My name is Sylvia
Leabile.  I am the Managing Member
(owner) of Tsela Tshweu Business Concepts (Pty) Ltd.  The company which started in 1998 and solely
focused on Event Management, Communications, Marketing & Public
Relations.  In 2005 the company expanded
its services by providing project management, consulting in mining &
construction and business re-engineering. 
I studied IMM: Diploma in Marketing Management, BCOM: Communications and
collected a number of diplomas & certificates.  

I have served on Boards and
Organisations including but not limited to the following:
of the NW Provincial Council on Aids 
(2012-2015); Chairperson of the NW SANAC Civil Society Forum (South
African National Aids Council)(2013 -2016); 
Vice President of NW Business Forum – Current; Member of the World
Developing Nations Business and Commerce Association (WDBCA) (An Economic Joint
Committee of China Commercial Stock Enterprise); Member of BUSA (Business Unity
SA); Member of SACCI (SA Chamber of Commerce and Industry); Chairperson of
North West Businesswoman Association (BWA), (2012-2014); Chairperson for NW
South African Business Collation on Health and Wellness (SABCOHA).(2012-2014);
National Board member for SABCOHA (2012-2014.
makes my life worthwhile today is a combination of the following values: love,
forgiveness, letting go of past experiences without resentment, confronting
what needs to be confronted, embracing new things, giving people the benefit of
doubt, forgiving wholeheartedly, protecting what I believe in at all cost and
understanding that people can support and at the same time hurt you,
intentionally or not.  I am a well-grounded
woman with a huge vision and a big heart. I am a Motivational speaker, facilitator
for Enterprise Development and Capacity Building.  I am an architect of Youth and Women
Empowerment and Development initiatives. 
I believe that each challenge is a lesson for me and about me. When you
are challenged there is a greater power firmly holding you. You can’t live your
life planning how to escape the hurt and disappointment or you can choose how
to look at life for what it is. I can be best described as a “Self- Appointed
Leader” and has a firm belief that when you depend on others to appoint you-
you automatically give them power to disappoint you, too.
Tenacity is one of those common attributes of most successful
It’s often one of the key
missing ingredients of chronic underachievers. Truly tenacious people grab hold of an idea or a cause and refuse
to let go until they’ve succeeded, or, until someone finds them passed out in a
pool of their own sweat.

Of course, what the external observer probably doesn’t know is that the
tenacious individual hasn’t given up.  He or she is just bowing to
nature’s demands and refuelling and rethinking while floating in particular
pool of sweat.  Growing up, my mother
used to beat me hard by defying her instructions and instead doing what I
believed in.   She used to curse me and
tell me that she could have named me “Boichoko
which translates as persistence.
The greatest fear in the world is of the opinions of others. The
moment you are unafraid of the crowd you are no longer a sheep, you become a
lion. A great roar arises in your heart, “the roar of freedom.”
Also, when you are a person who wants to impact others and make
a lasting change in the lives of people, you cannot afford to live in fear. You
can either be a person who is a coward, afraid, ready to submit, surrender, a
person who has no dignity, no respect for his/her own being—or you can be
fearless. But then you are going to be a rebel, you cannot avoid that. Either
you can be a man of faith or you are going to be a rebellious spirit.
I looked at my life history and
identified the following:
ü       What you see is what you get. Outer
and inner are connected, parts of one whole.
ü       A person who has basic integrity
honors commitments and keeps promises. If they say they will be there, they
are. If they promise to do something, they do it.
ü  A person with integrity is truthful.
You can trust what they tell you.
ü  Consistency. Someone who has
integrity isn’t your new best friend one week and then next week doesn’t seem
to know you.
ü  Integrity doesn’t mean that a person
never makes mistakes. But a person with integrity accepts responsibility for
his or her own mistakes or failures and does what’s in his or her power to put
things right.
ü  People of integrity care about the
work, the mission, or the product and about a job well done, and not just about
what they personally will get out of it in terms of money, recognition or advancement.
My ex-husband divorced me for being too kind. 
He would be so frustrated and tell me that if he wants to be rich, he is
definitely not going to achieve that with a woman of my character. 
ü  A person of integrity minds his or
her own business. I don’t mean being anti-social. I mean focusing on your own
responsibilities and work rather than freely imposing yourself into the
responsibilities of another.
ü  People with integrity know that they
aren’t perfect and that sometimes in this life it’s not possible to avoid
disappointing or hurting others. Because of this they are able to forgive and
they recognize their own need for forgiveness
If some philanthropist were to offer me
money for a conference on integrity, I don’t think I’d take it. Integrity isn’t
something you get at a weekend conference. It’s gained slowly, taught by
example and experience, in families, schools and religious congregations and
communities where it flourishes.
I have to honestly define Integrity to you, I would say “It is when you are in
a swimming pool and nature calls when you need to pee.  You simply leave the pool and find the
restroom and relief yourself and come back to enjoy your swimming”
late mother.  I remember when I was 6
years, when the then apartheid government forcefully removed us from our
hometown and dumped us into “government shacks”.  My mother called all women in the village to
start a project of making bricks and build houses for everyone.  She was a project leader, a leader of
note.  By the time everyone had a house,
when it was her turn to build, she decided to build a groceries store (general
dealer) and started a business in the community.  She would not sleep until she knew that every
household had food to survive.  She
encouraged women to plough vegetables in their yards.  Her next project was to build a school where
I graduated from “secondary school”.
Maya Angelou
– her teachings, strong character, pride
of being a “black woman” and unapologetic. 
I followed her life story, and I knew that I want to be like her.  A Woman of Stature!!
– Her resilience!!!  Tenacity!! 
Humility and above all, generosity to share her wisdom
Sheila Tlou
– A leader in the making!  Kind, Loving, warm-hearted individual.  Young from the inside and strong as a “Lion”
from the outside.  When she walks into
the room, even the blind can recognise that “A Powerful Woman has just walked
in “.  Her positive Aura is contagious!!
goal is to empower one women at a time, who will empower another, and the next
and within no time, the entire African Women will be empowered.  With my foundation, i.e. Sylvia Leabile
foundation, I intend to have duplicated and tripled Sylvia in every community that
I touch.   This is Achievable!!
lack confidence.  We need to believe in
the Power we have.  History has shaken us
and left us with low self-esteem.  We
need an awakening.  Someone to pour a
bucket of ice-cold water on our faces for us to realise our inner
strength.  We doubt our capabilities and
yet Men themselves sometimes wonder how we manage to do things.
contribution is to constantly motivate them! I started a women network forum in
2010 called “I-WILL-B (Inspiring Women in Leadership & Business) which
today has got a following of more than 100 women of which 50% are now
self-sustained and assisting me to awaken other women especially in the rural
go on holiday with friends.  Take a
cruise far away from my comfort zone and learn different things about different
cultures.  Laugh a lot!!  Dance!! 
Watching soapies, not even movies. 
I like soapies because you don’t have to think anything that make sense.  You literally jump out of your comfort zone
and “Just Be”.  Your mind operates like a
women are “hard rocks to crack”.  You
empower an African Woman, you are certain that the entire community, continent
is celebrating.  In my South African
language we refer to her as ”Imbokodo”
would want to work in an environment where I can challenge & change legislation,
laws that oppresses woman.  Be part of
the team that revise & develop policies to free an African women.
Sky is the limit.  You have what it
takes.  Keep walking with your head high
and grab opportunities.  The time is
NOW!!  You are a “HERO”.  Nothing is Impossible when you put your mind
to it.  Dream!!! And follow your vision.