Nadie Précieuse SEMANOU  – Beninese , was
born in Cotonou. She studied International Relations where she obtained a Bachelor
Of Art in International Relations She is concerned about the future of the
youth of her country and has initiated several movement including ” Open
Conscience ” which aims to make each young person an ambassador to his/her
community. She is also poised to see that youth are interested in civic
engagement thereby building a better health community. She is also a slammer
because I think that I can use words and my voice to change the

Humility because, for me,
everything starts from there. Anyone who wants to succeed must listen to
the other because they necessarily have something new to bring. Humility
teaches me to recognize when I am wrong and apologize if necessary and this
helps me enormously to maintain healthy relationships with others

Optimistic in the sense that I don’t let anybody or nothing distracts me from
my goals by telling me for example that I’m making a very bad choice. I remain
positive and I seriously believe in what I ‘m doing even the smallest things
hence I always get results beyond my expectations.

Joy because everything I do in joy only gives positive results. My
exhilaration has opened me many doors and I have also inspired and impacted
many lives.

Anyone I met affords an
opportunity to become a very important person in my life. A person who shows to
me who I am, in fact a person that when I want to give up proves to me that
there are reasons to not falter. Someone whose name I am silent but
has undoubtedly been sent by God to my life is my greatest influence.

Martin Luther King for his
courage, his determination, his patience, his pacifism in the settlement of the
problem of racial segregation.
Rosa Parks who is one of
the first women who proved that we can count on feminine bravery. 
Barack Obama for his charisma,
boldness and diplomacy.

In the next five years, I
see myself at the head of an organization that impacts the lives of 10,000
children, youth and women in Africa and the world. I now working for it with
some youth and I strongly believe that it will not be just a dream it will come
to pass.
Like it or not, the custom
has an important place in the African context. And according to this custom,
women are not supposed to play the leading roles. That is a shame because,
today we see women who assert themselves, who want to change things and do
better than some men. I always hear of men who still do not want to see us act,
work or do our thing. My only answer is to do what I can do, try to make them
understand the merits of women’s involvement and hope that one day they will
understand. The reality is that the African woman has a constant need to trust
in herself this is very salient. 

I relax by listening to music,
writing slam texts, share valuable time with children, listening to them

MY   –  
Because, the African woman is
brave and strong. Because,
she would like to do great things but is afraid of what society will think and say. So she
needs to know before her, people have done and have only positive repercussions, there are
other women like her who are supported by the world. Because, we must learn to
African women to dare.

If I had the privilege to
work in the Africa Union – it would be in the women advocacy and empowerment department,
the first role that I would seek to play will be the extension of these rights
in all member states of this organization because we cannot solve a problem for
someone without a creating a consciousness to impact all stakeholders. It is
from this basis that we must start in my opinion. then we will fight against
violence against women and ensure schooling or reintegration of all girls.

is the key to fulfilment!  Being a woman is not synonymous being silent We
all have something to do, to contribute to our community and our husbands will
all be proud of Us. Let Us have confidence in us and let us be the Phenomenal
Woman. In the kitchen, let’s keep making a difference, in the home let’s
nurture our family in the marketplace let’s make a difference!