I am Thokozile Mahlangu;
a 24 year old young woman, a dreamer, achiever and a go getter. I am currently
a news journalist for University of South Africa (UNISA) radio and a Law
student at Unisa. I am passionate about women empowerment, which can be easily
seen in my personal articles. I am passionate about being African and most
importantly being an African woman.

Humility- I honestly
don’t think I would be where I am today in every aspect of my life if I didn’t
believe in the spirit of humility. Humility is something that was imbued within
from a young age.
Knowledge- Knowledge is
power! If every individual makes it their mission to seek knowledge, this
continent would be a better place to live in. I will forever preach the word
READ to every black child, because I know that the power of knowledge can take
a person where they never even dreamed they would reach.
Love- I am all about
loving myself first before anything or anyone and I strongly believe that if
women loved themselves, there would be less tolerance of women abuse from men,
less body shaming and less skin bleaching. Therefore, love relates to me
because it is within me.

Working at a radio
station exposes me to so many individuals, I meet people from all works of
life. I get inspired by everyday people who do not allow their current
situation to determine their future.
My Mom- she is my very
first teacher. Before all the other things I have been taught in life, she
first taught me to love myself, respect myself and respect life. Watching her
get up every morning to work for her nine children has had a great impact on
me. She is my first teacher and my best friend.
Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka- This
Empowering woman was first brought to my attention when she was elected a South
African Deputy President, the first woman to be elected for this position in
South Africa. Reading about her career has inspired me in many ways and her
involvement in women empowerment has had a great impact in my women empowerment
Ellen Johnson Sirlief-
The first woman to be elected head of State in Africa. I believe every woman of
colour should look at this amazing for inspiration. Her life story, her
speeches and her career are very inspiring. There is really no secret why I see
her as my role model.
In the next five years I
see myself as a successful news anchor and a law graduate that is on a mission
to utilise her qualification to fight for the children and women’s rights.
African women have a
challenge of embracing who they are. Most of them are trying to look like
someone else, if they are not bleaching their skin they are hiding who they are
under a weave or heavy make up. Not that there is anything wrong with putting
on a weave or make up, but it becomes a problem when they use these as a mask.

For the first time in my
life I am okay with my thick thighs and my very coarse hair. I am contributing
to remedy this challenge by engaging with black African women and making them
aware of the beauty that we have been gifted with.

Another challenge is
mediocrity. I find that women tend to limit themselves when it comes to their
careers, they usually have this one goal that they set for themselves and once
they reach that goal; they are done, they are fixed for life they believe.
I am contributing to
remedy this challenge by aiming even higher and this means doing things that I
have never done before.
I unwind by listening to
music and spending some time alone.
MY   –  
African woman should be
Inspired because we have dreams that can change the world and views that can
make a difference, celebrated because we are forces to be reckoned with, and
Empowered because we are capable of doing so much more than having babies and
being wives.
I would seek the responsibility
of working toward gender equality because it is a known fact that in Africa the
girl child is considered to be less important compared to the boy child. We
still have parts in this continent where there are child brides and boys
continue with their education. I would definitely work towards this
responsibility because it fights for what I am passionate.


African women should
embrace themselves as they are. Accept the things that you can’t change about
yourself, and work on their dreams.