I am
Diénéba DÈME, from Mali, an African and a World citizen.  I’m a science
journalist and Communication specialist, passionate of photos and videos. I am
the 2016-2017 President of Bamako English Toastmasters Club, a club affiliate
to Toastmasters International. Toastmasters International is world known
movement, helping its members to refine their leadership and communication
I love adventures, travelling, chocolate and new challenges. Currently I serve
as Communications Officer of the Malian Ministry of digital economy and
communication. I am a 29 years old mother, married with two children. 


I seek excellence in everything I do. At Toastmasters, one of our core values
is Excellence. So we work towards excellence every time. We have the passion to
optimistically work on goals towards excellence. And since I am a Toastmaster,
I keep this in mind when I take actions. During my life, I always look for
originality so, excellence becomes my first and final vision. I have been told
by people that I’m excellent, at school, in society, in associations etc. I
also like meeting people who work towards excellence. 

I want to see young people dreaming and dreaming big. I love people who share
their experiences with others. I do my best to share my experiences with other
people. When I was appointed from May to June 2016 as Youth Leadership Program
Coordinator, a two-month program sponsored by Toastmasters International to
initiate youth in public speaking, I did my best to share my experiences and
help them grow during this program. A good friend of mine recently created
«Live Your Dream», a start-up empowering young people in entrepreneurship,
communication and leadership, I joined him as managing partner. Together with
him, we are helping young people to find their ways as they grow. 

Every day I learn a new thing. I continue searching for knowledge, to help me
live my dreams. Learning is the beginning and the end of everything. I am developing
a project for young journalists in Mali, called «Journal scientifique et
technique du Mali», this will be a “science and Technical newspaper in Mali”. 
This project aims to help young journalists get good background in their field
of interests and work towards their goals. 
My greatest and most profound
influencer is God. As creator, He is my first inspiration. I believe in God and
ask every time for guidance when I have new idea. I believe that everything
that happens in life happens under his divine work. But, it important that
after seeking his guidance, you work hard to reach your goals. You have to lay
the foundation stones then God will lift you up. Trust God and never give up,
is my quote.
Amadou Hampaté Ba: He was a Malian
writer. He experienced colonization and slavery in Africa. His books inspire me
a lot. His writings highlight the value of leadership. He described two
separate world (traditional and modern).  I keep getting inspiration from
his books. I continue to follow his advice on his book called «Amkoullel,
l’enfant peul . 

Adam Ba Konaré: She is a writer and first lady of Mali from 1992 to 2002. She
has a foundation helping poor and underprivileged people. She helps writers to
write books. 

Bob Proctor: He is one of the best examples of social climb. He was a street
sweeper, who became a very successful entrepreneur earning a lot of money. He
story showed the power of thoughts. 

My five years’ goal is to create a
radio and TV programs featuring the results of scientific researchers. We
already have the online newspaper, but we are looking for a place to build the
offices. I have a friend who has similar idea so we are joining efforts to make
it happen and live this big dream.
African women are committed for the
continent. They are always doing well to create and reach their goals. The most
important challenge for African women is to have self-confidence and sphere to
work. Women need space and confidence to express themselves. They are forced
and there is a prejudice which should disappear. What I’m doing to help in
order to remedy these problems, it is to believe in my dreams and to put my
capacity as contribution to meet challenges. We organize debates and meetings
to favour the contribution of women in training, education and the leadership
through the programs I participate in.
To relax, I swim and drink natural
juice and read books. I love enjoying the beautiful nature and visit the
The African women are strong, they
like excellence and they want to reach goals. They are always present and
participate to the development of the continent. African women want to have
more listeners and share ideas.
I will
become the responsible of women and children education department, because
women need to be more educated about technologies, trained about leadership and


I tell them to keep fighting and
never give up. Women have great potentials; they should continue doing what
they good at. They should continue to contribute in their communities. As Bob
Marley said “No woman, no life”. We are in the centre of the development
process and we should not stay aside.