Mmakgosi is a 27 year old creative who writes, performs and
lives to make a difference through her art. 
She believes in and becoming the change she wants to see. In 2012 she
co-founded a movement called MO Scripts, which purposes to advance literacy by
cultivating a culture of reading and writing in the world. The movement has
since published four mobile poetry anthologies that stand at 500 000 downloads,
all at five star ratings which aids their mandate. Mmakgosi is also the
co-founder of Sekei Girls, a mentorship and skills development program that has
adopted three high schools in Botswana to help the girl and boy child identify,
appreciate, nurture, develop and expose their gifts of Poetry and Performance.
She is an active Mental Health and Social Activist who is highly involved in
serving her community under God’s True Gospel Church community outreach
projects. Mmakgosi has most recently helped organize the first ever
International Risk and Finance Convention this past August 2016, through an
organization called Risk Minds Botswana.

Love : I learnt to run to love, confide in
love and survive on love only after losing myself, and realizing that love kept
me alive all these years. Love translates to humility. Love is honor. Love
means I speak and I become. Love keeps me writing, rehearsing and performing
these poems. It keeps me wanting to be a better version of myself. I
communicate and survive on faith and knowing love is infinite. In essence love
drives me.
Perseverance: Life has never promised
us that it would be easy. There are many challenges I have dealt with, pains I
have endured and all forms of rejection but I never gave in. My relentless
pursuit to fulfill my purpose in this life has seen me take on obstacles like
Bipolar, fight to complete my degree program and manage my career even as a
single mother. I don’t agree with giving in. It’s not in my DNA. I open my
Bible every time I face any difficulty and I am reminded by the experiences of
men like Job that God has my back.
Wisdom: My greatest desire
is to possess the wisdom of God. Interacting with many young men and women on
sensitive matters means that the words I speak must build, guide and shed light
to their situations. I have had to comfort a lot of souls, and through the motivational
talks I have delivered; only wisdom has been at the core of my speech. I pray
every day for the wisdom to see my scars as lessons and wisdom is not only what
I can impart, it means that I can implement it in my own life and protect
myself, my ideas and my visions. Not everyone in our lives is meant to hear of
our dreams. Some of them are dream killers, vision dimmers, and not having
wisdom can alter ones journey drastically.
God has the most profound influence on
me. When you been where I been, you cannot afford not to acknowledge God in
your life. It is through my relationship with Him that I have met my enablers,
many heroes’, teachers and remarkable people that have ushered me into my
destiny. Every day I have celebrated the gift of life, the ability to see,
hear, think, feel and appreciate the people around me more. A well balanced
mind, emotions and body are necessary for anyone with a vision to see it
through. My faith is what has awarded me that balance.  I am hopeful that with every experience
awaiting me- the influence of God will continue to show itself.
My mother: My mother has
provided me with an ocean of reasons to call her my role model. She has shown
me the meaning of strength, taught to me take ownership of my life and be
accountable for the choices I make. My mother is the epitome of power. When she
speaks, how she leads the Ministry that God has entrusted her with, and how she
loves people baffles me at times. She is a giver and this is a strength she has
imparted upon me. She prays for me and never gives up on me. She is a blessing.
Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf: This woman is a
pioneer of leadership in every office of power that she has been trusted with
regionally, internationally and in her native land. That is what makes leaders.
Her boldness is so beautiful yet she carries herself with so much grace and
humility. Her candor is exceptional, and I have admired her for not only for
speaking out on the injustices she observed before being president, but for
changing the status quo after being sworn into presidency. She stands for
peace, education, and the rights of women. The issues I address in my art that
I want to make changes to. A woman of such greatness plants seeds of hope in
generations to come for an eternity. Great leaders raise leaders.
Juanita Bynum: This woman is a
survivor, having made it out of an abusive marriage; she rose up, never quit on
her purpose and kept on pushing. The path she has walked encourages me and
often I feel she is a Proverbs 31 woman in every sense. I appreciate her
integrity, class, and the fact that she is a New York Times Bestselling author and
platinum selling albums. Both of which I aspire to one day carry in my
biography gives her an uncommon merit of leadership. Her work ethic and
humility has opened many doors for her and allowed her to touch many lives.
That is what I appreciate most about her.
My vision is to create a safe, secure and conducive environment
for learning, exploring and developing talent in the youth of Botswana. I am
all for empowerment and self-actualization, keeping both the boy and girl child
hopeful and inspired. I am still waiting to see an empire driven by female
leaders across all industries together in unity. No cat flights, no jealousy,
no petty talk. Ambitious women that soar together push each other and ready to
conquer. Progress is slow on issues of equality; I want to create businesses
that will make an economic, social and environmental impact towards reshaping
the future of women with their involvement. I desire to grow my portfolio, and
build it to gain the much needed influence that will send me to where policies
are made and in that way I can contribute towards the development of women in
Africa. I have a team of women that are supportive, compassionate, hold me
accountable and provide me with a safe space to share my challenges,
experiences and goals.

