources, than to keep waiting for the big break that may
come too late. Remember, that we may not always like each other but we have to
work together for a common purpose. When you support your partners and spouses
to disrespect other women, you undermine the very essence of our collective
empowerment. Above all, learn to express gratitude for the small things because
they attract the big things.