I am Kaone Solomon, a young Motswana
lawyer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. In the past 8 years of my training as
a lawyer, I have been practising as a legislative drafter at Attorney General’s
Chambers. My main duties entail preparing
and drafting principal and subsidiary legislation, providing legal advice to government ministries and departments, editing the legislative supplements
of the Government Gazette and revision and consolidation of the
Laws of Botswana.
I was born and bred in Serowe, the
Central District of Botswana. My father owned a construction company and
therefore entrepreneurship was indirectly instilled in me while I was young. Whilst
navigating through life trying to determine whether entrepreneurship was my
destined path I pursued a Professional Diploma in Procurement and Supply. It
was in this diversion that my path became more refined. I can safely say I am a
diverse woman who aims to strike a balance while realizing my equally important
interests. Firstly, I am the owner and director of Legwatagwata (Pty) Ltd, a
construction and supplies company.
In addition to this, my insatiable
hunger for success and my love for fashion inspired me to start my own clothing
line. In the words of esteemed fashion designer Anne Klein, “Clothes aren’t
going to change the world. The women who wear them will”. My hope is that women
who wear my clothes will feel good about themselves and step out to conquer and
change the world, one woman at a time.
I also founded Gosetsemang Masome Solomon Foundation (GMS). GMS Foundation is a
charitable organization established in the memory of my late father Gosetsemang
Masome Solomon. The main
objective of the Foundation is to improve the quality of life of
individuals amongst communities in Botswana especially widows and orphans.  As a child raised by a widow, I appreciate
both living needy and my mother’s pain and struggle to feed, clothe and to educate
her children on her own. I believe that it is my duty to keep the legacy of my father
going and to recognize and support the efforts of my mother and other mothers
who are raising children on their own after the passing on of their husbands.
Myles Monroe once said that the
greatest tragedy in life is not death but a life without a purpose. I believe
that the key to fulfillment is purpose. My goal in life is to operate in my
purpose. So whatever I do is to service that goal of why I was created. I
believe that my purpose is to achieve my greatest self and to be a beacon of
hope to my fellow beings.
I believe that faith in God and faith
in myself has gotten me to where I am today. To me faith is completely
committing to God in the belief that He will make me a success. As a result of
placing my faith at the center of everything I do, when times are hard, when
things don’t go as I plan, when things delay, when things don’t make sense I
always have faith in God that all things will work out for my good in the end.
I have faith in myself, in my abilities and I work hard and I believe there is
nothing that I cannot accomplish. There is something in me greater than any
A woman without a vision is a woman without
a future. Without a vision there is no direction.
Vision drives and directs me. I always make sure my vision is clear and I write
it down. The clearer my vision is, the clearer my ultimate goal is and I get
motivated to achieve my goal. My vision also helps me to focus on what is
important and not get distracted by external forces. My vision is of a world
where women live their purpose and do it courageously, embrace their quirks,
flaws and differences, have no limits on their dreams, usher each other up. The
success of a woman should be the inspiration to another.
The most important relationship in my
life is with God. He is my biggest influence.  I remember a day before my
father ‘s passing, he called his children in his hospital room. His final words
to us were that he does not leave us alone, he is leaving us with the spirit of
God. By then I was a child, I didn’t understand. Years later I gave my life to
Christ. Every day I seek to be led by the spirit of God. I have seen His hand
in my life. During the hardest times of my life my faith in God and my relationship
with Him sustained me. His word has shaped the person that I am today.
My mother – After my father’s passing my family
suffered emotionally as well as financially. My mother had to raise 5 minor
children all by herself. She is a remarkable person to have raised us all on
her own, to be supportive of our careers and still go through her own pain. It
was a huge struggle. I respect her sacrifices. My mother was a disciplinarian
when I was growing up. She believed in doing things right. She is also a
perfectionist, a hard worker and is generous. She goes out of her to help other
people. She is my daily inspiration, and sometimes when I think things are
tough, I think of how she has handled it all then I feel encouraged to overcome.
My father– The other most influential person in
my life is probably not even aware of the things he has taught me or how much
he has affected my existence. My late father taught me lots of lessons when I was
young but the one that stood out was entrepreneurship. He has been my root
drive and inspiration to become an entrepreneur. He founded Legwatagwata (Pty)
Ltd. As a child I used to watch him work. I saw firsthand the hard work
involved, the risk and the tireless hours spent. I deeply admired him and looked
up to him. As I took over the company years after his passing, I am forever incredibly
grateful for the lessons I learnt from him.
Eryca Freemantle – is a multi-award winner in the
cosmetics industry, makeup artist and business woman. Her story of physical and
mental abuse, bullying, insecurity, frailty, rejection, excruciating physical complications
is a journey of pain and struggle to hope, faith and inspiration. Her story
inspires me to follow my dreams despite life’s frequent ebbs and expected flows.
How she has made it through all these struggles still amazes me. Her story also
makes me realize that there are no excuses for me not to reach my goals.
For the next five years I want to build
and uplift young females to love themselves and believe in themselves, to
provide support to the victims of abuse, widows and orphans and to help
upcoming entrepreneurs dream bigger just as my influencers did for me. I want
to impart all the things that I know about building a new business. I
understand the frustrations of building a business. Most women require basic
support and assistance in starting up their businesses. My dream for
Legwatagwata (Pty) Ltd is to be the leading Construction and Supplies Company
both nationally and internationally. I am also working on growing my clothing
African women face so many challenges
such as sexual, physical and mental abuse. Sexual abuse and violence are
serious problems that transcends racial, economic, social and regional lines. These
abuses leave women with mental and emotional scars that can never fade away
from their lives. Human, social and economic development is affected.
Some progress has been made in terms of uplifting women’s lives in Africa and a
lot still needs to be done to overcome the many challenges they face.
women need to be reminded to never stop dreaming, to never stop believing in
I love listening to music, reading a
good book, travelling and catching up with friends.
Women are the real architects of
society. Women’s contribution to the development of the society is immerse. In
a woman lies the ability to create, nurture and transform. When she is given
the opportunity to thrive in full appreciation for all her talents and potential,
the whole society benefits. When they are inspired and celebrated, they flourish.
When they are empowered her untapped potential is unleashed, the upcoming generations
will be inspired by her works and her journey shall inspire other women to
travel the path. Woman is seed!
I would like to work and partner with
other women across the continent to break down society barriers that limit us
as women and to break down walls and defy stereotypes and many other challenges
that hinder us to achieve our dreams. As a legislative drafter I have learned
that comprehensive legislation is fundamental for an effective and coordinated
response to violence against women and other daily detrimental struggles faced
by women. The mere existence of laws does not mean that women’s rights will be realized
or enforced. Achieving women’s legal rights requires gender-responsive
legislation. My knowledge in drafting of legislation and my experiences of working
with victims of violence will assist me in ensuring that the realities of women
who experience violence are accurately understood and tackled.
I believe there is a calling for all of
us. You are worthy, you are not on this Earth by accident. You have a reason to
be here. Your real work is to answer the call. When you answer the call you
will live an authentically empowered life. Pray for the grace to embrace each
part of your call and live it fully.