One of the most graceful leaders of our time, her Excellency,
Ellen Johnson- Sirleaf once said, “Africa is not poor, it is poorly managed.’
Over the few past decades, we have made strides with women taking on positions
of power and overcoming stereotypes that kept us from exploring our full
potential. We are faced with challenges that require the active participation
of both men and women to put them at bay. The lack of self-awareness in women
has inhibited us from making confident decisions that make a difference.
Genuine leaders are needed but some of them are not aware of the power within
them to take this on.
Our resources have been mismanaged and that has separated us
from the ability to depend solely on our own finances.  Instead we rely heavily on international aid
that gives these international stakeholders some consideration when our
nation’s policies are made. The many challenges Africa is faced with leaves women
and children as victims of these economic instabilities, wars, poverty and
natural disasters.
I tackle issues from wars, poverty, mental health, rape and an
imagined Africa on my blog articles, my poetry and my songs. I perform these
pieces and generate conversations surrounding them. Through the Sekei Girl
mentorship program we help young boys and girls to understand the power within
them. MO Scripts empowers writers with opportunities and encourages them to
read and write more. When I am invited to a school to motivate the children I
collect books, magazines and clothes for them. I am a believer of inspiration
and I know how one encounter can change the course of an adolescent’s life. My
prayers are to go further than performing, mentoring and imparting what is
inside of me. I want to learn more, do more and be more.
I love spending time with my son, he
is my world. Watching him smile, laugh and sulk is a blessing. I enjoy coming
together with my family to watch television. They have the most beautifully
weird perspectives of life. I enjoy listening to music and making it. Reading a
good book, checking out new restaurants- exploring what they have on their
menus. I enjoy spending time with my friends that usually means a lot of
sharing, praying and inspiration flowing around. I’m a picnic person, and I
love nature which means I am wild about traveling.
MY   –  
The African woman has developed
herself, healed herself and still carried nations on her back. She is a force
to reckon with. Tackling issues forbidden to her, she is a treasure that looks
for solutions and implements them with a nurturing spirit. The African woman
should be inspired because there are a lot of hidden strengths she needs to tap
into and discover. She must be empowered because she is the pillar of many
communities. A pillar must stand strong on good foundations and empowerment
means that she will remain unshakable no matter the winds that come her way.
I would take on the responsibility of
addressing mental health matters in Gender policies. Come up with functional
programs and oversee their implementation. Formulate a harmonic program of the creative
arts in the lives of women, as a form of rehabilitation and empowerment for them.  Now more than ever, the political, social and
economic unrest that’s polluted the globe is unsettling. Leadership means accountability. It means one
is responsible for sustaining the wellbeing of their people, ensuring their
security, helping them explore their potential, maintaining a safe atmosphere
for them to survive and raising more leaders from them to prepare them for the
process of succession. It is my plan to mobilize women in all areas of Africa
and engage them throughout every process of our development. Women need to be
inspired and active participation in making a change should do that.


I am convinced now more than ever that women need each other. Living
in complete ignorance of our weaknesses will not make us any stronger. It will
break us. Let us discover ourselves. Learn everything there is to know about
who you are. Challenge yourself. Listening will make you appreciate the
strength in co-existence. The people you often reject carry blessings for you.
One way or the other, these people always have something to offer. Everyone has
something to offer. So every time you reject someone be prepared to say goodbye
to a blessing. When you try too hard to be unique you end up losing the essence
of your being. Being different is not a status you acquire- it’s an inherent
trait that you are born with. So be you. And flourish in that. Last but not
least, rest before you get rusty.