My name is Khadidiatou Fall SAMB. I am Senegalese and was born
and raised in Thiès.

I attended ISM, a top business school in Sénégal and obtained my
Bachelor in Business Administration this year (2016). I am attending the first
online university of Sénégal (UVS) for a second Bachelor degree in English. In
2014, I had a summer internship in a consulting company. For the next years and
while I was still at school, I decided to devote to my own business. In January
2015, with 12000 FCFA (about 26 USD), I set up my business which name is AfricanFate.
is an African clothing brand. We often use African prints fabric which we
combine with other sort of fabrics to make beautiful and ethnic clothes and
accessories. Among other things, I have a passion for everything relating to
women, beauty and handcrafts as well as sharing and communicating. I value a
lot digital which is a core element in my daily activities. Very smiling, I am
an eternal curious and dynamic woman who loves to discover, learn and try new
Faith: In GOD, in ourselves
and in people. Faith strengthens humans. It makes you know you can achieve
great things. I see in faith, confidence. Self-confidence is a must. If you
allow yourself no faith, people around you are not going to do so. Then, I
believe it is important to inspire people faith in themselves mostly women.
Perseverance: People say I am
obstinate. I am aware that success is no chance. It is the result of many daily
little good as well as difficult things and steps. The way of success is harsh.
When times are hard, we should not leave the fight, the key is to persevere and
keep settling. This is a great value in business and in my life.
Passion is my life. Every
day I do what I am fond of, it makes me happy, it makes me alive. This is why I
launched my business around one of my greatest passion: fashion and beauty. I
will spend the rest of my life enjoying my job!
So many things and people that I
hesitate to choose! I will name my family, my friends, my teachers and mentors.
I always say I am lucky and grateful to have such great people surround me. But
let me mention the great influence from my very supportive mother who first
invested money and faith in my business, she always advises me to keep forward
and work.
My grandmother is far my best advisor,
confidant and teacher. She was a real dynamic, strong, wise and loving woman. She
inspired me my passion for fashion and handcrafts. She advised me to ever be
strong, to believe in myself, not to                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             complain
and to respect everybody I meet. Beyond speaking, she showed and proved the
way. I will always keep moving with her tips, prayers, blessings and advice. -May
she RIP
·       Michelle Obama, I cannot help smiling at
seeing her. She is a model in inspiring self-confidence, hard work, simplicity
and patience.
·       Collé Ardo SOW is a Senegalese fashion
designer I appreciate a lot for her work, her smile and simplicity. She indeed
promoted African cloths all around the world through her designs. I met her in
December 2010, and she is just phenomenal.
I want AfricanFate to have a great impact.
I envision growing the business to better promote the made in Senegal and
African prints fabric. I wish to create jobs for some talented young people and
inspire my fellows to dare entrepreneurship. I want the brand to be represented
all over Africa, on an international platform and to better value fashion in
the life of my clients.
The main challenge to me is trust.
Women need to fully believe in themselves. Some who are need to be supported
and empowered to inspire and share with others. In addition, most of the time
women are imposed beauty standard which do not necessarily suit them. This is
why in AfricanFate we propose
and collect feedbacks along with their needs, expectations and social
situation. Our role is delivering products they feel beautiful with. It is
natural; women are more confidant when they feel they are beautiful. We have
also an upcoming event –Exception ’Elle-, a forum dedicated to bring together
exceptional women from digital, fashion, leadership and business sectors.
Through panels and workshops, we wish to promote them, empower them and create
a framework for them to network, exchange and collaborate. We are looking for
I listen to Coran. I enjoy also
reading, chatting with friends, meeting new people and having my alone time in
a somber and silent room to meditate. I play a lot with makeup, it relaxes me.
MY   –  
It is a duty; women are worth our entire acknowledgement! It is
undeniable they are of great contribution in the economy, the society, the
religion and the culture. When they are inspired, celebrated and empowered,
women will do better as key actors in development. They will gain self-confidence
and collaborate to face challenges while enjoying being women.
I would love to work in Entrepreneurship and Education sectors.
I wish women to be empowered with better access to education and training as
far as tools, programs and finance for launching and growing sustainable businesses.
In addition, I think important to showcase their activism, roles and
contribution in ICT.
 Dears, being woman
is no bad fate. It is a lucky mission, a passionate and responsible life. You
are strong and noble giving birth, raising and taking care of the humanity. Be
yourself, believe in yourself and respect yourself. Remember success is a
continuous day-to-day battle. Live, Love, Learn. No matter what happens keep
smiling; the best is yet to come!