PICTURE 3Stella Adu is fondly called Prolific Stella. She is a serial entrepreneur, a trainer, a speaker, and a digital marketer. One of her major businesses is that she is passionate about helping young people within the ages of (15-36years) who desire to increase their streams of income; and women who want to start a business from home acquire entrepreneurial skills through her monthly Skill Acquisition Program where different skills on how to make domestic products, beauty & style skills, and digital skills are taught.

Prolific Stella is the creative manager of Prolific Global Concepts: A dynamic company that manufactures cleaning agents such as multi-purpose liquid soap, disinfectant, insecticide, hair, shampoo and conditional, bleach, hand wash and hand sanitizer, among others.

Prolific Stella being an educationist, her passion for impacting knowledge is indefatigable as she has worked as a teacher for over 10years occupying several positions such as Headmistress, senior staff, HOD Literature-in-English, V.P. Academics, and Administrator. Her interest goes across human relations, customer care/service, telemarketing, effective communication skills, entrepreneurship and skill acquisition. One thing one needs to know about Prolific Stella is that she is very passionate about helping people to achieve their dreams when discussed. Hence, she is a people lover.

Nonetheless, she is a multi-talented grandeur, thus; her work experience cut across media productions such as editing, proofreading, stage performance, producing and directing. These among others made her connect with a grandee, Stephen Akintayo-a digital marketing consultant who she had worked with as his PA in Media affairs. Thus, Prolific Stella is an online personality. She was the producer of the then popular radio show called “CEO mentorship with Stephen Akintayo”. Stephen Akintayo’s passion for his radio program seemed to mentor the upcoming young entrepreneurs who are still striving to get their feet in business and career by bringing prestigious CEOs with household names live on air to share their success stories with the listeners…

Prolific Stella holds National Certificate in Education (NCE) in Adeniran Ogunsanya College of Education (AOCOED) Ijanikin/Oto, Lagos; and a Bachelor Degree in Art/Education [BA/Ed] (English). Also, she was a featuring editor at ESA (English Students Association) in AOCOED Ijanikin/Oto, Lagos while in school. She has attended series of training on Becoming a digital marketing consultant with Stephen Akintayo, Social Media Marketing and Manager Training at American Internet Business School under Dr Ope Banwo’s teachings… Telemarketing Training, to mention but a few.

However, Prolific Stella is open to new and renovating ideas as she believes that she is not yet where God wants her to be this she keeps building capacity on daily bases…

She believes that one does not grow big to manage well but manages well to grow. Hence, her popular saying is “What you don’t know is bigger than you!”


Just a quick note here: One thing you need to know about Prolific Stella is that she is so PASSIONATE about helping vision-driven individuals to achieve their career dreams through her volunteering and digital marketing skills. And this has opened great doors and is still opening more greater doors of opportunity to affect lives positively as adding value is her core.



Love: I sincerely love people #IamApeopleLover

Integrity: I stand for the truth always #IamMe

Beauty: A woman of both inner and outer beauty is ProlificStellaIMG_9792




My Family: I must say that my family members have a good influence on me, as I am the only woman of the house (Lol)




* Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo: Simply put, a leader that leads by example is he!


* Late Mrs Flora Adu: My late mum was a hardworking and a contented woman! She loved her children/family die!


* Late Mrs Patience I. Okwosa: One of my bosses in one of the schools I worked, an educationist with an indefatigable passion for The Nigerian children to get a qualitative education at all cost!




Five years from now, I see myself as a philanthropist that will never stop giving willing souls skill acquisition that will put food on the tables of many homes. And also giving to support the work of God to move forward as I am a God-lover.




The major challenge I see that the African woman struggle with balances! Trying to balance her family life and their purpose in life without interference.




I love hanging out with friends, jesting, and laughing. Laughter is a good medicine to the soul.




The African woman is a focused and compassionate woman. She is the pillar in her family… If she is inspired, she will do more; if she is celebrated, she will appreciate and will not take the glory alone; if she is empowered then the nation is empowered!




If I had the privilege to work with the African Union in The Women Advocacy and Empowerment Department I will prefer to work with the social service department because I want to practically be part of the agent of change, to inspire, celebrate and empower women to build capacity…. I desire to see people do things right and well.



My advice to women out there: Do not be Afraid to make move to see that change that you desire! Start with what you have where you are, and you will definitely not be found where you use to be!  Be deliberate about your action and keep loving and caring… This is what you are wired to do!