I am
Tracy Folorunsho-Barry, a Lifestyle designer. Recently selected as Top 100
black women to watch in Canada, along with other awards called upon to receive
later on this year. I am the CEO of Fitstill Lifestyle Inc., a mother to 5 beautiful
children. I Left Nigeria for Canada at the age of 17 and the rest now history.
I am currently on a mission to teach people around the world particularly
women; on how to become healthy in every accepts of life. As a lifestyle
designer, I inspire people to become their best selves by creating a fun and
realistic programs that make it easy for them to live a healthy life.
company FitStill Lifestyle is into Health, wellness and beauty. Our services
and products help enhance people’s lifestyle in every accepts of life. Our
mission is to target every components of wellness, through proper research and
approach. The goal is to empower, educate and keep people current on the best
way to live a healthy life. The services we currently provide includes outdoors
only Fitness Classes, wellness classes (personal, groups, community &
corporate), guided healthy groceries shopping and cooking, healthy meals
catering for personal, small and large groups, health, wellness and beauty
supplies. We accommodate requests for custom programs to fit client’s
needs.  The main purpose of this pattern
is to encourage wellness in the community as much as possible. Our programs at
FitStill has been impacting communities so much, that I feel honoured to
recently have be called upon to receive ABEDORC achievement award in community
service to crown my effort here in Canada.
•    Audacity, to make a stand become the best
version of me, regardless of the situation.
•    Fearless, not afraid to try things that are
beneficial for me and others even though it may hurt. Not afraid to do what
other see to be impossible. Not afraid to stand for what’s right and Not taking
a no for an answer that demands yes.
•    Faith; My faith is what kept me and brought
me this far. I believe that with God all things are truly possible.


God! He
alone has the most profound influence on me. I believe in His way only. That
through Him only all things are made possible.

•    My Mother. Since childhood my mother has
always been a woman I look up to. Because of her, I’m the woman I am today.
There are many things she wasn’t able to achieve during her time and my mission
now is to finish all the good intentions she wished to had accomplish. My
mother has been and will always be my number one role model.
•    My Children. They made me re-defined my
life as a whole.
•    Lastly; Africa women, who against all odds
are still braves in their own various way and never in anyway giving up, even
in face of hardship. The hope I see in them, keep helping me to hold on. 
envisioned goal for the next 5 years is to make more waves to this wellness
moving, letting people understand that everyone has what it takes to be healthy
in every aspects of life and making this a global mission. Owning multiple
wellness centers dealing with Health, wellness and beauty across Canada, US and
Nigeria. I really want to see many people striving for wellness in every aspects
of life.
many Nigerian woman were born to be great. Like my mother for example didn’t
have the opportunity to make her plans come to life. But she did everything she
could to catered for her children and people around her, giving up was never on
my mother’s agenda. This is the reason I fight to see that all my mother’s
dreams are fulfilled. Opportunity is the reason why a child that was created to
be great remains poor, this syndrome is then passed down from generation to
generation. In the future I hope to assist more less privileged children by
providing them access to apprenticeship and educational programs.
I have
not only become a preacher but also a doer of what I preach. To ease my
tension, I read good books that inspire me to become the very best version of
me. I workout, go for a long walk to unwind.
MY   –  
women should be inspired, celebrated and empowered, so they know that someone
appreciates the good work they do. Just by watching the people I admired the
most celebrated, inspired me to want to be the best and this may also be the
same reason for others.
date, an African woman can never be lived without in Africa. No one in Africa
will say they have never been touched by an African woman’s love and care. I
know this will apply to every woman around the world, but an African woman
somehow manages to juggle both work, family, friendship, building her home and
the community perfectly, even while facing tough times. This is why African
women should be inspired, celebrated and empowered.
of social affairs, there I would have the chance to lend my voice and join
those that make policies on health and wellness. I understand that the
department has five divisions, which includes; health, nutrition and
population; labour, migration, culture and sport. These happens to be my areas
of specialty.
pushing…. when there is life, there is always hope. All hope is not lost yet
you can still get what you deserve and become what God wants you to be.  Hold on tight to what you have now, and look
out for the next best options.  Don’t
just gather all eggs at same basket. Don’t get confused or get lost in the
point shouldn’t validate your well being. Against all odds, know that you were
fearfully and wonderfully made.