My name is Tshenolo Ketumile. I am a thirty-year-old
mother to a bubbly 3-year-old girl. I work as an International Trade Lawyer in
the Attorney General’s Chambers
of Botswana under the International and Commercial Division. My work largely
involves giving legal advice on trade issues to the Ministry of Investment
Trade and Industry and to the National Committees on Market Access of
Industrial Goods and Trade Facilitation where I sit as the legal advisor. I am also an entrepreneur, sharing a supplies and
catering business with my two cousins, Olebogeng and Ineeleng.
I am fuelled by my ambition to succeed. I was born
ambitious but somehow that got subsumed and overtaken by the many challenges I
faced when growing up. I always knew I was meant to achieve great things but
for the longest time I didn’t accept that I was different and did all I could
to be accepted. It did not happen. Somehow I was always the different one, with
a strong voice but only spoke when necessary. I soon found my power and
accepted that I was created different for a purpose, to be a leader.
Losing is never really an option. Once I set my
eyes on a goal, I don’t take my eyes off it until I achieve it, even if that
means falling and rising over and over again.
I do not take anything or anyone for granted and I
could never forget where I come from. Even if I dream big and aspire high, I
have learnt that humility is a virtue.
what has
had the most profound INFLUENCE on me
God has
been my biggest influencer, he has made me wonderfully and fearfully and I
believe he has my future planned out just the way it should be.
who are
my role MODELS?
Dorcus Makgatho-Minster of
Health, Botswana
I admire the current Minister of Health, Ms Dorcus
Makgatho. She is he former Minister of Investmnet Trade and Industry. She
exudes strength and purpose and she made really good strides for women in
trade. She is a good advocate for women empowerment and everything she touches
turns to gold. I thought she was a good Trade minister because she was
passionate about trade issues. I learnt that wherever she is placed, she
Hillary Clinton-USA Democrat
Presidential Elect
Ms Clinton has conquered the precepts of gender in
the American political history to become the first female Presidential Elect
for the United States of America. Even through the challenges brought about by
her work, she has a perseverant spirit.
in the
next 5 years
I would have done my masters in international
trade, and established an advocacy organization to help women traders in the
rural areas establish themselves in the available international markets brought
about by the various regional and international trade agreements.
african woman’s challenge
The African woman’s biggest challenge is without
doubt gender discrimination. I come from a society that is still very
patriarchal and this means that the road to gender equality is a long and hard
one, but God willing, one day the African woman shall overcome. Women are still
perceived as weak and subordinate to men. 
Women’s access to financing, economic independence, political
participation and even social contribution are some of the other challenges the
African woman faces because society still deems her subordinate to a man.
what i
do to relax
I am a homebody so I enjoy things like watching
television and reading. My greatest read so far has to be by a fellow lawyer,
businessman and politician David Magang titled the Magic of Perserverance. I
also enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends.
should the african woman be INSPIRED, celebrated and empowered?
The African woman should be celebrated for her
strength and resilience. She has air of softness to her and is a nurturer. She
should be empowered to stand for her rights and achieve her dreams.
union work responsibilities
I would want to work under the women economic
empowerment sector to ensure that women I business increase their productivity
levels, have access to financial resources and are fully equipped on business
skills and how to take advantage of the economic agreements their countries get
to the african woman
Love yourself enough and that love will radiate to
the world around you. Go after your dreams and don’t stop until you achieve
them. Additionally trust God to lead you to your purpose and to be there for
you all the way. It is easy to give up, but that’s not your portion. You,
woman, was born to be great.